Stamps of Tonga, Jun 1897

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1897, Jun 1897 issue wmk. turtles (no perf info) (14 stamps)
X 1/2p ind arms
X 1p scar & blk ovava tree
X 2p bis & blk King George Tupou II
X 2 1/2p bl & blk King George Tupou II
X 3p olgrn & blk trilithon
X 4p dlvio & grn breadfruit
X 5p King George Tupou II
X 6p coral Formations
X 7 1/2p King George Tupou II
- 10p King George Tupou II
X 1sh King George Tupou II
X 2sh View of Haabai
- 2sh6p dkvio Maroon Shining-parrot Prosopeia tabuensis
- 5sh red & blk Vavau

1 to 14 of 14