Stamps of Peru, wavy lines watermark

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1916 1916b issue ovpted wmk. wavy lines p. 12
X 1c red ovpt
X 2c on 50c olgrn
- 10c viobrn ovpt which sizes?

1916 1916c issue ovpted (no perf info)
X 2c on 1c redbrn
X 2c on 5c redbrn
X 2c on 10c redbrn
X 2c on 50c redbrn

1930 ovpted
- 2c dkvio ovpt

1930 ovpted
X 2c on 50c dkgrn Leguia

1962, Nov 19 1962 De La Rue issue (6 stamps)
X 20c car
X 30c dkbl
X 40c org Gunboat Maranon
X 50c blgrn
X 0.60s sep
X 1s rose

1963, Jul 23 Freedom from Hunger issue
X 1s redorg & yelol Freedom from Hunger

1964, Jun 22 Alliance for Progress issue
X 40c yel & blk & bl

1965, Oct 30 4th Fair of the Pacific issue
X 1.50s multi
X 2.50s multi
X 3.50s multi

1965, Nov 2
X 1s bl & blk Postal Employees Christmas Fund

1965, Nov 2 Postal Employees Christmas Fund issue
X 20c red & blk
X 50c grn & blk

1966 ovpted
X 10c on 2c ltbrn

1966 ovpted
X 10c on 3c car Education

1966, Jan 1 1966 INA issue (5 stamps)
X 20c brnred vicuna
X 30c dkbl Matarani
X 40c org gunboat
X 50c graygrn contour farming, Cuzco
X 1s rose Paramonga fortress

1966, Jan 1 Peruvian Journalists' Fund issue
- 1.50i ultra & blk p. 13.25x13
- 4i (1988)

1966, Nov 24
X 70c multi Huinco Hydroelectric Center

1966, Nov 24 Opening of Huinco Hydro-electric Scheme issue
- 1.90s multi Airmail

1967 Fair of the Pacific 1967 issue
X 1s

1968, Aug 16 Machica artifacts (5 stamps)
X 1.90s multi
X 2.60s multi
X 3.60s multi
X 4.60s multi
X 5.60s multi

1969, Apr 9 National Dignity Day issue
X 2.50s yel & multi
X 3s gray & multi
X 4s ltredvio & multi
X 5.50s graybl & multi

1969, Jun 17 APSA Airlines issue
X 2.50s bl & multi

1969, Jul 23 Aviation Day 1969 issue
X 20s multi Jose Quinones Gonzales

1969, Aug 28 agrarian reform issue
X 2.50s multi

1969, Oct 8 Battle of Angamos 90th issue
X 50s multi

1969, Nov 14 Pacific Trade Fair 1969 issue
X 2.50s multi

1969, Dec 1 Christmas 1969 / New Year 1970 issue
- 20c orgred & blk
- 20c redorg & blk
- 20c orgbrn & blk

1969, Dec 9 Army Day 1969 issue
X 1.20s multi

1970, Feb 23
X 2.50s multi puma jug

1970, Apr 1 Ministry of Transport & Communications 1st (5 stamps)
X 40c ltgray & gray Ministry of Transport & Communications 1st
X 40c org & gray Ministry of Transport & Communications 1st
X 40c orgbrn & gray Ministry of Transport & Communications 1st
X 40c pnk & gray Ministry of Transport & Communications 1st
X 40c red & gray Ministry of Transport & Communications 1st

1970, Apr 30 fishes (1970 Peru)
X 2.50s anchovy
X 2.50s hake

1970, Jun 24
X 2.50s multi soldier&farmer head

1970, Jul 27 military colleges
X 2.50s Chorillos College
X 2.50s
X 2.50s

1970, Aug 6
X 2.50s multi Puruchuco Fortress courtyard

1970, Dec 23 Christmas 1970 issue - paintings (1970 Peru)
X 1.20s multi
X 1.50s multi
X 1.80s multi

1971, Apr 12 St Rosa of Lima canonization 300th issue
X 2.50s multi

1971, Apr 19 cloth
X 1.20s multi Tiahuanacoide
X 2.50s multi Chancay

1971, May 10 independence 150th issue (7 stamps)
X 1.20s red & blk Independence - Mateo Garcia Pumacahua
X 1.20s multi Independence - Mariano Melgar
X 1.50s multi Independence - Micaela Bastidas
X 2s multi Independence - Jose Faustino Sanchez Carrion
X 2.50s viobl & blk Independence - Francisco Antonio de Zela
X 2.50s multi Independence - Jose Baquijano y Carrillo
X 2.50s multi Independence - Martin Jorge Guise

1971, Jun 7
X 1.50s multi Nazca sculpture

1971, Sep 27 Peruvian orchids (5 stamps)
X 1.50s multi Gongora portentosa
X 2s multi Odontoglossum cristatum
X 2.50s multi Mormolyca peruviana
X 3s multi Trichocentrum pulchrum
X 3.50s multi Oncidium sanderae

1971, Nov 4 Group of 77 meeting issue
X 1.20s multi
X 2.50s multi

1971, Nov 6 EXFILIMA 71 issue
X 3s grngray & blk plaza
X 3.50s multi Plaza de Armas Lima 1971

1971, Dec 9 army 150th issue
X 8.50s multi

1971, Dec 18 Christmas 1971 issue
X 1.80s multi
X 2.50s multi
X 3s multi

1971, Dec 30 revolution publicity issue - paintings (1971 Peru)
X 3.50s multi "Fishermen" - J. Ugarte Elespuru
X 4s multi Revolution - Threshing Grain in Cajamarca by Camilo Blas
X 6s multi Revolution - Huanca Highlanders by Jose Sabogal

