Stamps of Great Britain, missing watermark

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1869 (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 2d dpbl Queen Victoria

1878 p. 15.5x15
- 10sh sl Queen Victoria

- 1lb brnlil Queen Victoria

1883, Jan 1 ovpted (no perf info)
- 3d vio ovpt, topheavy

1883, Jan 1 ovpted
- 6p vio ovpt, Queen Victoria, pl. 18

1984, Jan 17 College of Arms 500th issue - heraldry p. 14.5
X 16p multi Arms of the College of Arms
X 20 1/2p multi Arms of King Richard III founder
X 28p multi Arms of the Earl Marshal of England
X 31p multi Arms of the City of London

1984, Mar 6 National Cattle Breeders' Association issue - Cattle (1984) p. 14.75x14.25 (5 stamps)
X 16p multi Highland cow
X 20 1/2p multi Chillingham Wild Bull
X 26p multi Hereford bull
X 28p multi Welsh Black Bull
X 31p multi Irish Moiled Cow

1984, Apr 3 Royal Institute of British Architects 150th issue
X 16p multi dome in Liverpool
X 20 1/2p multi Milburngate Centre Durham
X 28p multi Bush House Bristol
X 31p multi Commercial Street Development Perth

1984, May 9 Europa 1984 issue
X 16p multi a.bridge
X 16p multi
X 20 1/2p multi
X 20 1/2p multi

1984, Jun 5 London Economic Summit issue (no perf info)
X 31p multi Lancaster House

1984, Jun 26 Greenwich Meridian 100th issue p. 14x14.75
X 16p multi meridian crossing view of Earth from space
X 20 1/2p multi Navigational Chart of English Channel
X 28p multi Greenwich Observatory
X 31p multi Sir Gregory Airys Transit Telescope

1984, Jul 31 Bath-Bristol-London mail coach 200th issue p. 14.75x14.25 (5 stamps)
X 16p multi Bath in 1784
X 16p multi Attack on Exeter Mail 1816
X 16p multi Norwich Mail in Thunderstorm 1827
X 16p multi Holyhead & Liverpool Mails leaving London 1828
X 16p multi Edinburgh Mail Snowbound 1831

1984, Sep 25 British Council 50th issue (no perf info)
X 17p multi Nigerian Child
X 22p multi Violinist & Acropolis Athens
X 31p multi Building Project Sri Lanka
X 34p multi British Council Library Middle East

1984, Nov 20 Christmas 1984 issue p. 14.75x14.25 (5 stamps)
X 13p multi Holy Family
X 17p multi Arrival in Bethlehem
X 22p multi shepherd & lamb
X 31p multi Virgin & Child
X 34p multi Offering of Frankincens

1985 1985 issue
X 7p brnred Queen Elizabeth II, p. 14.75x14.25
X 12p emer Queen Elizabeth II, p. 14.75x14.25
- 1.41lb graybl Queen Elizabeth II - Large Machin, p. 14x15

1985, Jan 22 Great Western Railway 150th issue p. 14.75x14.25 (5 stamps)
X 17p multi Flying Scotsman
X 22p multi Golden Arrow
X 29p multi Cheltenham Flyer
X 31p multi Royal Scot
X 34p multi Cornish Riviera

1985, Mar 12 insects (1985 Great Britain) p. 14.25x14.75 (5 stamps)
X 17p multi buff-tailed bumblebee
X 22p multi Seven Spotted Ladybird
X 29p multi Wart-Biter Bush-Cricket
X 31p multi stag beetle
X 34p multi Emperor Dragonfly

1985, May 14 Europa 1985 issue - British composers p. 14.25
X 17p multi Water Music
X 22p multi The Planets Suite
X 31p multi The First cuckoo
X 34p multi Sea Pictures, by Edward Elgar

1985, Jun 8 safety at sea p. 14
X 17p multi lifeboat
X 22p multi Beachy Head Lighthouse & Chart
X 31p multi Marecs A Communications Satellite
X 34p multi buoys & sailboat

1985, Jul 30 Royal Mail Service 350th issue p. 14.25x14.75
X 17p multi motorcyclist & plane
X 22p multi Rural Postbus
X 31p multi Parcel Delivery in Winter
X 34p multi Town Letter Delivery

