Stamps of Saar, missing watermark

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1920, Mar 1 1920b issue ovpted on stamps of Bavaria (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 10pf on issue=1914-10pf (2)
- 15pf on issue=1914-15pf (2)

1920, Mar 26 1920c issue ovpted on stamps of Germany
X 5pf brn on issue=1905-5pf-brn (0)
- 4m on issue=1905-4m (0)

1921, Feb 18 1921a issue - scenery (1921) (17 stamps)
X 5pf olgrn & ind mill near Mettlach
X 10pf blk & redorg & bl miner
X 20pf blgrn & slbl Reden mine entrance
X 25pf brn & prusbl Saar river traffic
X 30pf graygrn & brn Saar River near Mettlach
X 30pf olgrn & brn Saar River near Mettlach
X 40pf ver slag pile
X 50pf gray & blk signal bridge
X 60pf red & dkbrn Benedictine abbey
X 80pf dpbl Old Bridge
X 1m ltred & blk aerial lift
X 1.25m brn & dkgrn coalmine shafthead
X 2m red & blk Saarbruecken City Hall
X 3m brn & db pottery at Mettlach
X 5m yel & vio St Ludwig's Cathedral
X 10m grn & redbrn Presidential Residence,Saarbruecken
X 25m ultra & red & blk Burbach Steelworks, Dillingen

1921, May 21 1921b issue ovpted - scenery (1921) (15 stamps)
X 3c on 20pf blgrn & slbl Reden mine entrance
X 5c on 25pf brn & prusbl Saar river traffic
X 10c on 30pf graygrn & brn Saar River near Mettlach
X 10c on 30pf olgrn & brn Saar River near Mettlach
X 15c on 40pf ver slag pile
X 20c on 50pf gray & blk signal bridge
X 25c on 60pf red & dkbrn Benedictine abbey
X 30c on 80pf dpbl Old Bridge
X 40c on 1m ltred & blk aerial lift
X 50c on 1.25m brn & dkgrn coalmine shafthead
X 75c on 2m red & blk Saarbruecken City Hall
X 1fr on 3m brn & db pottery at Mettlach
- 2fr on 5m yel & vio St Ludwig's Cathedral
X 3fr on 10m grn & redbrn Presidential Residence,Saarbruecken
X 5fr on 25m ultra & red & blk Burbach Steelworks, Dillingen

1922, Mar 1 1922 issue - scenery (1922) (18 stamps)
X 3c olgrn & buff aerial lift
X 5c org & blk miner
X 10c grn Old Bridge
X 15c brn aerial lift
X 15c org aerial lift (1923)
X 20c dkbl & yel Saarbruecken City Hall
X 20c brtbl & buff Saarbruecken City Hall (1923)
X 25c red & yel
X 25c mag & straw (1923)
X 30c
X 40c dkredbrn & dlyel
X 50c dkultra & ltgraygrn
X 75c dpgrn & straw
X 75c blk & buff (1923)
X 1fr
- 2fr dkgrayvio & dlyel
- 3fr dkgrnbl & orgyel
X 5fr

1925, Apr 9
X 45c lakebrn Madonna of Blieskastel
- 10fr blkbrn Madonna of Blieskastel

1926, Dec 26 1926 issue - scenery one color (16 stamps)
X 10c brn market fountain, St Johann
X 15c grnblk Saar valley view
X 20c brnorg Saarlouis fortifications
X 25c slbl Village & Abbey Tholey
X 30c olgrn market fountain, St Johann
X 40c olbrn Saarlouis fortifications
X 50c brnlake Village & Abbey Tholey
X 60c redorg Pit in Saarlouis (1930)
X 75c viobrn Saar valley view
- 80c orgred Pit
- 90c Saarlouis fortifications (1932)
X 1fr brnvio Pit
X 1.50fr turqbl Burbach steelworks
X 2fr brnred Burbach steelworks
X 3fr brnzgrn Burbach steelworks
- 5fr yelbrn Burbach steelworks

1930, Mar 28 ovptedscenery one color
X 60c on 80c orgred Pit

1931, Dec 23 1931 semi b issue (7 stamps)
- 40+15c dkbrn Saint Martin
- 1+0.50fr dkcarbrn Saint Martin
- 1.50+0.75fr dkgrnbl Charity
- 2+1fr dkcarred Charity
- 3+2fr dkolgrn Charity
- 5+5fr dkbrnorg The widows mite
- 60+20fr Saint Martin

1934, Nov 1 ovptedscenery one color
X 40c on 50c brnlake Village & Abbey Tholey

1934, Nov 1 plebiscite 1935 issue ovpted - scenery one color (16 stamps)
- 10c brn ovpt, market fountain, St Johann
- 15c grnblk ovpt, Saar valley view
- 20c brnorg ovpt, Saarlouis fortifications
- 25c slbl ovpt, Village & Abbey Tholey
- 30c olgrn ovpt, market fountain, St Johann
- 40c olbrn ovpt, Saarlouis fortifications
- 50c brnlake ovpt, Village & Abbey Tholey
X 60c redorg ovpt, Pit in Saarlouis
- 75c viobrn ovpt, Saar valley view
- 90c ovpt, Saarlouis fortifications
- 1fr brnvio ovpt, Pit
- 1.50fr turqbl ovpt, Burbach steelworks
- 2fr brnred ovpt, Burbach steelworks
- 3fr brnzgrn ovpt, Burbach steelworks
- 5fr yelbrn ovpt, Burbach steelworks
- 10fr blkbrn ovpt, Madonna of Blieskastel

