Stamps of Romania, 14 perf

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1946 1946 issue - King Michael wmk. cross & crown mult p. 14
- 400l dkgrn

1948, Jun 1 revolution 100th issue
X 11l carrose

1951, Aug 12 Miners Day 1951 issue wmk. RPR mult
X 5l miner in dress uniform

1952 1952 provisional d issue ovpted wmk. cross & crown mult
- 1.75l on 11l carrose

1952, May 1 Caragiale 100th issue wmk. RPR mult endless
- 1l brn announcement of celebration

1953 folk arts (1953) (5 stamps)
X 10b grn ceramics
- 20b redbrn Folk costume from Câmpulung Muscel
X 35b pur folk dancers
X 55b viobl Folk costume from West Carpathians
X 1l brtredvio rug

1953, Dec 16 Porumbescu 100th issue
- 55b pur Ciprian Porumbescu

1954, Jul 5 youth agriculture
- 20b grnblk girl feeding calf
X 55b bl girl with grain sheaf
- 1.75l carrose students

1954, Aug 15 Babes 100th issue
- 55b rosered Victor Babes

1954, Aug 20 Mutual Aid Organization 5th issue
- 20b vio getting a loan
- 55b redbrn aid declaration

1955, Mar 29 1955 issue - occupations (1955)
X 30b viobl Traktor driver
- 40b sl student

1955, Apr 22 Lenin 85th issue - Lenin portraits
- 20b olbis & brn Vladimir Lenin
X 55b copbrn Vladimir Lenin
- 1l ver Vladimir Lenin

1955, Jun 1 International Children's Day 1955 issue
- 55b dkredbrn girl holding dove & girl holding flag

1955, Jun 17 European Volleyball Championship 1955 issue
- 55b redvio volleyball players at the net
- 1.75l lilrose female volleyball player serving

1955, Jun 28 Bucharest museums (5 stamps)
X 20b roselil Theodor Aman museum
X 55b brn Lenin and Stalin Museum
X 1.20l grayblk Popular Arts Museum
- 1.75l slgrn Arts Museum
- 2.55l rosevio Simu Museum

1955, Jul 7 World Congress of Mothers 1955 issue
- 55b ultra mother holding child

1955, Oct 15 agricultural products (1955)
X 10b brtgrn spraying for insects
X 20b lilrose fruit orchard
X 55b viobl vineyard
- 1l dkcl truck garden

1955, Dec 10 animal husbandry
- 5b yelgrn & brn shepherd tending sheep
- 10b pigs
- 35b cows
- 55b horses

1955, Dec 29 savings bank promotion issue
- 55b dpvio savings bank book & bank building
X 55b bl savings bank book & bank building

1956, Jun 1 International Children's Day 1956 issue
- 55b dpvio child looking at globe & flowers .30–1.00 .20–.30

1956, Jun 11 Month of the Forest 1956 issue
- 20b dkblgrn oak tree
- 55b brnblk logging train

1956, Sep 24 Aman 125th issue
- 55b grayblk Theodor Aman & autograph .30–1.00 .20–.30

1957, Sep 28 4th World Trade Union Congress issue
- 55b ultra congress emblem

1957, Dec 10 Danube Delta Fauna issue - animals (1957 Romania)
X 5b redbrn & gray black-winged stilt
X 10b emer & och Great White Egret
X 20b Eurasian or Common Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia
X 55b ermine

1958, Mar 31 Romanian writers 1958 issue
X 10b blk Ion Creanga

1958, Jul mushrooms (1958 Romania) unwmk (10 stamps)
X 5b multi Lepiota procera
X 10b multi Clavaria aurea
X 20b multi Amanita caesarea
X 30b multi Lactarius deliciosus
X 35b multi Armillariella mellea
X 55b multi Coprinus comatus
X 1l multi Morchella conica
X 1.55l multi Psalliota campestris
X 1.75l multi Boletus edulis
X 2l multi Cantharellus cibarius

1959, Aug 23 liberation 15th issue
- 55b multi Steel worker farmers wife with flags buildings
- Romania empty sheet (#917)

1959, Dec 15 medicinal plants (1959) wmk. RPR mult endless
- 1.55l multi Papaver rhoeas

1960, Jan 20 Romanian writers (6 stamps)
X 20b George Cosbuc
X 40b pur Ion Luca Caragiale
X 50b dkbrn Grigore Alexandrescu
X 55b dkcarbrn Alexandru Donici
X 1l blvio Costache Negruzzi
X 1.55l dkviobl Dimitrie Bolintineanu