1985, Sep 3 Caxton edition of Morte D'Arthur 500th issue - Arthurian legends p. 14.75x14.25
X 17p multi King Arthur & Merlin
X 22p multi The Lady of the Lake
X 31p multi Guinevere & Lancelot
X 34p multi Sir Galahad

1985, Oct 8 20th-century film stars & directors p. 14.25 (5 stamps)
X 17p multi Peter Sellers
X 22p multi David Niven
X 29p multi Charlie Chaplin
X 31p multi Vivien Leigh
X 34p multi Alfred Hitchcock

1985, Nov 19 Christmas 1985 issue - Christmas pantomime p. 14.75x14.25 (5 stamps)
X 12p multi principal boy
X 17p multi Genie
X 22p multi Dame
X 31p multi Good Fairy
X 34p multi Pantomime Cat

1986 1986 issue
- 5p brnvio Queen Elizabeth II, p. 14.75x14.25
- 1.50lb vio Queen Elizabeth II - Large Machin, p. 14x15
- 1.60£ grn Queen Elizabeth II - Large Machin (1987)

1986, Jan 14 Industry Year issue
X 17p multi light bulb & North Sea Oil Drilling Energy
X 22p multi Thermometer & Pharmaceutical Laboratory Health
X 31p multi Garden Hoe Steelworks Steel
X 34p multi Loaf of Bread & cornfield

1986, Feb 18 Halley's Comet issue p. 14.75x14
X 17p multi Dr Edmund Halley as comet
X 22p multi Giotto spacecraft approaching Comet
X 31p multi Maybe twice in a lifetime
X 34p multi comet orbiting Sun & Planets

1986, Apr 21 60th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II issue
X 17p multi Queen Elizabeth II in 1928 1942 & 1952
X 17p multi Queen Elizabeth II in 1958 1973 & 1982
X 34p multi Queen Elizabeth II in 1928 1942 & 1952
X 34p multi Queen Elizabeth II in 1958 1973 & 1982

1986, May 20 Europa 1986 issue - animals (1986 Great Britain) p. 14.25
X 17p multi Barn Owl
X 22p multi pine marten
X 31p multi Wild cat
X 34p multi natterjack toad

1986, Jun 17 Domesday Book 900th issue - medieval scenes p. 14.75x14
X 17p multi Peasants working in Fields
X 22p multi Freemen working at Town Trades
X 31p multi Knights & Retainers
X 34p multi lord at banquet

1986, Jul 15 Commonwealth Games 1986 issue (5 stamps)
X 17p multi Athletics
X 22p multi rowing
X 29p multi weightlifting
X 31p multi rifle shooting
X 34p multi field hockey

1986, Jul 22 Royal Wedding 1986 issue p. 14x14.75
X 12p multi Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson
X 17p multi Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

1986, Aug 19 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 1986 issue (no perf info)
X 34p multi

1986, Sep 16 Royal Air Force Commanders & Aircraft issue (5 stamps)
X 17p multi Lord Dowding & Hurricane
X 22p multi Lord Tedder & Typhoon
X 29p multi Lord Trenchard & DH 9A
X 31p multi Sir Arthur Harris & Lancaster
X 34p multi Lord Portal & de Havilland Mosquito

1986, Nov 18 Christmas 1986 issue p. 14.75x14 (6 stamps)
X 12p multi The Glastonbury Thorn
X 13p multi The Glastonbury Thorn
X 18p multi The Tanad Valley Plygain
X 22p multi The Hebrides Tribute
X 31p multi The Dewsbury Church Knell
X 34p multi The Hereford Boy Bishop

1987, Jan 20 flowers (1987 Great Britain) p. 14.75x14.25
X 18p multi Gaillardia
X 22p multi Echinops
X 31p multi Echeveria
X 34p multi Autumn Crocus

1987, Mar 24 Principia Mathematica publication 300th issue
X 18p multi apple & geometry diagram & Principia Mathematica title, p. 14.25x13.75
X 22p multi Sun & planets & Motion of Bodies in Ellipses
X 31p multi glass vessel with spectrum & Optick Treatise
X 34p multi satellite & globe & The System of the World

