Stamps of Romania, 10 Apr 1939

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1939, Apr 10 King Carol I 100th issue wmk. crowns & monograms (14 stamps)
X 25b olblk Prince Carol at Calatorie, p. 14.25x13.75
X 50b dklilbrn Prince Carol at Calafat, p. 14.25x13.75
X 1l dkvio Prince reviewing monastery plans, p. 13.75x13.5
X 1.50l grn Sigmaringen Castle & Peles Castle, p. 14.25x13.75
X 2l dkgrnbl Prince & Carmen Sylva, p. 13.75x13.5
X 3l orgred Prince Carol at age 6, p. 13.75x13.5
X 4l Prince Carol in 1866, p. 13.75x13.5
X 5L grayblk Prince Carol in 1877, p. 13.75x13.5
X 7l dkbrn equestrian statue of Prince Carol, p. 13.5
X 8l dkviobl King Carol I at Battle of Plevna, p. 13.75x13.5
X 10l Prince Carol on horseback, p. 13.5
X 12l dpbl King Carol I in 1914, p. 13.75x13.5
X 15l ultra King Carol I & Queen Elizabeth & arms
X 16l dkblgrn Curtea de Arges cathedral
- Romania sheet of 3 types
- Romania sheet of 4 types
- Romania sheet of 4 types

1 to 14 of 14