Stamps of Norway, unwmk watermark

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1 to 200 of 1922


1856 1856 issue unwmk p. 13
- 2s yel King Oscar I (1857)
X 3s lil King Oscar I (1857)
X 4s bl King Oscar I
X 8s lake King Oscar I

1863, Sep 1 1863 issue arms of Norway p. 14.5x13.5 (5 stamps)
- 2s yel arms of Norway (1865)
- 3s graylil arms of Norway (1866)
X 4s bl arms of Norway (1864)
X 8s rose arms of Norway
- 24s brn arms of Norway

1867, Apr 1867 issue arms of Norway (5 stamps)
- 1s blk arms of Norway (1868)
X 2s org arms of Norway 10.–100 10.–100
- 3s dllil arms of Norway (1868)
X 4s bl arms of Norway
- 8s carrose arms of Norway (1868)

1905, Jun 26 ovpted
X 1k on 2s org arms of Norway
- 1.50k on 2s org arms of Norway
- 2k on 2s org arms of Norway

1929, Jul 1 ovpted
X 14o on 2s org arms of Norway

1939, Jan 16 1939 issue
X 15o olbrn reindeer, p. 13x13.5
X 20o copred Borgund Church, p. 13.5x13
X 30o ultra Jolster in Sunnfiord, p. 13x13.5

1940, Apr 10 1940 issue (25 stamps)
X 1o olgrn posthorn, p. 13x13.5 (1941)
X 2o yelbrn posthorn, p. 13x13.5 (1941)
X 3o org posthorn
X 5o roselil posthorn, p. 13x13.5
X 7o grn posthorn, p. 13x13.5
X 10o grn lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 12o vio p. 13x13.5
X 14o org lion rampant
X 15o olbis lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 20o red lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 25o orgbrn lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 25o red lion rampant (1946)
X 30o brtultra lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 30o gray lion rampant, p. 13 (1949)
X 35o redvio lion rampant (1941)
X 40o dkslgrn lion rampant (1941)
X 40o dkbl lion rampant (1946)
X 50o plum lion rampant, p. 13x13.5 (1941)
X 55o org lion rampant, p. 13x13.5 (1946)
X 60o prusbl lion rampant, p. 13x13.5 (1941)
X 80o orgbrn lion rampant, p. 13x13.5 (1946)
X 1k grn lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 1 1/2k dkbl lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 2k red lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 5k dlpur lion rampant, p. 13x13.5

1941, Aug 1 1941b issue ovpted (19 stamps)
- 1o olgrn ovpt, posthorn, p. 13x13.5
- 2o yelbrn ovpt, posthorn, p. 13x13.5
X 3o org ovpt, posthorn
X 5o roselil ovpt, posthorn, p. 13x13.5
X 7o grn ovpt, posthorn, p. 13x13.5
X 10o grn ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 12o vio ovpt, p. 13x13.5
X 15o olbis ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 20o red ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 25o orgbrn ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
- 30o brtultra ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 35o redvio ovpt, lion rampant
X 40o dkslgrn ovpt, lion rampant
X 50o plum ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 60o prusbl ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 1k grn ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 1 1/2k dkbl ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 2k red ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 5k dlpur ovpt, lion rampant, p. 13x13.5

1941, Aug 18 p. 13h
- 10o grn

1941, Sep 2 University of Oslo 100th issue p. 13x13.5
- 1k olgrn Oslo University Building

1941, Sep 23 Snorri Sturluson 700th issue (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 10o grn dream of Queen Ragnhild
X 15o brn Einar Tambarskjelve
X 20o red Snorri Sturluson
X 30o dkbl King Olav sailing to Landmerket
X 50o vio Syipdags sons&followers
X 60o prusbl before Battle of Stiklestad

1942, Jun 12 Rikard Nordraak 100th issue p. 13
X 10o dkgrn Rikard Nordraak
X 15o brn Viking ships
X 20o brnred Rikard Nordraak
X 30o saph sea & mountains

1942, Oct 6
X 15o brn Wessel
X 20o redbrn Wessel

1942, Oct 12
X 20o brnred designs of 1942 & 1855 stamps
X 30o bl designs of 1942 & 1855 stamps

1943, Jan 1 victory issue (8 stamps)
X 5o redvio destroyer Sleipner, p. 12.5x12.75 (1945)
X 7o grnblk convoy & midnight sun, p. 12.5x12.75 (1945)
X 10o blgrn destroyer Sleipner
X 15o olgrn pilot & plane
X 20o rosered "we will win" in road
X 30o dkbl convoy & midnight sun
X 40o grnblk ski troops
X 60o dkbl King Haakon VII

1943, Jun 15 Grieg 100th issue p. 13
X 10o dkgrn Edvard Grieg
X 20o redbrn Edvard Grieg
X 40o blkol Edvard Grieg
X 60o dkbl Edvard Grieg

1944, Jul 30
X 40o grnbl Grans plane&map

1945, Feb 15
X 1 1/2k dkbl new national arms

1945, Jul 12 Henrik Wergeland death 100th issue
X 10o dkgrn Henrik Wergeland
X 15o dkbrn Henrik Wergeland
X 20o brnred Henrik Wergeland

