Stamps of Great Britain, St Edwards crown mult watermark

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1958 1958 issue wmk. St Edwards crown mult (17 stamps)
X 1/2p redorg Queen Elizabeth II
X 1p ultra (1959)
X 1 1/2p grn
X 2p redbrn Queen Elizabeth II, p. 15x14
X 2 1/2p scar Queen Elizabeth II (1959)
X 3p dkpur Queen Elizabeth II, p. 15x14
X 4d ultra Queen Elizabeth II, p. 15x14
X 4 1/2p copbrn Queen Elizabeth II, p. 15x14 (1959)
X 5p ltbrn Queen Elizabeth II
X 6p lilrose Queen Elizabeth II (1959)
- 7p emer Queen Elizabeth II
X 8p brtrose (1960)
X 9p dpgrn Queen Elizabeth II (1959)
X 10p bl p. 15x14
X 1sh brn Queen Elizabeth II, p. 15x14
X 1sh3p dkgrn Queen Elizabeth II (1959)
X 1sh6p dkbl Queen Elizabeth II

1958 graphite issue v. graphite lines (8 stamps)
- 1/2p Queen Elizabeth II
- 1p
- 1 1/2p
X 2p Queen Elizabeth II
- 2 1/2p Queen Elizabeth II, p. 14.5x14
X 3p Queen Elizabeth II
- 4d Queen Elizabeth II
- 4 1/2p Queen Elizabeth II

1958, Jul 18 6th Commonwealth Games issue
X 3p pur Welsh Dragon .20 .20
X 6p redlil emblem on flag
X 1sh3p grn dragon holding laurel & Queen Elizabeth II, p. 15x14

1959 1959 high values issue (no perf info)
X 2sh6p Carrickfergus Castle & Queen Elizabeth II
X 5sh Caernarvon Castle & Queen Elizabeth II
X 10sh Edinburgh Castle & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1lb Windsor Castle & Queen Elizabeth II

1960, Jul 7 General Letter Office 300th issue
X 3p dplil postboy 1660
X 1sh3p dkgrn Queen Elizabeth II & posthorn 1660

1960, Sep 19 Europa 1960 issue
X 6p redlil & grn Europa wheel & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1sh6p Europa wheel & Queen Elizabeth II

1961, Aug 28 Post Office Savings Bank 100th issue
X 2 1/2p red & blk Queen Elizabeth II & thrift plant
X 3p pur & orgbrn .20 .20
X 1sh6p dkbl & ver thrift plant & Queen Elizabeth II

1961, Sep 18 CEPT 2nd issue
X 2p CEPT emblem & Queen Elizabeth II .20 .20
X 4d doves & QEII & CEPT emblem .20 .20
X 10p doves & CEPT emblem & QEII

1961, Sep 25 7th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference issue
X 6p redlil & gold roof of Westminster Hall .20 .20
X 1sh3p dkgrn Queen Elizabeth II & Parliament

1962, Nov 14 National Productivity Year issue
X 2 1/2p NPY symbol & Queen Elizabeth II
X 3p arrows&map
X 1sh3p five arrows & Queen Elizabeth II

1962, Nov 14 National Productivity Year phosphor issue
X 2 1/2p NPY symbol & Queen Elizabeth II
X 3p arrows&map
- 1sh3p five arrows & Queen Elizabeth II

1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue
X 2 1/2p pink & lake Campaign Emblem & Family
X 1sh3p yel & bisbrn Children of Three Races & Queen Elizabeth II

1963, May 7 Paris Postal Conference 100th issue
X 6p redlil & grn

1963, May 16 National Nature Week issue
X 3p flowers
X 4 1/2p wildlife

1963, May 31 9th International Life-boat Conference issue
X 2 1/2p rescue at sea
X 4d 19th-century Lifeboats
X 1sh6p Lifeboatmen & Queen Elizabeth II

