Stamps of Romania, missing watermark

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1858, Nov 1 (no wmk info) imperf
- 5pa blk arms 1858 2
- 40pa bl arms 1858 2
- 80pa red arms 1858 2

- 5pa blk
- 40pa bl
- 80pa red

1862 1862 laid issue laid paper
- 3pa org Moldavia-Walachia arms, imperf
- 6pa car Moldavia-Walachia arms
- 6pa red Moldavia-Walachia arms, imperf
- 30pa bl Moldavia-Walachia arms, imperf

1862 1862 wove issue wove paper (no perf info)
- 3pa orgyel Moldavia-Walachia arms
- 6pa car Moldavia-Walachia arms
- 6pa ver Moldavia-Walachia arms
X 30pa bl Moldavia-Walachia arms

1863 typo print imperf
- 3pa yel Moldavia-Walachia arms
- 6pa dprose Moldavia-Walachia arms
X 30pa dpbl Moldavia-Walachia arms

1865, Jan
- 2pa org Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza
- 5pa bl Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza
X 20pa red Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza

1866, Aug
- 2pa blk Prince Carol
- 5pa blk Prince Carol
- 20pa blk Prince Carol

1868, Feb 1868 issue Prince Carol (5 stamps)
- 2b org Prince Carol, imperf
X 3b vio Prince Carol, imperf (1870)
- 4b dkbl Prince Carol, imperf
- 18b rose Prince Carol 100 – 1,000 1.00–10.
- 18b scar Prince Carol, imperf

1869, Apr Prince Carol (5 stamps)
- 5b orgyel Prince Carol
- 10b bl Prince Carol
- 15b ver Prince Carol
- 25b org & bl Prince Carol
- 50b bl & red Prince Carol

1871 1871 issue Prince Carol (7 stamps)
- 5b car Prince Carol
- 5b red Prince Carol
- 10b yel Prince Carol
- 10b yel Prince Carol, laid paper, imperf
- 10b bl Prince Carol
- 15b red Prince Carol
- 25b brn Prince Carol

1872 1872a issue imperf
- 10b ultra Prince Carol
- 10b ultra Prince Carol, laid paper
- 10b prusbl Prince Carol
- 50b bl & red Prince Carol

1872 1872b issue wove paper
- 5b rose Prince Carol
- 10b bl Prince Carol, p. 12.5
X 25b dkbrn Prince Carol, p. 12.5

1872 1872c issue Prince Carol Paris print (7 stamps)
- 1 1/2b olgrn Prince Carol, p. 14x13.5
- 3b ltgrn Prince Carol, p. 14x13.5
- 5b Prince Carol
- 10b bl Prince Carol, p. 14x13.5
X 15b redbrn Prince Carol, p. 14x13.5
X 25b org, buff Prince Carol, p. 14x13.5
X 50b rose Prince Carol, p. 14x13.5

1876 1876 issue King Carol I Bucharest print (6 stamps)
- 1 1/2b brnzgrn King Carol I
X 5b bis King Carol I
- 10b bl King Carol I
- 10b ultra King Carol I
- 15b King Carol I, p. VARIOUS
- 30b King Carol I

1879 1879 issue Carol I (7 stamps)
X 1 1/2b blk Carol I
- 3b olgrn Carol I
X 5b grn, bluish Carol I, p. VARIOUS
- 10b rose Carol I
- 15b rosered Carol I, p. VARIOUS
- 25b bl Carol I
X 50b bis Carol I

1880, Jul
X 15b ltredbrn King Carol I
X 25b bl King Carol I

1885 1885a issue King Carol I (5 stamps)
X 1 1/2b blk King Carol I
X 3b vio King Carol I, p. VARIOUS
X 5b grn King Carol I, p. VARIOUS without watermark
X 15b redbrn King Carol I, p. VARIOUS
X 25b bl King Carol I, p. VARIOUS unwmk