1972, Jan 31 ancient jewelry (5 stamps)
X 3.90s red & multi Chimu gold statuette
X 4s red & multi Gold drummer Chimu
X 4.50s bl & multi Quartz figurine Lambayeque culture 5th century
X 5.40s red & multi Gold necklace Mochiqua culture
X 6s red & multi

1972, Mar 20 fishes (1972 Peru)
X 1.20s multi catalufa
X 1.50s multi Guadara
X 2.50s multi Trachurus symmetricus

1972, May 8 Mochica painted pottery (5 stamps)
X 1.20s grn & multi seated warrior
X 1.50s grn & multi helmeted head
X 2s grn & multi kneeling deer
X 2.50s grn & multi helmeted head diff
X 3s grn & multi kneeling warrior

1972, Jul Calendario Incaico 400th issue - woodcuts (1972) (12 stamps)
X 2.50s
X 2.50s
X 2.50s
X 2.50s (1973)
X 2.50s (1973)
X 2.50s (1973)
X 3s
X 3s
X 3s
X 3s (1973)
X 3s (1973)
X 3s (1973)

1972, Oct 31 land&oil&sea issue
X 2s multi family tilling field
X 2.50s multi oil derricks
X 3s multi

1972, Nov 30 Christmas 1972 issue - Huamanga sculptures
X 1.50s multi
X 2s multi
X 2.50s multi

1972, Dec 29 flowers (1972 Peru) (5 stamps)
X 1.50s multi Ipomoea purpurea
X 2.50s multi Amaryllis ferreyrae
X 3s multi Liabum excelsum
X 3.50s multi Bletia catenulata
X 5s multi Cantua buxifolia

1973, Aug 13 Fierro paintings (5 stamps)
X 1.50s multi Mayor on Horseback, by Fierro
X 2s multi "Peasants" - Pancho Fierro, 1830
X 2.50s multi "Father Abregu" - Pancho Fierro, 1850
X 3.50s multi "Dancers" - Pancho Fierro, 1850
X 4.50s multi "Esteban Arredondo on horseback" - Panch…

1973, Sep 3 Wildlife Protection issue (5 stamps)
- 2.50s multi Pterocnemia pennata
- 3.50s multi Pteronura brasiliensis
- 6s multi Phoenicopterus ruber
- 8.50s multi Speothos venaticus
- 10s multi Eriornys chinchilla

1973, Nov 30 Christmas 1973 issue - Christmas paintings (1973)
X 1.50s multi Presentation in the Temple
X 2s multi Holy Family
X 2.50s multi Adoration of the Kings

1974, Mar 1
X 6s gray & dkbl Peruvian Philatelic Association 25th

1974, Jul 1 destiny issue (6 stamps)
X 1.50s bl smelting plant
X 2s multi
X 3s carbrn & brncar
X 4.50s dkgrn & dkgrn
X 8s multi
X 10s multi

1974, Aug 6 Battles of Junin and Ayacucho 150th issue
- 1.50s multi Battle of Junin, by Yanez
- 2s multi Battle of Ayacucho, by Yanez
- 2.50s multi Battle of Junin, by Yanez
X 3s multi Battle of Ayacucho, by Yanez

1974, Dec 20 Christmas 1974 issue
X 1.50s multi Indian madonna

1975, Sep 8 International Women's Year issue
X 1.50s multi Maria Parado de Bellido
X 2s multi Micaela Bastidas
X 2.50s multi Juana Alarco de Dammert
X 3s multi IWY emblem

1975, Nov 14 Canonization of St. Juan Macias issue
X 5s multi St Juan Macias

1976, Mar 2 Braille 150th issue
X 4.50s

1976, Aug 29
X 5s multi flag of Peru

1976, Dec 5 St Francis of Assisi death 750th issue
X 5s St Francis of Assisi by El Greco

1976, Dec 23 Christmas 1976 issue
X 4s multi Indian mother

X 6s turqbl & blk Chasqui runner
X 8s red & blk Chasqui runner
X 10s dkbl & blk Chasqui runner
X 12s ltgrn & blk Chasqui runner

1977, Nov 25 10th Pacific Fair issue
X 10s

1977, Dec Postal Employees Christmas Fund 1977 issue ovpted
X 10s on 50c grn & blk
X 20s on 20c red & blk
X 30s on 1s bl & blk Postal Employees Christmas Fund

1977, Dec 1 Republican Guard 58th issue
X 12s multi

1977, Dec 23 Christmas 1977 issue
X 8s Indian nativity

1978 1978 issue Nazca bowl (11 stamps)
X 16s viobl Nazca bowl (1979)
X 20s grn Nazca bowl (1979)
X 25s ltgrn Nazca bowl (1979)
X 35s rosered Nazca bowl (1979)
X 45s dkbrn Nazca bowl
X 50s blk Nazca bowl
X 55s carrose Nazca bowl (1979)
X 70s lilrose Nazca bowl (1979)
X 75s bl Nazca bowl
X 80s sal Nazca bowl (1979)
X 200s vio Nazca bowl (1979)

1978 1978 Inca head issue
X 6s brtgrn Inca head
X 10s red Inca head
X 16s redbrn Inca head

1978, Jun 28 Argentina 78 issue (8 stamps)
X 10s
X 10s
X 10s
X 10s
X 16s
X 16s
X 16s
X 16s

1978, Jul 1978 provisional issue ovpted
- 2s on 2c ltbrn
- 3s on 2c ltbrn
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