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Stamps of Poland - German occupation of Poland, 1940

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1940 1940a issue ovpted on stamps of Poland unwmk p. 9-14.5
X 24g on 25g slgrn Marshal Ridz
X 40g on 30g rosevio Moscicki
X 50g on 55g bl Marshal Ridz

1940 1940b issue ovpted on stamps of Poland (15 stamps)
X 2g on 5g redorg Boleslaus I & Otto III
X 4g on 5g redorg Boleslaus I & Otto III
X 6g on 10g grn King Casimir III
X 8g on 10g grn King Casimir III
X 10g grn ovpt, King Casimir III
X 12g on 15g redbrn Wladislaus II & Jadwiga, v. arms
X 16g on 15g redbrn Wladislaus II & Jadwiga, v. arms
X 24g on 25g dlvio Recognition of the Lublin Union created by Sigmund August
X 30g rosered ovpt, King Stephen Batory
X 50g brtredvio ovpt, King Jan Sobieski entered Vienna
X 60g on 55g ultra Union of nobles commoners & peasants
X 80g on 75g dlgrn DabrowskiKosciuszkoPoniatowski
X 1z org ovpt, Polish soldiers
X 2z carrose ovpt, Romuald Traugutt
X 3z grayblk ovpt, Marshal Pilsudski

1940 1940c issue ovpted on stamps of Poland
X 30g rosered ovpt, King Stephen Batory, w. unwmk, p. 9-14.5
X 40g on 1938-40g (0)
X 1z on 55g+15g (9)

1940 1940d issue (5 stamps)
X 50g on issue=1938 due-20g (1)
- 50g on 25gr dkblgrn numeral, w. unwmk, p. 12.5x12
- 50g on 30gr dkblgrn numeral, w. unwmk, p. 12.5x12
X 50g
- 50g on 1z dkblgrn numeral, w. unwmk, p. 12.5x12

1940, Aug 5 architecture issue (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 6g brn Florian Gate, Cracow
X 8g watchtower, Cracow
X 10g emer Cracow Gate
X 12g dkgrn Old University Krakau
X 20g blkbrn Dominican church, Kraków
X 24g brnred Wawel castle, Kraków
X 30g vio Brigitta Church Lublin
X 40g dkprusbl Cloth hall, Kraków
X 50g Town hall tower, Kraków
X 60g Castle court, Kraków
X 80g Saint Mary's church, Kraków
X 1z lake Brühls Palace Warsaw


1940, Apr 1940 official larger issue eagle over swastika (15 stamps)
X 6g ltbrn eagle over swastika
X 8g gray eagle over swastika
X 10g grn eagle over swastika
X 12g dkgrn eagle over swastika
X 20g dkbrn eagle over swastika
X 24g brn eagle over swastika
X 30g roselake eagle over swastika
X 40g dlvio eagle over swastika
X 48g dlol eagle over swastika
X 50g dpbl eagle over swastika
X 60g dkolgrn eagle over swastika
X 80g rosevio eagle over swastika
X 1z grayblk & brnvio eagle over swastika
X 3z grayblk & chnt eagle over swastika
X 5z grayblk & orgbrn eagle over swastika

1940, Jul 22 1940 official smaller issue eagle over swastika (9 stamps)
X 6g brn eagle over swastika
X 8g sl eagle over swastika
X 10g dpgrn eagle over swastika
X 12g slgrn eagle over swastika
X 20g blkbrn eagle over swastika
X 24g copbrn eagle over swastika
X 30g roselake eagle over swastika
X 40g dlpur eagle over swastika
X 50g dpbl eagle over swastika


1940, Aug 17 ovpted (no wmk info)
- 12g+8g olgray on 12g-olgray-unissued (0)
- 24g+16g olgray on 24g-olgray-unissued (0)
- 50g+50g olgray on 50g-olgray-unissued (0)
- 80g+80g olgray on 80g-olgray-unissued (0)

1940, Oct 26 1st anniversary issue unwmk
X 12g+38g peasant girl
- 24g+26g
X 30g+20g

1940, Dec 1
- 12g+8g German peasant
- 24g+16g German peasant
- 30g+30g German peasant
X 50g+50g German peasant

rural delivery

1940, Dec 1
X 10g redorg numeral
X 20g redorg numeral
X 30g redorg numeral
X 50g redorg numeral

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