Postage stamps of Botswana

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1966, Sep 30 Independence 1966 issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 2 1/2c multi Botswana National Assembly building
- 5c multi The Abattoir, Lobatsi
- 15c multi National Airways Dakota
- 35c multi State House, Gaberones

1966, Sep 30 republic provisional issue ovpted on stamps of Bechuanaland Protectorate (no wmk info) (14 stamps)
- 1c multi ovpt, golden oriole
- 2c multi ovpt
- 2 1/2c multi ovpt, scarlet-chested sunbird
- 3 1/2c multi ovpt, Cape widow-bird
- 5c multi ovpt
- 7 1/2c multi ovpt
- 10c multi ovpt
- 12 1/2c multi ovpt
- 20c multi ovpt
- 25c multi ovpt
- 35c multi ovpt
- 50c multi ovpt
- 1r multi ovpt
- 2r multi ovpt, police camel patrol

1967, Jan 3 birds (1967 Botswana) unwmk p. 14.25x14.75 (14 stamps)
X 1c multi golden oriole
- 2c multi African hoopoe
X 3c multi ground-scraper thrush
- 4c multi blue waxbill
- 5c multi secretarybird
- 7c multi Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill
- 10c multi crimson-breasted shrike
- 15c multi Malachite Kingfisher
- 20c multi African Fish Eagle
X 25c grn & multi gray loerie
X 35c turqbl & multi scimitar-bill
- 50c multi knob-billed duck
- 1r multi Crested Barbet
- 2r multi Diederick Cuckoo

1967, Apr 7 (no perf info)
- 3c multi University Buildings & Graduates
- 7c multi University Buildings & Graduates

1967, Apr 7
- 15c multi students&university

1967, Apr 7
- 35c multi University Buildings & Graduates

1967, Oct 2 Chobe Game Reserve issue
X 3c multi Chobe bush bucks
X 7c multi sable antelopes
X 35c multi fishing on the Chobe River

1968, Apr 8 human rights year issue p. 13.5x13
X 3c multi arms of Botwana & human rights flame
X 15c multi arms of Botwana & human rights flame
X 25c multi arms of Botwana & human rights flame

1968, Sep 30 National Museum and Art Gallery opening issue (no perf info)
X 3c multi rock painting
X 7c multi girl bearing ceremonial beads
X 10c multi National Museum
X 15c multi National Museum
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1968, Nov 11 Christmas 1968 issue p. 13.25x14.25
X 1c multi two people looking at star over village
X 2c multi two people looking at star over village
X 5c multi two people looking at star over village
X 25c multi two people looking at star over village

1969, Aug 21 22nd World Scouting Conference issue
X 3c multi Botswana Boy Scout Emblem, p. 14x13.75
X 15c multi Boy Scouts cooking
X 25c multi Boy Scouts around campfire, p. 14x13.75

1969, Nov 6 Christmas 1969 issue (no perf info)
X 1c multi mother & child & Star of Bethlehem
X 2c multi mother & child & Star of Bethlehem
X 4c multi mother & child & Star of Bethlehem
X 35c multi mother & child & Star of Bethlehem
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1970, Mar 23 Botswana development program issue
X 3c multi diamond treatment plant
X 7c multi Copper & nickel mining
X 10c multi Copper & nickel mining
X 35c multi Orapa diamond mine & diamonds

1970, Jul 7 Dickens death 100th issue p. 11.25
X 3c multi Mr Micawber
X 7c multi Scrooge
X 15c multi Fagin
X 25c multi Bill Sykes
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1970, Oct 24 UN 25th issue
X 15c multi UN Headquarters & UN emblem & dove

1970, Nov 3 Christmas 1970 issue - toys (1970) p. 14.25
X 1c multi toy crocodile
X 2c multi giraffe
X 7c multi elephant
X 25c multi rhinoceros
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1971, Apr 6 important crops
X 3c multi sorghum
X 7c multi millet
X 10c multi corn
X 35c multi peanuts

1971, Sep 30 independence 5th issue - map & symbols p. 14.5x14.25 (5 stamps)
X 3c yelgrn & blk & brn ox head on map of Botswana
X 4c Cogwheels & waves on map of Botswana
X 7c zebra rampant on map of Botswana
X 10c Tusk & Rand on map of Botswana
X 20c arms of Botswana on map of Botswana

1971, Nov 11 Christmas 1971 issue
X 2c cer & multi King bringing gift, facing left, p. 14.25
X 3c multi King bringing gift, facing right
X 7c multi kneeling king with gift, p. 14.25
X 20c multi three kings looking at star, p. 14.25
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1972, Apr 24 Night Sky of Botswana issue - constellations (no perf info)
X 3c multi Orion over Botswana
X 7c multi Scorpio over Botswana
X 10c multi centaur over Botswana
X 20c multi Southern Cross over Botswana

1972, Aug 21 runner post 84th issue p. 13.5x13.25
- 3c multi Gubulawayo cancel & trail map
- 4c multi
- 7c multi Mail runners
- 20c multi Mafeking 638 killer cancellation
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1972, Nov 6 Christmas 1972 issue - cross & map of Botswana & symbols (no perf info)
X 2c yel & multi cross & map of Botswana & bells
X 3c multi cross & map of Botswana & candle
X 7c multi cross & map of Botswana & Christmas tree
X 20c multi cross & map of Botswana & star & holly
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1973, Mar 23 meteorological cooperation 100th issue
X 3c multi Thor the Thunderer & storm
X 4c multi chariot of the sun
X 7c multi frost giant Ymir
X 20c multi Odin the sky god on Sleipnir

1973, Sep 10 Livingstone death 100th issue
X 3c multi David Livingstone & boat
X 20c multi David Livingstone & Livingstone meeting Stanley

1973, Nov 12 Christmas 1973 issue p. 14.5
X 3c multi ass with foal
X 4c multi shepherd & flock
X 7c multi
X 20c multi Tribal meeting kgotla symbolic of Wise Man

1974, May 8 University of Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland 10th issue (no perf info)
X 3c multi Gaborone Campus
X 7c multi Kwaluseni Campus
X 20c multi Roma Campus
X 35c multi map of southern Africa & flags

1974, May 29 UPU 100th issue p. 13.75x14
- 2c multi Mail Vehicles
- 3c multi Post Office Palapye
- 7c multi Bechuanaland police camel post
- 20c multi 1920 And 1974 Planes

1974, