Stamps of Great Britain, unwmk watermark

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1847, Sep 11 unwmk imperf
X 1sh grn Queen Victoria 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000

1848, Nov 6
- 10p redbrn Queen Victoria 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000

1969, Jan 15 British ships (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 5p multi RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 ships
X 9p multi Elizabethan galleon
X 9p multi East Indiaman
X 9p multi Cutty Sark
X 1sh multi SS Great Britain
X 1sh multi RMS Mauretania

1969, Mar 3 Concorde
X 4d multi Concorde in flight
X 9p multi Plan & Elevation Views
X 1sh6p multi Nose & Tail

1969, Apr 2 anniversaries (1969) (5 stamps)
X 5p multi Daily Mail page & Vickers Vimy
X 9p multi
X 1sh multi
X 1sh6p multi Flags & NATO countries
X 1sh9p multi Vickers Vimy & globe

1969, May 28 British architecture (1969) (6 stamps)
X 5p multi Durham Cathedral
X 5p multi York Minster
X 5p multi St Giles Edinburgh
X 5p multi Canterbury Cathedral
X 9p multi St Paul's Cathedral
X 9p multi Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

1969, Jul 1 Prince Charles investiture issue (5 stamps)
X 5p multi Eagle Tower
X 5p multi Kings Gate
X 5p multi Queen Eleanors Gate
X 9p multi Celtic cross
X 1sh multi Prince Charles

1969, Aug 13 Gandhi 100th issue
X 1sh6p multi Mahatma Gandhi

1969, Oct 1 post office technology
X 5p multi National Giro G Symbol
X 9p multi
X 1sh multi diagram of pulse code modulation
X 1sh6p multi automatic sorting

1969, Nov 26 Christmas 1969 issue
X 4d multi herald angel
X 5p multi three shepherds
X 1sh6p multi three kings

1970, Feb 11 British rural architecture
X 5p multi Fife harling
X 9p multi Cotswold Limestone
X 1sh multi Welsh Stucco
X 1sh6p multi Ulster Thatch

1970, Apr 1 Mayflower sailing 350th issue - anniversaries (1970)
X 1sh6p multi Pilgrims & Mayflower ships

1970, Apr 1 Declaration of Arbroath 650th issue - anniversaries (1970)
X 5p multi Signing the Declaration of Arbroath

1970, Apr 1 Florence Nightingale 150th issue - anniversaries (1970)
X 9p multi Florence Nightingale attending patients

1970, Apr 1 Royal Astronomical Society 150th issue - anniversaries (1970)
X 1sh9p multi astronomers & telesope

1970, Apr 1 International Cooperative Alliance 75th issue - anniversaries (1970)
X 1sh multi Signing of International Co-operative Alliance

1970, Jun 3 Dickens death 100th issue
X 5p multi Mr Pickwick & Sam Weller - Pickwick Papers
X 5p multi Micawber
X 5p multi David Copperfield & Betsy Trotwood - David Copperfield
X 5p multi Oliver asking for more - Oliver Twist

1970, Jun 3 Wordsworth 200th issue
X 1sh6p multi Grasmere from engraving by J Farrington RA

1970, Jun 17 1970 issue
X 10p cer Queen Elizabeth II - Large Machin
X 20p grayol Queen Elizabeth II - Large Machin
X 50p dpultra Queen Elizabeth II - Large Machin
X 1lb grayblk Queen Elizabeth II, p. 12 (1972)

1970, Jul 15 9th Commonwealth Games issue (no perf info)
X 5p multi runners
X 1sh6p multi swimmers
X 1sh9p multi cyclists

1970, Sep 18 Philympia 1970 issue
X 5p multi Penny Black 1970
X 9p multi 1s Green 1847
X 1sh6p multi 4d Carmine 1855

1970, Nov 25 Christmas 1970 issue
X 4d multi angel appearing to shepherds
X 5p multi Mary Josef & Christ in the Manger
X 1sh6p multi The Wise Men bearing gifts

1971, Feb 15 1971 issue (22 stamps)
X 1/2p turqbl Queen Elizabeth II
X 1p dpmag Queen Elizabeth II
X 1 1/2p grayblk Queen Elizabeth II
X 2p grn Queen Elizabeth II
X 2 1/2p mag Queen Elizabeth II
X 3p ultra Queen Elizabeth II
X 3 1/2p olgray Queen Elizabeth II
X 4p Queen Elizabeth II
X 4 1/2p graybl Queen Elizabeth II (1973)
X 5p Queen Elizabeth II
X 5 1/2p
X 6p Queen Elizabeth II
X 6 1/2p Queen Elizabeth II (1974)
X 7p
X 7 1/2p Queen Elizabeth II
X 8p
X 8 1/2p
X 9p Queen Elizabeth II
- 10p car
X 10p orgbrn
X 20p
X 50p dkoch (1977)

1971, Jun 16 Ulster '71 issue
X 3p multi A Mountain Road TPFlanagan
X 7 1/2p multi Deers Meadow Tom Carr
X 9p multi Slieve na brock Colin Middleton

1971, Jul 28 John Keats death 150th issue
X 3p dkbl & multi John Keats

1971, Jul 28 Thomas Gray Death Bicentenary issue
X 5p Thomas Gray

1971, Jul 28 Sir Walter Scott Birth Bicentenary issue
X 7 1/2p Sir Walter Scott

1971, Aug 25 British Legion 50th issue
X 3p Servicemen & Nurse of 1921

1971, Aug 25 Rugby Football Union 100th issue
X 9p Rugby Football 1871

1971, Aug 25 York 1900th issue
X 7 1/2p Roman Centurion

1971, Sep 22 British architecture (1971)
X 3p Physical Sciences Building University College of Wales
X 5p University of Southampton
X 7 1/2p Engineering Department Leicester University
X 9p Hexagon Restaurant Essex University

1971, Oct 13 Christmas 1971 issue
X 2 1/2p red & multi Dream of the Wise Men
X 3p bl & multi Adoration of the Magi
X 7 1/2p grn & multi Ride of the Magi

1972, Feb 16 British polar explorers
X 3p multi James Clark Ross, p. 14.25x14.75
X 5p multi Martin Frobisher, p. 14.25x14.75
X 7 1/2p multi Henry Hudson, p. 14.25x14.75
X 9p multi Robert Falcon Scott

1972, Apr 26 British Coast Guard 150th issue p. 14.75x14.25
X 7 1/2p multi 19th-century Coastguard

1972, Apr 26 Ralph Vaughan Williams 100th issue
X 9p multi Ralph Vaughan Williams & Score

1972, Apr 26 Tutankhamen tomb discovery 50th issue
X 3p multi Statuette of Tutankhamun

1972, Jun 21 old village churches (5 stamps)
X 3p multi St Andrews Greensted-Juxta-Ongar Essex, p. 14.25x14.75
X 4p multi All Saints Earls Barton Northants
X 5p multi St Andrews Letheringsett Norfolk, p. 14.25x14.75
X 7 1/2p multi St Andrews Helpringham Lincs, p. 14.25x14.75
X 9p multi St Mary the Virgin Huish Episcopi Somerset, p. 14.25x14.75

1972, Sep 13 BBC 50th issue p. 14.75x14.25
X 3p multi microphones
X 5p multi Horn Loudspeaker
X 7 1/2p multi TV Camera 1972
X 9p multi Oscillator & Spark Transmitter 1897

1972, Oct 18 Christmas 1972 issue p. 14.25x14.75
X 2 1/2p angel with trumpet
X 3p angel playing lute
X 7 1/2p angel playing harp

1972, Nov 20 royal wedding 25th issue
X 3p
X 20p p. 14.25x14.75

1973, Jan 3 British entry into European Community issue (no perf info)
X 3p multi
X 5p bl & multi
X 5p grn & multi

1973, Feb 28
X 9p multi oak tree

1973, Apr 8 British explorers (5 stamps)
X 3p multi David Livingstone
X 3p multi Henry Morton Stanley
X 5p multi Francis Drake
X 7 1/2p multi Walter Raleigh
X 9p multi Charles Sturt

1973, May 16 Country Cricket 100th issue
X 3p multi Grace at bat
X 7 1/2p multi Sketch of WG Grace made by Harry Funiss 7½p
X 9p multi Sketch of WG Grace made by Harry Funiss 9p