1960, May 9 victory 15th issue
X 40b viobl Heroes Monuments in Bucharest
X 55b viobl Heroes Monuments in Bucharest

1960, May 15 famous men (1960 Romania) (8 stamps)
X 10b grayvio Tolstoy
X 20b brnol Mark Twain
X 35b dkbl Katsushika Hokusai
X 40b Alfred de Musset
X 55b graylil Daniel Defoe
X 1l dkgrnbl János Bolyai
X 1.55l dkgrnbl Robert Koch
X 1.75l olbrn Frédéric Chopin

1960, Aug 20 Puppet Theater Festival issue (no wmk info)
X 20b multi Globe Flags Stylized Puppet

1960, Dec 20 wine
X 55b multi Cotnari
X 1l multi Minis
X 1.20l multi Murfatlar

1961, Oct 30 Olympic gold medals a unwmk
- 20b orgred torch
X 20b dkbl swimming

1963, Nov 25 Winter Olympics 1964 issue (8 stamps)
- 10b dpbl & ver Ski-jump, w. unwmk
- 20b Ice speed skating, w. unwmk
- 40b brncar & yelgrn Ice Hockey, w. unwmk
- 55b blvio & carbrn Ice figure skating, w. unwmk
X 60b brnorg & dpbl Slalom, w. unwmk
X 75b lilrose & dkbl biathlon
- 1l dkyeloch & viobl Two-men bobsled, w. unwmk
- 1.20l grnbl & viobl cross-country skiing, w. unwmk
- Romania empty sheet (#930)

1964, May 10 fishes (1964 Romania) (8 stamps)
X 5b graygrn & multi Black Scorpionfish
X 10b multi Peacock Blenny Salaria Blennius pavo
X 20b multi Trachurus mediterraneus
X 40b multi Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedti
X 50b multi Short-snouted Seahorse Hippocampus hippocampus
X 55b multi Tub Gurnard Trigla lucerna
X 1l multi Beluga - Huso huso
X 3.20l ultra & multi Trygon pastinaca

1965, Dec 28 Hunting dogs (1965) (8 stamps)
- 5b multi dachshund
- 10b multi Cocker Spaniel
- 40b multi Deutsche Bracke
X 55b multi fox terrier
X 60b Irish setter
X 75b English Setter
- 1.55l Setter Pointer
- 3.25l Duck hunt

2011, Aug 18 stained glass windows (2011)
- 4.50l multi
- 4.50l multi

2013, Sep 11 Joint issue Poland - Romania issue
- 8.10l multi
- Romania sheet of 1 type

2015, Nov 6 Christmas 2015 issue
- 1.00l multi

2015, Nov 18 135 Years of Diplomatic Relations Romania - United States issue
- 3.60l multi

2015, Nov 20 Intelligent Dogs issue
- 2.40l multi German shepherd
- 8.10l multi Labrador Retriever
- 9.10l multi Rottweiler

2015, Nov 20 In memory of the victims of the Colectiv club fire issue
- 1.00l multi Angel's tears

2015, Nov 27 Alba Julia issue
- 3.00l multi
- 3.30l multi
- 8.10l multi
- 9.10l multi

2015, Dec 4 Numismatic Collections of the National Bank of Romania, Coin Hoards (II) issue
- 2l multi
- 2.40l multi
- 8.10l multi
- 14.50l multi

2015, Dec 15 70 Years since the Foundation of the United Nations & 60 Years since Romania joined the UN issue
- 4.50l multi
- 8.10l multi

2015, Dec 21 Joint issue Romania - Brazil issue
- 1.00l multi
- 9.10l multi

2016, Feb 9 Woodpeckers 2016 issue (no wmk info)
- 2l multi Eurasian three-toed woodpecker
- 4.50l multi European green woodpecker
- 5.00l multi black woodpecker
- 14.50l multi Eurasian wryneck

2016, Aug 12 Transalpina - a journey through the clouds issue
- 8.00l multi w. unwmk
- 15.00l multi
- Romania sheet of 1 type

2016, Aug 19 Romania's Cities - Cluj-Napoca issue unwmk
- 3.50l multi "Dormition of Virgin Mary" Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral
- 4.00L multi Tailors' Bastion (Tower)
- 4.50l multi "Lucian Blaga" National Theatre and Romanian Opera
- 15.00l multi "Babeș-Bolyai" University

