Stamps of Romania, 13.5x14.5 perf

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1961, Sep national musical instruments (1961) (no wmk info) p. 13.5x14.5
X 55b multi cobza

1961, Sep 15 Bucharest Botanical Garden 100th issue unwmk (5 stamps)
X 20b multi Piatra Craiului Dianthus callizonus
X 25b multi peony Paeonia peregrina Mill var romanica
X 40b multi Iris sintenisii subsp brandzae
X 1.20l multi Papaver pyrenaicum
X 1.55l multi Gentiana frigida
- Romania sheet of 1 type

1961, Nov 27 UN 15th issue
X 20b multi Peace dove map of Southeast Europe
X 40b multi Three people of different races peace dove
X 55b multi

1963, Apr 25 vegetables (1963) (5 stamps)
X 35b multi Tomatoes Lycopersicon esculentum
X 40b lav & multi Capsicum annuum
X 55b multi Radish Raphanus sativus
X 75b multi eggplant
X 1.20l multi Paprika Capsicum annuum

1963, Jun 15 swimming
- 25b multi swimmer starting
- 1.55l multi Springboard diver
- 2l multi Waterpolo

1 to 17 of 17