1973, Jul 4 paintings (1973 Great Britain)
X 3p multi Self-portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds
X 5p multi Self-portrait by Sir Henry Raeburn
X 7 1/2p multi Nelly O'Brien by Sir Joshua Reynolds
X 9p multi Rev R Walker The Skater by Sir Henry Raeburn

1973, Aug 15 Inigo Jones 400th issue
X 3p multi Court Masque Costumes
X 3p multi St Pauls Church Convent Garden
X 5p multi Prince's Lodging Newmarket
X 5p multi court masque stage scene

1973, Sep 12 CPAC opening issue
X 8p multi Palace of Westminster seen from Whitehall
X 10p multi Palace of Westminster seen from Millbank

1973, Nov 14 Princess Anne's Wedding issue
X 3 1/2p vio & sil Mark Phillips & Princess Anne
X 20p dkbrn & sil Mark Phillips & Princess Anne

1973, Nov 28 Christmas 1973 issue - Good King Wenceslas (6 stamps)
X 3p multi
X 3p multi
X 3p multi
X 3p multi
X 3p multi
X 3 1/2p multi

1974, Feb 27
X 10p horse chestnut

1974, Apr 24 Fire Prevention Act 200th issue - Fire engines (1974)
X 3 1/2p multi first motorized, 1904
X 5 1/2p multi Prizewinning fire engine 1863
X 8p multi First steam fire engine 1830
X 10p multi fire engine 1766

1974, Jun 12 UPU 100th issue - mail transport&postmarks
X 3 1/2p multi packet "Peninsular", 1888
X 5 1/2p multi Farman HF III Biplane 1911
X 8p multi Airmail blue van and postbox 1930
X 10p multi Imperial Airways flyingboat 1937

1974, Jul 10 Great Britons on chargers
X 4 1/2p multi Robert the Bruce
X 5 1/2p multi Owain Glyndwr
X 8p multi Henry the Fifth
X 10p multi The Black Prince

1974, Oct 9 Churchill 100th issue
X 3 1/2p bl as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
X 5 1/2p Prime Minister 1940
X 8p Secretary for War & Air
X 10p War Correspondent South Africa 1899

1974, Nov 27 Christmas 1974 issue - roof bosses
X 3 1/2p multi Adoration of the Kings, 1355
X 4 1/2p multi Nativity, 1480
X 8p multi roof boss Virgin & Child, 1350
X 10p multi Virgin&Child, 1224

1975, Feb 19 Turner 200th issue - Turner paintings
X 4 1/2p multi Peace-Burial at Sea
X 5 1/2p multi Snowstorm - Steamer off a Harbours Mouth
X 8p multi The Arsenal, Venice
X 10p multi St Laurent

1975, Apr 23 European Architectural Heritage Year issue (5 stamps)
X 7p multi Charlotte Square Edinburgh
X 7p multi The Rows Chester
X 8p multi The Royal Observatory Greenwich
X 10p multi St George's Chapel Windsor
X 12p multi The National Theatre London

1975, Jun 11 yacht club 200th issue
X 7p multi dinghies ships
X 8p multi Racing Keel Yachts
X 10p multi Cruising Yachts
X 12p multi Multihulls

1975, Aug 13 public railroad 150th issue
X 7p multi Stephenson's Locomotion
X 8p multi North British Railway Drummond
X 10p multi Great Western Railway Castle Class
X 12p multi 1975 British Rail Inter-City Service HST

1975, Sep 3 62nd Inter-Parliamentary Conference issue
X 12p multi Palace of Westminster from above

1975, Oct 22 Jane Austen 200th issue
X 8 1/2p multi Emma & Mr Woodhouse
X 10p multi Catherine Morland
X 11p multi Mr Darcy
X 13p multi Mary and Henry Crawford

1975, Nov 26 Christmas 1975 issue - angels (1975)
X 6 1/2p multi angels with harp & lute
X 8 1/2p multi angel with mandolin
X 11p multi angel with horn
X 13p multi angel with trumpet

1975, Dec 1976 Machin issue
X 9p viobl Queen Elizabeth II
X 9 1/2p brtlil Queen Elizabeth II
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