1945, Dec 19
X 10o dkolgrn emblem of Folklore Museum
X 20o ver emblem of Folklore Museum

1946, Mar 22 p. 12
X 15o dkcar pilot & mechanic on globe

1946, Jun 7 p. 13
X 1k grn King Haakon VII
X 1 1/2k dkbl King Haakon VII
X 2k redbrn King Haakon VII
X 5k vio King Haakon VII

1947, Apr 15 Norwegian Post Office 300th issue (11 stamps)
X 5o brnred Hannibal Sehested
X 10o grn Postman 1700
X 15o brn Peter Wessel Tordenskjold
X 25o redorg Falsen
X 30o gray Peerson & ship
X 40o bl post ship Constitution
X 45o vio First Norwegian railways
X 50o orgbrn Svend Foyn 1809-1894 whaling & shipping magnate
X 55o org Nansen, Amundsen, Fram
X 60o graybl Coronation of King Haakon VII & Queen Maud
X 80o brn King Haakon return

1947, Jul 1
X 25o red Petter Dass

1947, Aug 2 Haakon VII 75th issue
X 25o orgred King Haakon VII

1948, Jun 15
X 25o car Axel Heiberg
X 80o redbrn Axel Heiberg

1949 ovpted
X 25o on 20o red lion rampant, p. 13x13.5
X 45o on 40o dkbl lion rampant

1949, May 9 Kielland 100th issue p. 13
X 25o red Alexander Kielland
X 40o bl Alexander Kielland
X 80o brn Alexander Kielland

1949, Oct 9 UPU 75th issue
X 10o grn & gray
X 25o red Two pigeons globe
X 40o bl Carrier pigeon roadsign

1950, May 15 Oslo 900th issue
X 15o grn
X 25o red
X 45o bl

1950, Dec 18 1950 issue (22 stamps)
X 10o grngray posthorn
X 15o dkgrn posthorn, p. 12.75x13.25
X 20o orgbrn posthorn (1951)
X 25o red King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 25o gray King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1951)
X 25o dkgrn King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1955)
X 30o gray King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 30o red King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1951)
X 35o redbrn King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 35o viobrn King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1955)
X 40o vio King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1955)
X 45o brtbl King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 50o olbrn King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 50o bis King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1955)
X 55o org King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 55o bl King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1951)
X 60o graybl King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 65o ultra King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1955)
X 70o graybrn King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1956)
X 75o mar King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1957)
X 80o brn King Haakon VII, p. 13
X 90o org King Haakon VII, p. 13 (1955)

1951, Jan 25 Arne Garborg 100th issue
X 25o rosered Arne Garborg
X 45o dkbl Arne Garborg
X 80o brn Arne Garborg

1951, Dec 7 ovpted
X 30o on 25o red King Haakon VII

1952, Jun 3 p. 12.75x13.25
X 15o orgbrn posthorn
X 20o dkgrn posthorn

1952, Aug 3 Haakon VII 80th issue p. 13
X 30o red King Haakon VII
X 55o dpbl King Haakon VII

1952, Nov 18 ovpted p. 12.75x13.25
X 20o on 15o dkgrn posthorn

1953, Jul 15 p. 13
X 30o redbrn medieval sculpture

1954, Apr 30 railroad 100th issue
X 20o grn locomotive 1854 & sled
X 30o red diesel train
X 55o bl train engineer

1954, Dec 10 telegraph in Norway 100th issue
X 20o olgrn & blk Nielsen
X 30o ver antennas
X 55o ultra Lineman on skis

1955, Jan 3 stamp 100th issue
X 20o grn & bl Norway#1
X 30o red & car Norway 3s posthorn
X 55o graybl & ultra Norway 45o lion

1955, Jun 4 NORWEX 55 issue
X 20o grn & bl
X 30o red & car
X 55o graybl & ultra

1955, Nov 25 Haakon VII reign 50th issue
X 30o red
X 55o ultra

1956, Oct 30 Norden 1956 issue (no perf info)
X 35o red five whooper swans
X 65o dkbl five whooper swans

1957, Jul 1 IGY issue p. 13
X 25o slgrn Jan Mayen Island
X 35o dkred & gray map of Spitzbergen
X 65o dkgrn & bl map of Maud Land Antarctica

1957, Aug 3 Haakon VII 85th issue
X 35o brnred King Haakon VII
X 65o ultra King Haakon VII

1958, Apr 1 1958 issue Olaf V (16 stamps)
X 25o emer Olaf V
X 30o pur Olaf V (1959)
X 35o brncar Olaf V (1960)
X 40o dkred Olaf V
X 45o scar Olaf V
X 50o bis Olaf V (1959)
X 55o dkgray Olaf V (1959)
X 65o bl Olaf V
X 80o orgbrn Olaf V (1960)
X 85o Olaf V (1959)
X 90o redorg Olaf V (1959)
X 1k dpgrn Olaf V (1959)
X 1.50k dkbl Olaf V (1959)
X 2k scar Olaf V (1959)
X 5k rosevio Olaf V (1959)
X 10k dporg Olaf V (1959)
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