Stamps of Romania, 12.5 perf

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1872 1872b issue wove paper unwmk p. 12.5
- 10b bl Prince Carol
X 25b dkbrn Prince Carol

1950 1950 issue arms of Romania wmk. RPR mult (13 stamps)
X 50b blk arms of Romania
X 1l red arms of Romania
X 2l olgray arms of Romania
X 3l blvio arms of Romania
X 5L redbrn arms of Romania
X 6l dpgrn arms of Romania
X 7l viobrn arms of Romania
X 7.50l bl arms of Romania
X 10l dkbrn arms of Romania
X 11l rosecar arms of Romania
- 15l dpbl arms of Romania
X 31l dlgrn arms of Romania
X 36l dkorgbrn arms of Romania

1950, Jul 22
- 3l Andre Vlaicu & his 1st plane
- 6l Andre Vlaicu & his 1st plane
X 8l bl Andre Vlaicu & his 1st plane

1950, Oct 6 ovpted
X 15l dpbl ovpt, arms of Romania

1952, May 1952 issue arms of Romania wmk. RPR mult endless (5 stamps)
X 3b redorg arms of Romania
- 5b crim arms of Romania
- 7b blgrn arms of Romania
- 10b choc arms of Romania
- 35b blkbrn arms of Romania

- 5b crim arms of republic 1953

1955, Jul 18 5th Anniversary of the Pioneers Palace, Bucharest issue
X 10b ultra Pioneers running train set
X 20b grnbl Pioneers studying nature
- 55b plum Pioneer home

2015, Oct 16 Ion Tiriac issue unwmk
- 2.10l multi Ion Tiriac
- 9.10l multi Ion Tiriac

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