Stamps of Norway, missing perf

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1877, Jan 1 1877 issue posthorn wmk. posthorn (Norway) (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 1o drab posthorn 14.5x13.5
- 3o org posthorn 14.5x13.5
X 12o ltgrn posthorn 14.5x13.5
- 25o lil posthorn 14.5x13.5
- 50o mar posthorn 14.5x13.5

1930, Apr 1 Olaf death 900th issue
X 30o dpbl death of Olaf 13.5

1937, Aug 18 1937 issue (18 stamps)
X 1o ol posthorn 13x13.5
X 2o orgbrn posthorn 13x13.5
X 3o org posthorn 13x13.5
X 5o roselil posthorn 13x13.5
X 10o grn lion rampant 1: 13x13.5 2: 13x13.5
X 14o org lion rampant 13x13.5
X 15o olbis lion rampant 1: 13x13.5 2: 13x13.5
X 20o red lion rampant 13x13.5
X 25o orgbrn lion rampant 13x13.5
X 30o brtbl lion rampant 13x13.5
X 35o redvio lion rampant 13x13.5
X 40o dkslgrn lion rampant 13x13.5
X 50o plum lion rampant 13x13.5
X 60o prusbl lion rampant 13x13.5
X 1k dkgrn King Haakon VII 13x13.5
X 1.50k brtbl King Haakon VII 13x13.5
X 2k rosered King Haakon VII 13x13.5
X 5k vio King Haakon VII 13x13.5

1938, Apr 20 1938 issue
X 15o olbrn reindeer 13.25x13.5
X 20o copred Borgund Church 13.25x13.5
X 30o ultra Jolster in Sunnfiord 12.75x13

1940, Apr 10 1940 issue unwmk (6 stamps)
X 3o org posthorn 13x13.5
X 14o org lion rampant 13x13.5
X 25o red lion rampant (1946) 13x13.5
X 35o redvio lion rampant (1941) 13x13.5
X 40o dkslgrn lion rampant (1941) 13x13.5
X 40o dkbl lion rampant (1946) 13x13.5

1941, Aug 1 1941a issue ovpted wmk. posthorn (Norway) (12 stamps)
X 1o ol ovpt, posthorn 13x13.5
X 2o orgbrn ovpt, posthorn 13x13.5
- 3o org ovpt, posthorn 13x13.5
- 5o roselil ovpt, posthorn 13x13.5
- 10o grn ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
X 14o org ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
X 15o olbis ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
X 30o brtbl ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
- 35o redvio ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
- 40o dkslgrn ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
- 50o plum ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
X 60o prusbl ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5

1941, Aug 1 1941b issue ovpted unwmk
X 3o org ovpt, posthorn 13x13.5
X 35o redvio ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5
X 40o dkslgrn ovpt, lion rampant 13x13.5

1941, Sep 23 Snorri Sturluson 700th issue (6 stamps)
X 10o grn dream of Queen Ragnhild 13.5x13
X 15o brn Einar Tambarskjelve 13.5x13
X 20o red Snorri Sturluson 13.5x13
X 30o dkbl King Olav sailing to Landmerket 12.75x13.5
X 50o vio Syipdags sons&followers 12.75x13.5
X 60o prusbl before Battle of Stiklestad 12.75x13.5

1943, Jan 1 victory issue (6 stamps)
X 10o blgrn destroyer Sleipner 12.5x12.75
X 15o olgrn pilot & plane 12.5x12.75
X 20o rosered "we will win" in road 12.5x12.75
X 30o dkbl convoy & midnight sun 12.5x12.75
X 40o grnblk ski troops 12.5x12.75
X 60o dkbl King Haakon VII 12.5x12.75

1949 ovpted
X 45o on 40o dkbl lion rampant 13x13.5

1950, Dec 18 1950 issue
X 10o grngray posthorn 12.75x13.25
X 20o orgbrn posthorn (1951) 12.75x13.25

1956, Oct 30 Norden 1956 issue
X 35o red five whooper swans 13
X 65o dkbl five whooper swans 13

1960, Feb 26 Society of Sciences 200th issue
X 45o brnred Society of Sciences emblem 13
X 90o bl Society of Sciences emblem 13

1963, Jan 23
X 50o Camilla Collett 13
X 90o Camilla Collett 13

1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue
X 25o girl in boat 13
X 35o dkgrn girl in boat 13
X 50o brncar 13
X 90o dkbl 13

