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Stamps of Panama, 1926

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1926, Jun 10 Bolivar Congress 100th issue (no wmk info) p. 12 (12 stamps)
X 1/2c org Bolivar
X 1c dkgrn Bolivar
X 2c scar Bolivar
X 4c gray Bolivar
X 5c dkbl Bolivar
X 8c lil Bolivar statue
X 10c dlvio Bolivar statue
X 12c olgrn Bolivar statue
X 15c ultra Bolivar statue
X 20c brn Bolivar statue
X 24c blkvio hall
X 50c blk hall

special delivery

1926 ovpted
- 10c org & blk ovpt, Culebra Cut

1926 ovpted
- 20c brn & blk ovpt, Santo Domingo monastery arch

1 to 14 of 14