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Stamps of British Honduras, 1966

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1966, Jan 24 Churchill Memorial issue wmk. St Edwards crown & CA (no perf info)
X 1c multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 4c multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 22c multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 25c multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II

1966, Jul 1 new capital 1966 issue ovpted - birds (1962 British Honduras) (5 stamps)
X 1c multi ovpt, great curassow
X 3c multi ovpt, American Jacana
X 4c multi ovpt, Great Kiskadee
X 10c ovpt, Scarlet Macaw
X 25c multi ovpt, Red-footed Booby Sula sula

1966, Oct 1 stamp 100th issue
X 5c multi citrus grove
X 10c multi Half Moon CayLighthouse
X 22c multi Hidden Valley Falls
X 25c multi Mayan Ruins

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