2016, Aug 24 Service through friendship - 20 years of International Police Association Romanian Section issue
- 8.00l multi
- 15.00l multi
- Romania sheet of 1 type

2016, Nov 1 25 Years of the World Bank in Romania issue
- 12.00l multi

2016, Nov 11 Christmas 2016 issue
- 1.30l multi
- 1.30l multi
- 12.00l multi
- Romania sheet of 1 type

2016, Dec 19 Golden Stars of the screen and stage (II) issue (no wmk info) (6 stamps)
- 4.50l multi Adela Mărculescu
- 4.50l multi Florina Cercel
- 4.50l multi Ilinca Tomoroveanu
- 4.50l multi Ion Caramitru
- 4.50l multi Costel Constantin
- 4.50l multi Alexandru Arsinel

2016, Dec 21 New Year Customs issue unwmk
- 2.20L multi
- 2.50l multi
- 8.00l multi
- 15.00l multi

2018, Jun 30 Minerals from Romania issue
- 2l multi pyrite and quartz
- 5.00l multi galena and semseyite

2018, Jul 13 Stamp Day 2018 issue - Philatelic Premiers (no wmk info) (10 stamps)
- 1.50l multi First issue from 1858 Bull Head
- 1.50l multi First issue from 1858, Bull Head
- 2l multi First postage stamp with Latin graphy, PORTO GAZETEI
- 2l multi First postage stamp with Latin graphy, PORTO GAZETEI
- 3.00l multi First postage stamp with Latin graphy, PORTO SCRISOREI
- 3.00l multi First postage stamp with Latin graphy, PORTO SCRISOREI
- 5.00l multi 'Carol bewhiskered', the first postage stamp with the face value expressed in BANI
- 5.00l multi 'Carol bewhiskered', first postage stamp with the value expressed in BANI
- 19.00l multi First perforated Romanian stamp 'Carol with beard'
- 19.00l multi First perforated Romanian stamp 'Carol with beard'

2018, Jul 17 Famous Romanians (II) issue (9 stamps)
- 1.10l multi Cella Delavrancea, w. unwmk
- 1.40l multi Dimitrie Paciurea, w. unwmk
- 1.60l multi Victor Brauner, w. unwmk
- 2.60l multi George Apostu
- 2.90L multi Elvira Popesco
- 5.00l multi Marcel Iancu
- 11.50l multi Dimitrie Cantemir
- 12.00l multi Nicolae Iorga
- 19.00l multi Nicolae Titulescu

2018, Jul 20 Queen Marie death 80th issue (5 stamps)
- 3.00l multi Queen Marie wearing coronation crown
- 3.00l multi Queen Marie wearing coronation crown
- 11.50l multi Queen Marie wearing a diadem
- 11.50l multi Illustration with a portrait of the Queen in which the sovereign carries a diadem
- 19.00l multi Queen Marie dressed in the Belle-Epoque style

2018, Jul 27 Romanian avant-garde writers issue
- 2l multi Demetru Dem. Demetrescu-Buzău
- 3.00l multi Geo Bogza
- 19.00l multi Gellu Naum

2018, Aug 3 Museum of Romanian Records issue
- 1.60l multi Logo of the Museum of Romanian records
- 2l multi 'Bull Head (1858)' stamp with value of 81 parale from museum collection
- 11.50l multi Logo of the International Federation of Philately
- 11.50l multi Logo of the International Federation of Philately

2018, Aug 10 'Revolutionary Romania' in painting issue
- 5.00l multi Romania Breaking off Her Chains on the Field of Liberty by Constantin Daniel Rosenthal
- 28.50l multi Revolutionary Romania by Constantin Daniel Roesnthal

2018, Aug 17 Natural Parks in Romania issue (5 stamps)
- 1.60l multi Edraianthus graminifolius ssp. kitaibelii
- 2l multi Primula auricula ssp. serratifolia
- 5.00l multi Testudo hermanni
- 19.00l multi Lucanus cervus
- 28.50l multi Zamenis longissimus

2018, Aug 24 Locomotives, Mocănițe Steam Trains issue
- 1.60l multi Brad-Crişcior "Mocăniţa" steam train, inaugurated in 1907
- 7.00l multi Moldoviţa "Mocăniţa" steam train, named by the locals Huțulca


1960, Oct 10 butterflies (1960 Romania) unwmk
- 55b multi Papilio machaon
- 1.60l multi Deathshead Hawk Moth - Acherontia atropos

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