1885 1885b issue King Carol I (10 stamps)
- 1 1/2b blk, bluish King Carol I
- 3b vio, bluish King Carol I
- 3b olgrn King Carol I (1887)
X 3b olgrn, bluish King Carol I (1887)
X 5b blgrn, bluish King Carol I, p. VARIOUS (1887)
X 10b rose King Carol I, p. VARIOUS
- 10b rose, buff King Carol I
- 15b redbrn, buff King Carol I
- 25b bl, buff King Carol I
X 50b bis, buff King Carol I

1949, Jan 21 Lenin death 25th issue
X 20l blk Vladimir Lenin

1949, Jan 24 Danubian union 90th issue
- 10l dpbl folk dance

1949, Mar 22
- 20l red Ion Frimu

1949, May 20 Pushkin 150th issue p. 14x14.5
- 11l carrose Alexander Pushkin
- 30l dkgrn Alexander Pushkin

1949, Jun 30 UPU 75th issue (no perf info)
X 20l orgbrn posthorn & globe
X 30l brtbl mail transport

1949, Aug 23 liberation 5th issue
- 50l choc, blgrn

1949, Nov 1 Soviet friendship week issue
- 20l dpred

1949, Dec 10 transportation unions conference issue
X 11l bl
X 20l crim

1949, Dec 21 Stalin 70th issue p. 13.5
- 31l olblk Josef Stalin

1950 1950 issue arms of Romania (15 stamps)
X 50b blk arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 1l red arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 2l olgray arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 3l blvio arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 4l roselil arms of Romania
X 5l redbrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 6l dpgrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 7l viobrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 7.50l bl arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 10l dkbrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 11l rosecar arms of Romania, p. 12.5 RPR
- 15l dpbl arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 20l prusgrn arms of Romania
X 31l dlgrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
X 36l dkorgbrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5

1950, Jan 15 Mihail Eminescu 100th issue p. 13.75 (5 stamps)
X 11l rosepink Emperor&Proletariat
- 11l dkgrn Poem “Third Letter”
- 11l redbrn Poem “Angel & Demon”
- 11l rose Poem “Emperor & Proletariat”
- 11l pur Poem “Life”

1950, Mar 25 Andreescu 100th issue p. 14x14.5
- 5l graygrn Fair of Dragaica
- 11l bl Ion Andreescu
X 20l redbrn The Dorfbrunnen

1950, Apr 23 1950 industrial plan issue
- 11l red
X 31l p. 14x14.5

1950, May 1 Labor Day 1950 issue (no perf info)
- 3l

1950, May 25 Pioneer Organization 1st issue p. 14.5x14
- 8l bl bugler & drummer RPR positive
- 11l redvio Young Pioneers learning RPR positive
X 31l ver Young Pioneers marching RPR positive

1950, Jul 20 industry nationalization 2nd issue
X 11l rose Worker with hammer background industrial plant
X 11l carbrn Worker with hammer background industrial plant
X 11l blkol Worker with hammer background industrial plant
X 11l dkbl Worker with hammer background industrial plant

1950, Jul 22 p. 12.5
- 3l Andre Vlaicu & his 1st plane
- 6l Andre Vlaicu & his 1st plane
X 8l bl Andre Vlaicu & his 1st plane

1950, Sep 9 Committees Congress issue p. 13.5
- 11l car mother With child RPR positive
X 20l blkgrn lathe operator

1950, Oct 6 ovpted p. 12.5
X 15l dpbl ovpt, arms of Romania

1950, Oct 6 Romanian-Soviet friendship issue p. 14x14.5
- 30l redbrn Statue of Soviet Soldier-Celebration of Romanian-Soviet friendship

1950, Oct 30 sports badge issue p. 14.5x14 (5 stamps)
X 3l RPR positive
X 5l bl RPR positive
X 5l redbrn RPR positive
X 11l RPR positive
X 31l blk RPR positive