1987, May 12 CEPT 1987 issue - British architects in Europe p. 14.75x14.25
X 18p multi Willis Faber & Dumas Building, Ipswich
X 22p multi Pompidou Center, Paris
X 31p multi Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart
X 34p multi European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

1987, Jun 16 St. John Ambulance Brigade 100th issue p. 14x14.75
X 18p multi Brigade Members with Ashford Litter 1887
X 22p multi Bandaging Blitz Victim 1940
X 31p multi Volunteer with fainting Girl 1965
X 34p multi Transport of Transplant Organ 1987

1987, Jul 21 Order of the Thistle revival 300th issue - Scottish heraldry p. 14.5
X 18p multi Arms of the Lord Lyon King of Arms
X 22p multi arms of His Royal Highness The Duke of Rothesay
X 31p multi Arms of Royal Scottish Academy
X 34p multi arms of The Royal Society of Edinburgh

1987, Sep 8 150th Anniversary of Queen Victoria Accession issue p. 14.75x14.25
X 18p multi Crystal Palace Monarch of the Glen & Grace Darling
X 22p multi Great Eastern Beetons Book & Prince Albert
X 31p multi Albert Memorial ballot box & Disraeli
X 34p multi Diamond Jubilee Emblem Newspaper Placard & Morse key

1987, Oct 13 Pottery 1987 issue
X 18p multi Pot by Bernard Leach
X 26p multi Pot by Elizabeth Fritsch
X 31p multi Pot by Lucie Rie
X 34p multi Pot by Hans Coper

1987, Nov 17 Christmas 1987 issue (5 stamps)
X 13p multi Decorating the Christmas Tree
X 18p multi Waiting for Father Christmas
X 26p multi Sleeping child
X 31p multi child reading
- 34p multi Child playing Recorder

1988 1988 issue Queen Elizabeth II (14 stamps)
- 4p bl Queen Elizabeth II
- 13p Queen Elizabeth II
- 14p bl Queen Elizabeth II
- 18p Queen Elizabeth II
X 19p org Queen Elizabeth II
X 20p bl Queen Elizabeth II
- 22p olgrn Queen Elizabeth II
- 23p grn Queen Elizabeth II
X 27p brn Queen Elizabeth II
- 28p brn Queen Elizabeth II
X 32p bl Queen Elizabeth II
- 34p Queen Elizabeth II
- 35 blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 75p blk Queen Elizabeth II

1988, Jan 19 Bicentenary of Linnean Society issue
X 18p grn & yel Short-spined Seascorpion
X 26p yel Yellow Waterlily
X 31p brn & yel Whistling Swan
X 34p yel morel

1988, Mar 1 400th Anniversary of Welsh Bible issue (no perf info)
X 18p brn Revd William Morgan
X 26p brn William Salisbury
X 31p bl Bishop Richard Davies
X 34p blk Bishop Richard Parry

1988, Mar 22 Sports Organizations issue p. 14.25
X 18p vio gymnastics
X 26p bl downhill skiing
X 31p org & yel tennis
X 34p grn football

1988, May 10 Europa 1988 issue p. 14.75x14.25
X 18p multi CEPT- Transport by Train
X 26p bl & brn CEPT- Transport by Boat
X 31p brn & multi CEPT- Transport by Tram
X 34p bl & brn & pnk CEPT- Transport & communications

1988, Jun 21 Australia 200th issue p. 14.25
X 18p bl Early Settler & Sailing Clipper
X 18p bl Queen Elizabeth II & Parliament
X 34p bl Cricketer & tennis racket
X 34p bl Shakespear John Lennon & Opera House

1988, Jul 19 Victory over Armada 400th issue p. 14.75x14.25 (5 stamps)
- 18p bl & red Spanish galleass - Lizard
X 18p bl & red English Fleet
- 18p bl & red Engagement off Isle of Wight
- 18p bl & red Attack of English Fire-ships
- 18p bl & red Armada in Storm

1988, Sep 6 Edward Lear issue
X 19p multi The Owl & the Pussy-cat
X 27p multi Edward Lear as a Bird
X 32p multi cat
X 35p multi Limerick
- sheet of 4 types

1988, Oct 18 Castles issue
X 1lb grn Carrickfergus Castle
X 1.50lb brn Caernarfon Castle
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