1963, Aug 15 Red Cross 100th issue
X 3p dplil & red
X 1sh3p
X 1sh6p

1963, Dec 3 COMPAC issue
X 1sh6p bl & blk

1964, Apr 23 Shakespeare Festival issue (5 stamps)
X 3p Puck & Bottom in A Midsummer Nights Dream
X 6p Feste in Twelfth Night
X 1sh3p Balcony Scene in Romeo & Juliet
X 1sh6p Eve of Agincourt Henry V
X 2sh6p Hamlet contemplating Yoricks Skull & Queen Elizabeth II

1964, Jul 1 20th International Geographical Congress issue
X 2 1/2p Urban Development
X 4d Shipbuilding Yards Belfast
X 8p Beddgelert Forest Park Snowdonia
X 1sh6p Nuclear Reactor Dounreay

1964, Aug 5 Botanical Congress issue
X 3p pur & multi Spring Gentian
X 6p grn & multi dog rose
X 9p ver & multi Honeysuckle
X 1sh3p grnblk & multi Fringed Water Lily

1964, Sep 4 Forth Road Bridge opening issue
X 3p Forth Road Bridge phosphor
X 6p Forth Road & Railway Bridge

1965, Jul 8 Churchill memorial issue
X 4d multi Winston Churchill 4d .20 .20
X 1sh3p multi Winston Churchill

1965, Jul 19 Parliament 700th issue
X 6p multi Simon de Montforts Seal
X 2sh6p multi Parliament Buildings & Queen Elizabeth II

1965, Aug 9 Salvation Army 100th issue
X 3p multi band&flag
X 1sh6p multi Three Salvationists

1965, Sep 1 antiseptic surgery 100th issue
X 4d multi Listers Carbolic Spray
X 1sh multi Lister & Chemical Symbols

1965, Sep 1 Commonwealth Arts Festival issue
X 6p multi Trinidad Carnival Dancers
X 1sh6p multi Canadian Folk-dancers

1965, Sep 13 Battle of Britain 25th issue (8 stamps)
X 4d multi Flight of Supermarine Spitfires
X 4d multi Pilot in Hawker Hurricane Mk I
X 4d multi Wingtips of Spitfire & Messerschmitt
X 4d multi Spitfire attacking Heinkel bomber
X 4d multi Spitfire attacking Junkers Stuka Dive-bomber
X 4d multi Hawker over Wreck of Dornier Bomber
X 9p multi Anti-aircraft Artillery in Action
X 1sh3p multi Air-battle over St Pauls Cathedral

1965, Oct 8 Post Office Tower opening issue
X 3p multi tower & Georgian Building
X 1sh3p multi Tower & Nash Terrace Regents Park

1965, Oct 25 UN 20th & ICY issue
X 3p multi UN emblem
X 1sh6p multi ICY emblem

1965, Nov 15 ITU 100th issue
X 9p multi world telecommunications stations
X 1sh6p multi radio waves & Switchboard

1966, Jan 25 Robert Burns issue
X 4d multi Skirving Chalk Drawing
X 1sh3p multi Nasmyth Portrait

1966, Feb 28 Westminster Abbey 900th issue
X 3p multi Westminster Abbey
X 2sh6p multi fan vaulting & Queen Elizabeth II

1966, May 2 views (1966)
X 4d multi Hassocks Sussex
X 6p multi Antrim Northern Ireland
X 1sh3p multi Harlech Castle Wales
X 1sh6p multi Cairngorm Mountains Scotland

1966, Jun 1 World Cup 1966 issue
X 4d multi Players with Ball
- 6p multi Goalmouth Mêlée
X 1sh3p multi Goalkeeper saving Goal

1966, Aug 8 birds (1966 Great Britain)
X 4d multi Black-headed Gull
X 4d multi blue tit
X 4d multi European Robin
X 4d multi European blackbird

1966, Aug 18
X 4d multi ENGLAND WINNERS .20 .20

1966, Sep 19 British technology
X 4d multi radio telescope
X 6p multi British Motor-cars
X 1sh3p multi SR N6 Hovercraft
X 1sh6p multi Windscale Reactor

1966, Oct 14 Battle of Hastings 900th issue (8 stamps)
X 4d multi Battle Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry I
X 4d multi Battle Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry II
X 4d multi Battle Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry III
X 4d multi Battle Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry IV
X 4d multi Battle Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry V
X 4d multi Battle Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry VI
X 6p multi Norman Ship
X 1sh3p multi Norman Horsemen attacking Harolds Troops

