Postage stamps of St. Thomas & Prince Islands

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1869 Portuguese crown unwmk (no perf info) (9 stamps)
- 5r blk Portuguese crown
X 10r yel Portuguese crown
- 20r bisbrn Portuguese crown
X 25r rosered Portuguese crown
- 40r bl Portuguese crown
- 50r yelgrn Portuguese crown
- 100r redlil Portuguese crown
- 200r org Portuguese crown
X 300r yelbrn Portuguese crown

1881 Portuguese crown (5 stamps)
- 10r grn Portuguese crown
- 20r rosered Portuguese crown
- 25r dlpur Portuguese crown
- 40r buff Portuguese crown
- 50r dpbl Portuguese crown

1887 King Luís I (9 stamps)
X 5r blk King Luís I
X 10r grn King Luís I
- 20r rose King Luís I
- 25r redvio King Luís I
- 40r choc King Luís I
- 50r bl King Luís I
- 100r yelbrn King Luís I
- 200r grayvio King Luís I
- 300r yelorg King Luís I

1889 ovpted
- 5r on 10r grn King Luís I
X 5r on 20r rose King Luís I
- 50r on 40r choc King Luís I

1895 King Carlos (12 stamps)
X 5r yel King Carlos
- 10r redlil King Carlos
- 15r redbrn King Carlos
- 20r lav King Carlos
- 25r grn King Carlos
- 50r ltbl King Carlos
- 75r rose King Carlos
- 80r yelgrn King Carlos
- 100r brn, yel King Carlos
- 150r car, rose King Carlos
- 200r dkbl, bl King Carlos
- 300r dkbl, sal King Carlos

1898 1898 issue King Carlos (23 stamps)
- 2 1/2r gray King Carlos
- 5r org King Carlos
- 10r yelgrn King Carlos
- 15r viobrn King Carlos
- 15r graygrn King Carlos (1903)
- 20r grayvio King Carlos
- 25r seagrn King Carlos
- 25r car King Carlos (1903)
- 50r bl King Carlos
- 50r brn King Carlos (1903)
- 65r dlbl King Carlos (1903)
- 75r rose King Carlos
- 75r redvio King Carlos (1903)
- 80r vio King Carlos
- 100r dkbl King Carlos
- 115r redbrn King Carlos (1903)
- 130r brn King Carlos (1903)
- 150r brn King Carlos
- 200r redvio King Carlos
- 300r dkbl King Carlos
- 400r dlbl King Carlos (1903)
- 500r blk & red, bl King Carlos (1901)
- 700r vio, yel King Carlos (1901)

1902 1902a provisional issue ovpted
- 15r viobrn ovpt, King Carlos
- 25r seagrn ovpt, King Carlos
- 50r bl ovpt, King Carlos
- 75r rose ovpt, King Carlos

1902 1902b provisional issue ovpted
- 115r on 50r yelgrn Portuguese crown
- 400r on 10r yel Portuguese crown

1902 1902c provisional issue ovpted King Luís I (9 stamps)
X 65r on 25r redvio King Luís I
- 65r on 20r rose King Luís I
- 65r on 100r yelbrn King Luís I
- 115r on 10r grn King Luís I
- 115r on 300r yelorg King Luís I
- 130r on 5r blk King Luís I
- 130r on 200r grayvio King Luís I
- 400r on 50r bl King Luís I
- 400r on 40r choc King Luís I

1902 1902d provisional issue ovpted (13 stamps)
- 65r on 20r lav King Carlos
- 65r on 15r redbrn King Carlos
- 65r on 10r redlil King Carlos
- 65r on 5r yel King Carlos
- 115r on 150r car, rose King Carlos
- 115r on 200r dkbl, bl King Carlos
- 115r on 25r grn King Carlos
- 130r on 100r brn, yel King Carlos
- 130r on 300r dkbl, sal King Carlos
- 130r on 75r rose King Carlos
- 400r on 2 1/2r brn
- 400r on 50r ltbl King Carlos
- 400r on 80r yelgrn King Carlos

1905 ovpted
- 50r on 65r dlbl King Carlos

1911 1911 republica issue ovpted King Carlos (15 stamps)
X 2 1/2r gray ovpt, King Carlos
X 5r org ovpt, King Carlos
X 10r yelgrn ovpt, King Carlos
X 15r graygrn ovpt, King Carlos
X 20r grayvio ovpt, King Carlos
X 25r car ovpt, King Carlos
X 50r brn ovpt, King Carlos
X 75r redvio ovpt, King Carlos
X 100r dkbl ovpt, King Carlos
X 115r redbrn ovpt, King Carlos
X 130r brn ovpt, King Carlos
X 200r redvio ovpt, King Carlos
X 400r dlbl ovpt, King Carlos
X 500r blk & red, bl ovpt, King Carlos
X 700r vio, yel ovpt, King Carlos

