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Stamps of Sweden, 1965

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1961 1961 booklet issue unwmk p. *s3
X 15o grn

1964 1964 issue p. *v
X 20o slbl & orgyel
X 2.30k choc
X 2.85k org

1965, Apr 5
X 30o dkcar Visby wall, p. *h
X 30o dkcar Visby wall, p. *s3
X 2kr brtultra Visby wall, p. *s3

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 60o lil Antenna & ITU emblem, p. *h
X 60o lil Antenna & ITU emblem, p. *s3
X 1.40kr blblk Antenna & ITU emblem, p. *s3

1965, Jul 5 Prince Eugen 100th issue
X 40o blk p. *h
X 40o blk p. *s3
X 1kr brn p. *h

1965, Oct 25 Fredrika Bremer death 100th issue
X 25o vio p. *s3
X 25o vio p. *v
X 3kr graygrn p. *v

1965, Dec 10 Nobel Laureates in 1905 issue
X 30o ultra p. *s3
X 30o ultra p. *v
X 40o dkred p. *s3
X 40o dkred p. *v

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