1966, Dec 1 Christmas 1966 issue
X 3p multi king of the Orient
X 1sh6p multi snowman

1967 1967b castle issue
- 2sh6p dkbrn Carrickfergus Castle & Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 5sh car Caernarvon Castle & Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 10sh ultra Edinburgh Castle & Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 1lb blk Windsor Castle & Queen Elizabeth II

1967, Feb 20 EFTA issue
X 9p loading ship
X 1sh6p loading plane

1967, Apr 24 flowers (1967 Great Britain) (6 stamps)
X 4d hawthorn & Bramble
X 4d Ox-eye Daisy Coltsfoot & Buttercup phosphor
X 4d Bluebell Red Campion & Wood Anemone
X 4d multi Calystegia sepium Echium vulgare
X 9p Dog Violet
X 1sh9p primrose Primula vulgaris

1967, Jun 5 1967a Machin issue (20 stamps)
X 1/2p brnorg Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 1p ol Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 2p mar Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 3p dkvio Queen Elizabeth II
X 4d brnblk Queen Elizabeth II
X 4d red Queen Elizabeth II (1969) .20 .20
X 5p dkbl Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 6p mag Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 7p brtgrn Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 8p scar Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 8p grnbl Queen Elizabeth II (1969)
X 9p dpgrn Queen Elizabeth II
- 10p gray Queen Elizabeth II (1968)
X 1sh ltvio Queen Elizabeth II
X 1sh6p ind & grnbl Queen Elizabeth II
X 1sh9p blk & org Queen Elizabeth II
- 2sh6p brn Queen Elizabeth II (1969)
X 5sh car Queen Elizabeth II (1969)
- 10sh ultra Queen Elizabeth II (1969)
X 1lb blblk Queen Elizabeth II (1969)

1967, Jul 10 paintings (1967 Great Britain)
X 4d Master Lambton .20 .20
X 9p Mares & Foals in a Landscape .20 .20
X 1sh6p Children Coming Out of School

1967, Jul 24
- 1sh9p Gypsy Moth IV

1967, Sep 19 British discoveries
X 4d Radar screen .20 .20
X 1sh Penicillium notatum .20 .20
X 1sh6p Vickers VC-10 Jet Engines
X 1sh9p television Equipment

1967, Oct 18 Christmas 1967 issue
X 3p The Adoration of the Shepherds .20 .20
X 4d Madonna & child .20 .20
X 1sh6p The Adoration of the Shepherds

1968, Apr 29 old bridges
X 4d Tarr Steps .20 .20
X 9p Aberfeldy Bridge .20 .20
X 1sh6p Menai Bridge
X 1sh9p M4 viaduct

1968, May 29
X 9p womens suffrage 50th .20 .20

1968, May 29 Captain Cook 1st voyage 200th issue
X 1sh9p Captain Cooks Endeavour ships

1968, May 29 RAF 50th issue
X 1sh biplane & jets .20 .20

1968, May 29 TUC 100th issue
X 4d .20 .20

1968, Aug 12 paintings (1968 Great Britain)
X 4d Queen Elizabeth I .20 .20
X 1sh Pinkie .20 .20
X 1sh6p Ruins of St Mary Le Port
X 1sh9p The Hay Wain

1968, Nov 25 Christmas 1968 issue
X 4d boy&girl&rocking horse .20 .20
X 9p girl playing with dolls .20 .20
X 1sh6p boy playing with train set

postage due

1959, Mar 24 1959 due issue numeral (11 stamps)
- 1/2p org numeral (1961) .20
- 1p bl numeral (1960) .20
- 1 1/2p grn numeral (1960)
- 2p brnblk numeral
- 3p vio numeral
- 4p ltbl numeral
- 5p yelbrn numeral (1961)
- 6p pur numeral (1962)
- 1sh ltbrn numeral (1960)
- 2sh6p dkbrn, paleyel numeral (1961)
- 5sh red, paleyel numeral (1961)
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