Stamps of Togo, 14 perf

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1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue unwmk p. 14
X 50c multi hands reaching towards FAO emblem
X 1fr multi hands reaching towards FAO emblem
X 25fr multi hands reaching towards FAO emblem
X 30fr multi hands reaching towards FAO emblem

1963, Jun 1
X 25fr multi Red Cross 100th
X 30fr multi Red Cross 100th

1964 1964 issue - flora & fauna (1964) (12 stamps)
X 50c multi Odontoglossum Grande
X 1fr multi hibiscus
X 2fr multi Papilio dardanus
X 5fr multi Kinixys erosa
X 8fr multi Python regius
X 10fr multi Bunaea alcinoe
X 20fr multi Octopus vulgaris
X 25fr multi Zeus faber
X 30fr multi Pomacanthus arcuatus
X 40fr multi Choeropsis liberiensis
X 60fr Redunca redunca
X 85fr Papio doguera

1964, Mar 8 save Nubian monuments issue
X 20fr multi Isis of Kalabsha
X 25fr Head of Ramses II
X 30fr multi Colonnade of Birth House at Philae
- Togo empty sheet (#41474)

1964, Apr 27 independence 4th issue
X 5fr yelbrn Phosphat complex of Kpeme
X 25fr dkpur & brnrose Phosphat complex of Kpeme
X 60fr olgrn & brnol Phosphat complex of Kpeme
X 85fr blvio & graybl Loading ship with phosphate

1964, Aug 18 national reconciliation issue (5 stamps)
X 1fr President Nicolas Grunitzky
X 5fr President Nicolas Grunitzky
X 25fr bl & blvio President Nicolas Grunitzky and Hibiscus…
X 45fr multi butterfly & President Nicolas Grunitzky
X 85fr President Nicolas Grunitzky and Hibiscus…

1964, Dec 12 International Quiet Sun Year issue (6 stamps)
X 10fr multi Oggo Mariner
X 15fr multi TIROS & Telstar & orbiting solar Observatory
X 20fr multi Nimbus Syncom Relay
X 25fr multi TIROS & Telstar & orbiting solar Observatory
X 45fr multi Oggo Mariner
X 50fr multi Nimbus Syncom Relay
- Togo empty sheet (#41477)

1965 1965 issue (5 stamps)
X 3fr multi Morpho aega
X 4fr multi Pandinus imperator
X 6fr multi Strelitzia reginae
X 15fr multi Chamaeleo dilepis
X 45fr Nandinia binotata

1965, Aug 28 New York World's Fair 1964 issue (5 stamps)
X 5fr Unisphere & New York skyline
X 10fr musicians
X 25fr Unisphere & New York skyline
X 50fr La Pieta
X 85fr red & brn Unisphere & New York skyline
- Togo empty sheet (#41481)

1965, Sep 25 ICY issue (5 stamps)
X 5fr multi Masonry
X 15fr multi Masonry
X 25fr multi Hands & Globe
X 40fr multi Hands & Globe
X 85fr multi

1967, Jan 14 fish & boats (5 stamps)
X 5fr multi Tilapia melanopleura
X 10fr multi Gnathodon speciosus
X 15fr multi Distichodus sexfasciatus
X 25fr multi Hemichromis bimaculatus
X 30fr multi Tilapia melanopleura

1967, May 30 EXPO 67 issue
X 5fr
X 10fr multi
X 30fr multi

1967, Sep 29 National Day 1967 issue ovpted
X 5fr ovpt
X 10fr multi ovpt
X 30fr multi ovpt

1968, Jan industry & paintings (6 stamps)
X 10fr multi The Gleaners by Francois Millet & Phosperous Works Benin
X 20fr multi The Weaver at the Loom by Vincent Van Gogh & Textile Plant
X 30fr multi The Gleaners by Francois Millet & Phosperous Works Benin
X 45fr multi The Weaver at the Loom by Vincent Van Gogh & Textile Plant
X 60fr multi The Gleaners by Francois Millet & Phosperous Works Benin
X 90fr multi The Weaver at the Loom by Vincent Van Gogh & Textile Plant

1968, Mar 26 local beer industry
- 20fr Beer Preparation
- 30fr multi Manet Les buveurs de bičre
- 45fr multi Bottling line

1968, Apr 6
- 30fr multi Hydrological Decade

1968, May 25 Adenauer memorial issue
X 90fr multi Konrad Adenauer

1968, Jun 22 WHO 20th issue
X 15fr red & multi Michelangelo - detail from Sistine Chapel ceiling
X 20fr ultra & multi Rembrandt - The anatomy lesson of Dr Tulp
X 30fr grn & multi Rembrandt - The anatomy lesson of Dr Jan Deyman
X 45fr brn & multi The Healing of the Lame Man - Raphael

1968, Oct 5 National Lottery 2nd issue
- 30f chick holding ticket
X 45fr multi

1968, Nov 23 Boy Scouts 1968 issue (5 stamps)
X 5fr multi Scout Before Tent
X 10fr multi scouts
X 20fr multi First Aid Practice
X 30fr multi Scout Game
X 45fr multi Scout Leader Training Cub Scouts

1968, Dec 28 Christmas 1968 issue
X 15fr multi Adoration of the Shepherds by Giorgione
X 20fr multi Adoration of the Magi by Brueghel
X 30fr multi Adoration of the Magi by Botticelli
X 45fr multi Adoration of the Magi by Durer

1969, Jul 21 moon landing issue
X 1fr multi Lunar Module descending
X 20fr multi
X 30fr multi Lunar Module landing
X 45fr multi
- Togo empty sheet (#41501)

