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Stamps of Romania, 1958

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1958 100th Anniversary of the Romanian Postage Stamps issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 10l bl & ltbl

1958, Feb 15 Grivita strike 25th issue p. 13.5
- 1l brn & red Flag inside laurel wreath
X 1l dkbl & red Flag inside laurel wreath

1958, Mar 21 telecommunications conference issue p. 14.5x13.5
X 55b blvio antennas
X 1.75l telegraph pole

1958, Mar 31 Romanian writers 1958 issue wmk. RPR mult endless (6 stamps)
X 5b dkbl Nicolae Balcescu 1958 .20
X 10b blk Ion Creanga, p. 14
X 35b prusbl Alexandru Vlahuta
X 55b carbrn Mihail Eminescu
X 1.75l brnblk Vasilie Alecsandri
X 2l blkgrn Barbu St Delavrancea

1958, Apr 5
X 1.75l fencer

1958, Apr 16 sports medicine 25 years issue
X 1.20l

1958, May 15
- 55b bl globe&dove

1958, May 31 portraits (1958) unwmk (7 stamps)
X 10b prusgrn Linnaeus
X 20b brn Auguste Comte
X 40b pur William Blake
X 55b prusbl Mikhail Ivanovitch Glinka
X 1l pur Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
X 1.75l viobl Carlo Goldoni 1707-1793 comedy-writer
X 2l ol J.A. Komensky

1958, Jul mushrooms (1958 Romania) p. 14 (10 stamps)
X 5b multi Lepiota procera
X 10b multi Clavaria aurea
X 20b multi Amanita caesarea
X 30b multi Lactarius deliciosus
X 35b multi Armillariella mellea
X 55b multi Coprinus comatus
X 1l multi Morchella conica
X 1.55l multi Psalliota campestris
X 1.75l multi Boletus edulis
X 2l multi Cantharellus cibarius

1958, Jul 30 Emil Racovita 90th issue p. 14.5x14
- 55b map of Antarctica & ship & Racovita
X 1.20l Emil Racovita

1958, Oct 2 Armed Forces Day 1958 issue p. 13.75
X 55b orgbrn monument
X 75b dkpnk Soldier in front of industrial plant
X 1.75l viobl Sailer with flag destroyer

1958, Oct 25 regional costume issue p. 14x14.5 (12 stamps)
X 35b multi Oltenia woman
- 35b multi Oltenia man
- 40b multi Maramures woman
- 40b multi Maramures man
- 50b multi Transylvania woman
X 50b multi Transylvania man
X 55b multi Wallachia woman
- 55b multi Wallachia man
X 1l multi Banat woman
X 1l multi Banat man
- 1.75l multi Moldova woman
X 1.75l multi Moldova man

1958, Nov 15 Romanian stamps 100th issue p. 14.5x14
- 35b prusbl Printer using hand press
- 55b brn Stamp strip Oxhead & scissors cutting
- Romania empty sheet (#914)
- Romania empty sheet (#915)
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