Stamps of Romania, 11 Jun 1960

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1960, Jun 11 1960 issue wmk. RPR mult endless (20 stamps)
X 3b mag students .20
X 5b olbrn locomotive
X 10b vioblk River dam
X 20b dkviobl miner
X 30b orgred Sick aid
X 35b carred Female weaver
X 40b yelbrn piano & books
X 50b blvio Playing children
X 55b prusbl Motor tractor
X 60b grn combine
X 75b dkgraygrn Cattle shed
X 1l car Nuclear reactor
X 1.20l grayblk oil derrick & refinery
X 1.50l pur blast furnace
X 1.55l dkgrnbl ships in port
X 1.60l dkbl runner at the start
X 1.75l carbrn construction worker
X 2l olblk Street roller
X 2.40l blvio chemist
X 3l graybl television radio technology equipment, p. 14.25x14

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