1963, Dec 12 Munch paintings
X 25o blk self-portrait 13.5
X 35o dkgrn 13.5
X 50o dkcarbrn 13.5
X 90o ind 13.5

1964 1964 issue
- 60o redorg

1966, Sep 26 Europa 1966 issue
X 60o carred Europa sailboat 13.25
X 90o dkgraybl Europa sailboat 13.25

1968, Mar 30
X 65o two smiths 12.75x13
X 90o multi two smiths 12.75x13

1969, Jan 23
- 1.15k ornament from church 12.5x13

1969, Feb 28 Norden 1969 issue
X 65o red five ancient ships 13x13.75
X 90o bl five ancient ships 13x13.75

1969, Aug 14 1969 issue
X 20k Olav V profile

1971, Nov 17 folk tale illustrations
- 40o The Farmer & the Woman 13
- 50o The Preacher & the King 13
X 70o The Troll & the Girl 13

1972 1972 issue (5 stamps)
X 25o ultra posthorn (1974) 12.75x13.25
X 100o ver rock carvings
X 110o brnred rock carvings
X 125o red rock carvings
X 140o dkbl stave church & northern lights (1973) 12.75x13.25

1972, Apr 10 Norwegian Savings Bank 150th issue
X 80o 13
X 1.20k 13

1973, Feb 28 leprosy bacillus discovery 100th issue
X 1k 13x13.25
X 1.40k dkviobl & orgred 13x13.25

1973, Jun 26 Norden 1973 issue
- 1k multi Nordic House 12.75
X 1.40k multi Nordic House 12.75

1973, Oct 9 Lapland crafts
- 75o dklilbrn & yel 13.25x12.75
X 1k textile 13.25x12.75
X 1.40k blk & dkbl 13.25x12.75

1973, Nov 15 flowers (1973 Norway)
X 65o multi Viola biflora 13.25x13
X 70o multi Veronica fruticans 13.25x13
X 1k multi Phyllodoce coerulea 13.25x13

1973, Dec 14 Norwegian Geographical Survey 200th issue
X 1k red surveyor 1907 13x13.25
X 1.40k blblk map 1851 13x13.25

1974, Apr 25 scenery (1974)
- 1k brnol Lindesnes Cape 13x13.25
X 1.40k dkbl North Cape 13x13.25

1974, Aug 12 worker safety issue
X 85o 13.25x13
X 1k 13.25x13

1974, Sep 4 Norwegian geologists
X 65o Vogt 13.25x13
- 85o V. M. Goldschmidt 13.25x13
X 1k Kjerulf 13.25x13
X 1.40k Brogger 13.25x13

1974, Oct 9 UPU 100th issue
- 1k 12.75x13.25
X 1.40k 12.75x13.25

1975, Jan 15 skiing (1975)
X 1k brnred & dkgrn woman skiier 1900 13.25x13
X 1.40k brnorg & viobl telemark turn 13.25x13

1975, May 20 Monetary Convention 100th issue
X 1.25k krone 1875 13x13.25

1975, Jun 19 Nordjamb 75 issue
X 1.25k multi summer 13x13.25
X 1.40k multi winter 13x13.25

1975, Jul 4 Norwegian emigration 150th issue
- 1.25k dkbrnred sod hut 12.75x13.25
X 1.40k bl Cleng Peerson 12.75x13.25

1975, Oct 9 broadcasting 50th issue
- 1.25k multi microphone & earphones 13x13.25
- 1.40k multi 13.25x13

1975, Nov 14 Christmas 1975 issue
X 80o multi 13x13.25
X 1k multi 13x13.25
X 1.25k multi 13x13.25
X 1.40k multi 13x13.25

1976, Jan 20
X 7.50k brn Sigurd & Regin 12.75x13.25

1976, Mar 25 Oslo museum 100th issue
X 1.25k multi sugar shaker 13.25x13
X 1.40k multi goblet 13.25x13

1976, May 3 Europa 1976 issue
- 1.25k multi 13.25x13
- 1.40k multi 13.25x13

1976, Jul 1 Statistics Bureau 100th issue
X 1.25k redbrn graph paper 13x13.25
X 2k bl national product 13x13.25

1976, Sep 10 Olav Duun 100th issue
- 1.25k multi Olav Duun 13x13.25
X 1.40k multi Olav Duun 13x13.25