1947, Jan 20 1947 issue (17 stamps)
X 2pf gray miner .20
X 3pf org miner .20
X 6pf prusgrn miner .20
X 8pf scar miner .20
X 10pf rosevio miner
X 15pf brn steel workers .20
X 16pf ultra steel workers .20
X 20pf redbrn steel workers .20
X 24pf brnorg steel workers .20
X 25pf rosecar harvesting sugar beets .20
X 30pf grnol harvesting sugar beets .20
X 40pf brn harvesting sugar beets .20
- 50pf dkultra harvesting sugar beets .20
X 60pf dkviobl Mettlach Abbey
X 80pf dkredorg Mettlach Abbey .20
X 84pf dkyelbrn Marshal Ney
X 1m dkgraygrn Saar River near Mettlach

1947, Nov 27 1947 in francs issue ovpted (12 stamps)
X 10c on 2pf gray miner
X 60c on 3pf org miner
X 1fr on 10pf rosevio miner
X 3fr on 15pf brn steel workers
- 4fr on 16pf ultra steel workers
- 5fr on 20pf redbrn steel workers
X 6fr on 24pf brnorg steel workers
- 9fr on 30pf grnol harvesting sugar beets
- 10fr on 50pf dkultra harvesting sugar beets
X 14fr on 60pf dkviobl Mettlach Abbey
- 20fr on 84pf dkyelbrn Marshal Ney
- 50fr on 1m dkgraygrn Saar River near Mettlach

1948, Apr 1 1948 issue (13 stamps)
X 10c brnred handclasp
X 60c dkgrnbl handclasp
X 1fr blk handclasp .20
X 2fr carred worker .20
X 3fr grayblk worker .20
X 4fr red farm girl .20
X 5fr pur farm girl .20
X 6fr brnred miner
X 9fr prusbl miner
X 10fr dkviobl colliery shafthead
X 14fr dkbrnlil foundry
X 20fr dkbrnred reconstruction
X 50fr dkbl Main portal Abbey Mettlach

1948, Dec 15
X 10fr dkred map of the Saar .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 25fr dkbl map of the Saar .30–1.00 .30–1.00

1949, Apr 2 Saar University 1st issue
X 15fr rosecar

1949, Nov 30 1949 issue (17 stamps)
X 10c dkbrnvio Building craft
X 60c gray Beethoven (1951)
X 1fr carred heavy industry
X 3fr orgbrn heavy industry (1951)
X 5fr grayvio Slag train on stockpile (1950)
X 6fr graygrn Coal mining lorries (1951)
X 8fr brnol posthorn & telephone (1951)
X 10fr dkredorg (1950)
X 12fr blkgrn ceramic items
X 15fr dkorgred Coal mining lorries (1950)
- 18fr redcar ceramic items (1951)
X 20fr blblk laborer digging (1950)
X 25fr blast furnace worker
X 30fr Saarbruecken view (1951)
X 45fr brnvio Der große Stiefel near Rentrisch (1951)
X 60fr grnol Coal-mine Reden & surroundings (1951)
X 100fr dkbrn Bliesvalley Wiebelskirchen

1950, Apr 3 Peter Wust death 10th issue
X 15fr dlcar

1950, Jun 29 Holy Year issue
- 12fr dkgrnol St Petrus memorial Rome
- 15fr carbrn St Petrus memorial Rome
- 25fr dkbl St Petrus memorial Rome

1950, Jul 10 Ottweiler 400th issue
X 10fr orgbrn Town-hall & church

1950, Aug 8 Council of Europe admission issue
X 25fr dkviobl Book earth & banner

1951, Apr 29 Stamp Day 1951 issue
X 15fr brn Postman with horse

1951, May 12 Saarmesse 1951 issue
X 15fr dkblgrn Cogwheel spike hand with hammer

1951, Jun 9 Exhibition of Gardens&Flowers issue
X 15fr

1952, Apr 26 Saarmesse 1952 issue
X 15fr brncar Earth & fair emblem

1952, May 2
X 15fr refugees

1952, Oct 1 1952 issue - architecture (1952) (14 stamps)
X 1fr dkblgrn Pit
X 2fr School Ludwigsgymnasium
X 3fr Bridges in Gersweiler
X 5fr Main post office Saarbrücken .20
X 5fr blgrn Main post office Saarbrücken
- 6fr brncar Rope bridge in Mettlach (1953)
X 10fr School Ludwigsgymnasium
X 12fr Main post office Saarbrücken
X 15fr Pit .20
X 15fr (1953) .20
- 15fr car (1955)
- 18fr rosebrn (1955)
X 30fr ultra (1953)
- 500fr (1953)

1953, Mar 23 Saarmesse 1953 issue
X 15fr dkultra

1953, May 3 stamp day 1953 issue
X 15fr dkbl Prussian & bavarian postmen

1954, Aug 14 dogma 100th issue
X 5fr car Madonna & Child by Holbein
X 10fr dkgrn Sistine Madonna by Raphael
X 15fr viobl Mother & Child with Pear by Durer

1955, Feb 28
X 15fr multi cyclist & flag

1955, Feb 28 Rotary 50th issue
X 15fr brnred Emblem smeltery Neunkirchen

1955, Apr 18 Saarmesse 1955 issue
- 15fr multi flags

1955, May 8
X 15fr brncar postman at Illingen

1955, Oct 22 plebiscite 1955 issue ovpted - architecture (1955)
- 15fr car ovpt
- 18fr rosebrn ovpt
- 30fr ultra ovpt

1956, Apr 14 Saarmesse 1956 issue
- 15fr brncar & yelgrn Symbols of industry fair emblem

1956, May 6 Stamp Day 1956 issue
- 15fr radio tower

1957 Heuss issue
- 1fr grn Heuss .20
- 2fr vio Heuss .20
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