Stamps of Romania, 12 perf

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1906, Jun kingdom of Romania 25th issue King Carol I wmk. large arms p. 12 (10 stamps)
X 1b och & blk King Carol I
- 3b redbrn & blk King Carol I
X 5b King Carol I
X 10b car & blk King Carol I
- 15b King Carol I
- 25b King Carol I
- 40b King Carol I
- 50b King Carol I
- 1l King Carol I
X 2l brnorg & blk King Carol I

1906, Jul Carol I 40th issue (11 stamps)
X 1b och & blk Prince Carol taking Oath of Allegiance
X 3b redbrn & blk Prince in royal carriage
X 5b grn & blk Prince Carol at Calafat 1877
X 10b car & blk Carol I meets Osman Pasha
X 15b dlvio & blk Karl I as Domnitor & King
X 25b olgrn & blk The Romanian army crosses the Danube
X 25b ultra & blk
X 40b dkbrn & blk March in Bucharest
X 50b bisbrn & blk Karl I leading the army
X 1l ver & blk The Inauguration of Cathedral Curtea de Arges
X 2l brnorg & blk king at shrine

1931 unwmk
X 30l olbis & dkbl King Carol II
X 50l red & dkbl King Carol II
X 100l dkgrn & dkbl King Carol II

1 to 24 of 24