1969, Aug 16 paintings (1969 Togo) (5 stamps)
X 5fr multi The Last Supper
X 10fr multi Christ at Emmaus
X 20fr multi Pentecost
X 30fr multi The Annunciation
X 45fr multi Christ at Emmaus

1969, Sep 27 League of Red Cross Societies 50th issue
X 15fr multi Henri Dunant
X 20fr multi Louis Pasteur
X 30fr multi Alexander Fleming
X 45fr multi Wilhelm Röntgen

1969, Oct 18 1969 issue (16 stamps)
X 1fr multi Hoeing corn
X 2fr multi corn harvest
X 3fr multi JPO creation
X 4fr multi Glidji farm school
X 5fr multi Games human pyramid
X 7fr multi Clearing works
X 8fr multi Scolar garden
X 10fr multi Cooperative village
X 15fr multi gardening
X 20fr multi cows
X 25fr multi Scolar coop
X 30fr multi
X 40fr multi
X 45fr multi tractor
X 50fr multi Cooperative village
X 60fr multi agricultural training

1969, Nov 27 AIDBA 12th issue
- 30fr multi

1969, Dec Christmas 1969 issue ovpted
X 1fr multi ovpt, Lunar Module descending
X 20fr multi ovpt
X 45fr multi ovpt
- Togo empty sheet (#41504)

1971, Jun 6 International Cacao Day issue
X 30fr multi cacao
X 40fr multi picking
X 50fr multi drying

1971, Jun 6 ASECNA 10th issue
- 30fr multi

1971, Jul 17 tourism (1971 Togo)
X 20fr multi Lomé
X 30fr multi Sculpture flower
X 40fr multi Aledjo

1971, Oct 30 Winter Olympics 1972 issue (5 stamps)
X 1fr multi speed skating
X 10fr multi Slalom Skiing
X 20fr multi Figure skating pairs
X 30fr multi bobsledding
X 50fr multi Ice Hockey

1972, Feb 26 save Venice issue
X 30fr multi St. Mark's
X 40fr multi Rialto Bridge

1972, Mar ovptedtourism (1971 Togo)
X 300fr on 40fr multi Aledjo

1972, Mar 31 Easter 1972 issue
X 25fr multi Jesus
X 30fr multi La mise au tombeau Botticelli
X 40fr multi Jesus

1972, Apr 4 World Health Day 1972 issue
- 30fr multi heart & blacksmith
X 40fr multi heart&typist
- 60fr multi

1972, Jun 24 World Telecommunications Day issue
- 40fr multi

1972, Jun 30 cassava
- 25fr
- 40fr multi

1972, Aug 26 Olympics 1972 issue
X 30fr multi basketball
X 40fr multi
X 50fr multi

1972, Sep 9 birds (1972 Togo)
X 25fr multi whydah
X 30fr multi Steganura paradisaea
X 40fr multi Coliuspasser macrocercus
X 60fr multi Diatropura progne

1972, Oct 7 Rotary 1972 issue
X 40fr multi Paul Harris
X 50fr multi flags

1972, Oct 21 paintings (1972 Togo)
X 25fr multi Mona Lisa
X 40fr multi

1972, Nov 23 Pompidou visit to Togo issue
X 40fr multi

1972, Dec 23 Christmas 1972 issue
X 25fr multi Annunciation
X 30fr multi
X 40fr multi

1973, Jan 1 Apollo 17 issue
X 30fr multi astronauts
X 40fr multi lunar rover

1973, Apr 21 Easter 1973 issue
- 25fr multi Christ on the Cross
X 30fr multi
X 40fr multi

1973, Jun 30 24th Boy Scout World Conference issue
X 10fr multi pitching a tent
X 20fr multi
X 30fr multi Scout climbing a rope
X 40fr multi

1973, Aug 18 literacy campaign issue
- 30fr multi
- 40fr multi

1973, Nov 22 Kennedy memorial 10th issue
X 20fr multi John F Kennedy & Adolf Schaerf
X 30fr multi John F Kennedy & Harold MacMillan
X 40fr multi John F Kennedy & Konrad Adenauer

1973, Dec 22 Christmas 1973 issue
X 25fr multi Virgin & Child
X 30fr multi

1974, Feb 21 ovpted
- 40fr multi ovpt, Paul Harris

1974, Mar 25 World Food Program 10th issue ovpted - cassava
- 40fr multi ovpt
- 100fr on 25fr

1974, Apr 6 Picasso memorial issue
X 20fr multi girl Before Mirror
X 30fr multi Turque au châle
X 40fr multi Mandoline et guitare

1974, Apr 20 scenic (1974)
- 30fr multi Kperne
- 40fr multi Tropicana

1974, May 10 UPU 100th issue
- 30fr multi Postman
- 40fr multi Postman

1974, Jun 22 Lagoon Fishing
X 30fr multi
X 40fr multi fisherman casting net from canoe

1974, Jul ovpted
- 40fr multi ovpt

1974, Jul 6 Pioneer probe
X 30fr multi
X 40fr multi

1974, Jul 13 seashells (1974 Togo)
- 10fr multi Tympanotomus radula
- 20fr multi Tonna galea
- 30fr multi Conus mercator
- 40fr multi Cardium costatum

1974, Aug 3 horse racing (1974)
- 30fr multi Groom with Horses
- 40fr multi Trotting horses

1974, Oct 14 domestic animals (1974)
X 30fr cattle
X 40fr

1975, Feb 15 flowers (1975 Togo)
X 25fr multi Strelitzia
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