1976, Oct 8 paintings (1976 Norway)
X 1.25k multi Birches by Fearnley 13.25x13
X 1.40k multi trees 13.25x13

1976, Nov 5 Baldishol tapestry
X 80o multi April 13.25x13
X 1k multi May 13.25x13
X 1.25k multi tapestry 13.25x13

1977, Feb 24 scenery (1977)
X 1.25k Akershus Castle 13.25x12.75
X 1.30k brn Steinviksholm Fort 13.25x12.75
X 1.80k bl Torungen lighthouses 12.75x13.25

1977, Jun 22 coastal ships
X 1k dkbrnol Paddle steamer Constitutionen in Arendal Harbor 13x13.25
X 1.25k dkrd Steamer Vesteraalen at Bodo harbor entrance 1893 13x13.25
- 1.30k dkgrn Steamers Kong Haakon Dronningen in Stavanger harbor 1 13x13.25
X 1.80k dkbl Motor vessels Nordstjernen Harald Jarl 1960 13x13.25

1977, Sep 22 fishing (1977) (1977)
X 1.25k fishermen & boats 13x13.25
X 1.80k bl fish&hooks 13x13.25

1977, Nov 10 Christmas 1977 issue
X 80o multi 13.25x13
X 1k multi 13.25x13
X 1.25k multi 13.25x13

1978 1978 issue (18 stamps)
X 40o dkbrnol posthorn 12.75x13.25
X 60o brtrd posthorn 12.75x13.25
X 70o redorg posthorn 12.75x13.25
X 80o dkbrncar posthorn 12.75x13.25
X 90o brn posthorn 12.75x13.25
X 1k dkgrn Austrat Manor 1650 13.5x12.75
X 1.10k 13.5x12.75
X 1.40k dkgrayvio 13.5x12.75
X 1.50k brnred Stavanger Cathedral (1981) 12.75x13.5
X 1.70k brnol Rosenkrantz Tower (1981) 12.75x13.5
X 1.75k dkblgrn Memorial hall for sailors Stavern 12.75x13.25
X 2k dkbrnred Tofte royal residence Dovre 12.75x13.25
X 2.20k dkbl Church of Tromsdalen (1981) 13.5x12.75
- 2.25k blvio Oscarshall Oslofjord 12.75x13.25
X 2.50k dkbrnred Breilandsloftet Hoydalsmo 1785 13.25x12.75
- 2.75k dkredvio Damsgard Laksevag 13.25x12.75
X 3k dkbl Selje Monasterie Selja 13.25x12.75
X 3.50k dkblvio Lindesnes Lighthouse 1915 13.25x12.75

1978, Mar 10 Henrik Ibsen 150th issue
X 1.25k 13.25x13
X 1.80k multi Ibsen 13.25x13

1978, May 2 Europa 1978 issue
X 1.25k Heddal stave church 13.25x13
X 1.80k Borgund Stave Church 13.25x13

1978, Jun 30 Olav V 75th issue
X 1.25k brncar sailing 13x13.25
X 1.80k blvio royal address 13.25x13

1978, Oct 6 musical instruments (1978 Norway)
X 1k willow pipe 13x13.25
X 1.25k Norwegian Violin 13x13.25
X 1.80k langeleik 13x13.25
X 7.50k Rams Horn 13x13.25

1979, Mar 2 ski competition 100th issue
X 1.25k red 13.5x13
X 1.80k bl 13.5x13

1979, Apr 26 International Year of the Child issue
X 1.25k multi girl 13x13.25
X 1.80k multi boy 13x13.25

1979, Sep 4 Johan Falkberget 100th issue
- 1.25k dkbrncar Johan Falkberget 13.25x13
X 1.80k graybl 13.25x13

1979, Oct 5 Norwegian engineering
X 10k 13x13.25

1979, Oct 5 NORWEX 80 in 1979 issue - arctic aviation
- 2.80k 13.25x13
- 4k 13.25x13
- Norway sheet of 4 types

1979, Nov 22 mountain flowers (1979)
- 80o buttercup 13.25x13
- 1k Potentilla crantzii 13.25x13
X 1.25k Saxifraga oppositifolia 13.25x13

1980, Feb 26 Christian Youth Association 100th issue
X 100o multi emblem&leaf 13x13.25
X 1.80k multi emblem&doves 13x13.25

1980, Apr 18 birds (1980 Norway)
X 100o multi oystercatcher chick 13.25x13
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