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Stamps of Romania, 1963

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1963, Feb 16 Grivita strike 30th issue (no wmk info) p. 14.5x13.5
X 1.75l multi Workers on strike

1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue
X 40b viobl Female tractor driver plowing
X 55b olbrn Country woman with sheaf of grain combine
X 1.55l red Child drinking milk in front of cow milking machine
X 1.75l dkblgrn Graper picker with wine cradle in front of vineyard

1963, Apr 25 vegetables (1963) (6 stamps)
X 35b multi Tomatoes Lycopersicon esculentum, p. 13.5x14.5
X 40b lav & multi Capsicum annuum, p. 13.5x14.5
X 55b multi Radish Raphanus sativus, p. 13.5x14.5
X 75b multi eggplant, p. 13.5x14.5
X 1.20l multi Paprika Capsicum annuum, p. 13.5x14.5
X 3.25l palerose & multi cucumbers

1963, May 23 poultry p. 11 (8 stamps)
X 20b multi chicken
X 30b gray & multi hen
X 40b multi goose
X 55b turq & multi white cock
X 70b multi duck
X 1l multi hen
X 1.35l multi Turkey
X 3.20l multi hen

1963, Jun 15 swimming (7 stamps)
- 25b multi swimmer starting, p. 13.5x14.5
X 30b olgrn & gray & yel Front crawl
- 55b multi Dolphin swimming
- 1l multi Backstroke
- 1.35l multi Breaststroke
- 1.55l multi Springboard diver, p. 13.5x14.5
- 2l multi Waterpolo, p. 13.5x14.5

1963, Jun 15 International Women's Congress issue p. 14.5x13.5
X 55b viobl women & globe & scroll

1963, Jul portraits (1963 Romania) (5 stamps)
X 40b blk & vio William Thackeray, p. 14.5x13.5
X 50b och & blk Eugene Delacroix, p. 14.5x13.5
X 55b ol & blk Gheorghe Marinescu
X 1.55l ltrd & blkol Giuseppe Verdi
X 1.75l bl & blk Constantin Stanislavski, p. 14.5x13.5

1963, Sep 15 fruits (1963 Romania) (8 stamps)
X 10b multi Walnuts Juglans regia
X 20b multi plums Prunus domestica
X 40b multi Peaches Prunus persica
X 55b multi strawberries Fragaria ananassa
X 1l multi Grapes Vitis vinifera
X 1.55l multi Apples Malus sylvestris var domestica
X 1.60l lem & multi cherries Prunus avium
X 1.75l multi pears Pyrus domestica

1963, Oct 22 European Volleyball Championship 1963 issue (no perf info) (5 stamps)
- 5b dkpnk & gray volleyball map of Europe
- 40b palegray & viobl volleyball map of Europe
X 55b grnbl & gray volleyball map of Europe
- 1.75l orgbrn & gray volleyball map of Europe
- 3.20l blvio & gray Volleyball Cup map of Europe

1963, Nov 25 Winter Olympics 1964 issue (16 stamps)
- 10b dpbl & ver Ski-jump, p. 14
- 10b brncar & yelgrn Ski-jump, imperf
- 20b Ice speed skating, p. 14
- 20b blvio & carbrn Ice speed skating, imperf
- 40b brncar & yelgrn Ice Hockey, p. 14
- 40b dpbl & ver Ice Hockey, imperf
- 55b blvio & carbrn Ice figure skating, p. 14
- 55b Ice figure skating, imperf
X 60b brnorg & dpbl Slalom, p. 14
- 60b grnbl & viobl Slalom, imperf
X 75b bis & dkbl biathlon, imperf
X 75b lilrose & dkbl biathlon, p. 14
- 1l dkyeloch & viobl Two-men bobsled, p. 14
- 1l Two-men bobsled, imperf
- 1.20l grnbl & viobl cross-country skiing, p. 14
- 1.20l brnorg & dpbl cross-country skiing, imperf
- empty sheet (#930)

1963, Dec 5 reforestation issue p. 13.5
X 55b Fir branch with cone fir tree
X 1.75l Beech with beech-nut beech forest

1963, Dec 12 commercial insects (no perf info) (8 stamps)
X 10b multi Bombyx mori
X 20b multi Cocoon of hte silkmoth caterpillar
- 40b multi Silk worm on mulberry leaf Morus sp
X 55b multi Apis mellifica
X 60b multi honeybee & tree blossoms
X 1.20l multi Apis mellifica
X 1.35l multi Apis mellifica
X 1.60l multi sunflowers & honeybee

1963, Dec 25 peasant houses p. 13.5 (7 stamps)
X 20b brtvio
X 40b bl
X 55b dkvio
X 75b
X 1l brn & mar Brasov house, 1847
X 1.20l
X 1.75l

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