Stamps of Romania, 14.5x14 perf

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1930 King Michael I unwmk p. 14.5x14 (5 stamps)
X 1l vio King Michael I
- 2l grn King Michael I
- 3l carrose King Michael I
- 7.50l ultra King Michael I
- 10l dpbl King Michael I

1930, Jun 8 b issue ovpted King Michael I (5 stamps)
X 1l vio ovpt, King Michael I
X 2l grn ovpt, King Michael I
X 3l carrose ovpt, King Michael I
- 7.50l ultra ovpt, King Michael I
X 10l dpbl ovpt, King Michael I

1945 1945b issue - King Michael King Michael wmk. cross & crown mult (5 stamps)
X 2l vio King Michael
X 4l yelgrn King Michael
X 20l bl King Michael
X 50l ltbl King Michael
X 55l red King Michael

1946 1946 issue - King Michael
- 20l King Michael
- 1500l graybl King Michael

1947 1947b issue - King Michael
- 10l redbrn King Michael
- 20l King Michael
- 80l bl King Michael
- 500l redlil King Michael

1947 1947c issue
- 5500l grn King Michael I
- 20000l olbrn King Michael I
X 50000l redorg King Michael I

1948, Jan 25 census 1948 issue
X 12l brtultra

1948, Feb 12 stamp division 75th issue
- 7.50l

1948, Mar 25 Bulgarian friendship issue
- 32l

1948, Jul 8 1948 issue arms (6 stamps)
X 1l redbrn arms
- 2l dkgrn arms
- 3l arms
X 4l arms
- 5L arms
- 10l arms

1948, Aug 17 ovpted
X 31l on 32l

1948, Dec 20
- 20l scar Balcescu

1949 1949 issue arms wmk. RPR mult (6 stamps)
X 50b red arms, v. lei
- 1l arms
X 2l arms
- 3l arms
X 5L rosevio arms (1950)
X 10l dpbl arms

1950, May 25 Pioneer Organization 1st issue
- 8l bl bugler & drummer
- 11l redvio Young Pioneers learning
X 31l ver Young Pioneers marching

1950, Jul 20 industry nationalization 2nd issue
X 11l rose Worker with hammer background industrial plant
X 11l carbrn Worker with hammer background industrial plant
X 11l blkol Worker with hammer background industrial plant
X 11l dkbl Worker with hammer background industrial plant

1950, Oct 30 sports badge issue
X 3l
X 5L bl
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