1950, Nov 2 friendship congress issue p. 13.5
- 11l bl RPR positive
- 11l redorg

1951 1951 issue - Five Year Plan (10 stamps)
X 1l blkbrn oil field, p. 13.5 RPR negative
X 2l bl p. 14.5x14
- 3l red p. 13.5
- 4l brn Steel production, p. 13.5 (1952)
X 5l dkbl p. 13.5
- 6l dkbl Kanalbau Danube-Black Sea, p. 13.5 (1952)
- 7l grn Agriculture tractor, p. 13.5
- 8l mar Leisure activities, p. 13.5 (1952)
X 11l blgray Electricity Production, p. 13.5 RPR positive wm 10
- 35l p. 13.5

1951, Jan 28 9th World University Winter Games issue (5 stamps)
- 4l blkbrn ski jumper RPR positive
- 5l red ice skating
- 11l bl Alpine skiing
- 20l dkbrn ice hockey
X 31l dkgrn bobsled

1951, Feb 9 industry agriculture exposition issue (no perf info)
X 11l redbrn industry RPR positive
X 31l agriculture

1951, Mar 8 womens day 1951 issue p. 14x14.5
- 11l orgbrn RPR positive

1951, May 1 Labor Day 1951 issue (no perf info)
X 2l olgray work medal
X 4l bl Star Order of the RPR 3rd-5th grade
X 11l crim Order of work
X 35l orgbrn Star Order of the RPR 1-2 class RPR positive

1951, May 8 Romanian Young Pioneers issue p. 14.5x14
- 1l camp
- 11l bl Marshal Stalin with youth
- 35l redorg Award for young people

1951, Jun 20 Ion Negulici death 100th issue (no perf info)
- 35l rosered Ion Negulici

1951, Jul 9 p. 14.25x14
- 11l chntbrn bicyclists

1951, Jul 23 Filimon Sarbu death 10th issue p. 14x14.5
- 11l dkbrn Filimon Sarbu RPR positive

1951, Jul 23 Rosenthal death 100th issue
X 11l rosevio raising the masses
- 11l yelbrn raising the masses
- 11l dkgrn Revolutionary Romania
X 11l orgred Revolutionary Romania

1951, Aug 1 3rd World Youth Festival issue p. 13.5
- 1l scar emblem
- 5l
- 11l Youths Encircling Globe .20 RPR positive

1951, Aug 12 p. 14x14.5
X 10l crim Order for National Defense RPR positive

1951, Aug 12 Miners Day 1951 issue
X 5l miner in dress uniform, p. 14
X 11l miner in work outfit, p. 14.5x14 RPR positive

1951, Aug 16 Scanteia 20th issue
- 11l bl Scanteia building

1951, Sep 22 Music Week issue p. 13.5
- 11l bl choir
- 11l redbrn orchestra RPR negative
- 11l pur c.emblem RPR negative

1951, Oct 2 Army Day 1951 issue
- 11l bl

1951, Oct 7 Soviet friendship issue
- 4l chntbrn
- 35l orgred

1951, Dec 15 Pavel Tcacenco death 26th issue p. 14x14.5
- 10l blkol Pavel Tcacenco

1952, Mar 24 Rail Workers Day issue p. 13.5
- 55b dkbrn railroad conductor

1952, Apr 1 Gogol death 100th issue
- 55b dpbl Gogol & Taras Bulba scene, p. 14.5x13.75
- 1.75l olgray Nikolai Gogol portrait with open book

1952, Apr 14 Romanian-Soviet Medical Congress issue p. 13.75
- 1l redbrn Ivan Pavlov Wm. 10 "RPR" (negative)

1952, May 1952 issue arms of Romania (7 stamps)
X 3b redorg arms of Romania, p. 12.5
- 5b crim arms of Romania, p. 12.5
- 7b blgrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
- 10b choc arms of Romania, p. 12.5 RPR positive
- 20b dpbl arms of Romania RPR positive
- 35b blkbrn arms of Romania, p. 12.5
- 50b graygrn arms of Romania
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