1912 Manuel II issue ovpted (10 stamps)
- 2 1/2r ltvio ovpt, King Manuel II, w. unwmk
- 5r ovpt, King Manuel II, w. unwmk
- 10r on 10r-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
- 20r on 20r-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
- 25r on 25r-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
- 50r on 50r-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
- 75r on 75r-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
X 100r yelbrn on 100r-yelbrn-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
X 200r dkgrn on 200r-dkgrn-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II
X 300r blk on 300r-blk-Manuel II-unissued (0), Manuel II

1913 1913a issue ovpted on stamps of Macao unwmk p. 13.5 - 16 (8 stamps)
- 1/4c on 1/2a blgrn fleet departing
- 1/2c on 1a ver fleet arriving at Calicut
- 1c on 2a redvio embarking at Rastello
- 2 1/2c on 4a grn Muse of history watching fleet
- 5c on 8a dkbl flagship San Gabriel
- 7 1/2c on 12a viobrn Archangel Gabriel
- 10c on 16a redbrn return of the fleet
- 15c on 24a bis Vasco da Gama

1913 1913b issue ovpted on stamps of Portuguese Africa (no wmk info) (no perf info) (8 stamps)
- 1/4c on 2 1/2r blgrn fleet departing
- 1/2c on 5r red fleet arriving at Calicut
- 1c on 10r redvio embarking at Rastello
- 2 1/2c on 25r grn Muse of history watching fleet
X 5c on 50r dkbl flagship San Gabriel
- 7 1/2c on 75r viobrn Archangel Gabriel
- 10c on 100r yelbrn return of the fleet
- 15c on 150r bis Vasco da Gama

1913 1913c issue ovpted on stamps of Timor p. 12.5-16 (8 stamps)
- 1/4c on 1/2a blgrn fleet departing
- 1/2c on 1a fleet arriving at Calicut
- 1c on 2a embarking at Rastello
- 2 1/2c on 4a Muse of history watching fleet
- 5c on 8a flagship San Gabriel
- 7 1/2c on 12a Archangel Gabriel
X 10c on 16a bisbrn return of the fleet
- 15c on 24a Vasco da Gama

1914 Ceres issue Ceres unwmk (no perf info) (40 stamps)
X 1/4c olbrn Ceres
- 1/2c blk Ceres
- 1c blgrn Ceres
- 1c yelgrn Ceres (1922)
- 1 1/2c Ceres
- 2c car Ceres
X 2c gray Ceres (1926)
- 2 1/2c Ceres
- 3c Ceres
- 4c Ceres
- 4 1/2c Ceres
- 5c bl Ceres
- 5c brtbl Ceres (1922)
- 6c Ceres
- 7c Ceres
- 7 1/2c Ceres
- 8c Ceres
- 10c Ceres
- 12c Ceres
- 15c Ceres
- 15c brnrose Ceres (1922)
- 20c Ceres
- 24c Ceres
- 25c Ceres
- 30c brn, grn Ceres
- 30c graygrn Ceres (1922)
- 40c brn, pink Ceres
- 40c turqbl Ceres (1922)
- 50c org, sal Ceres
- 50c ltvio Ceres (1926)
- 60c dkbl Ceres (1922)
- 60c rose Ceres (1926)
- 80c rose Ceres (1922)
- 1e grn, bl Ceres
- 1e rose Ceres (1922)
- 1e bl Ceres (1926)
- 2e dkvio Ceres (1922)
- 5e buff Ceres (1926)
- 10e pink Ceres (1926)
- 20e turq Ceres (1926)

1919 1919a issue ovpted
- 2 1/2c on 15r viobrn King Carlos

1919 1919b issue ovpted
- 1/2c on 2 1/2r gray King Carlos
- 1c on 2 1/2r gray King Carlos
- 2 1/2c on 2 1/2r gray King Carlos

1919 1919c issue ovpted
- 1/2c on 1/4c olbrn Ceres
- 1c on 1/4c olbrn Ceres
- 2 1/2c on 1/4c olbrn Ceres
- 4c on 2 1/2c Ceres

1934 Ceres (13 stamps)
- 1c Ceres
X 5c Ceres
- 10c Ceres
- 15c Ceres
- 20c Ceres
- 30c Ceres
- 40c Ceres
- 45c Ceres
- 50c Ceres
- 60c Ceres
- 70c Ceres
X 80c emer Ceres
- 85c Ceres
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1 to 200 of 7805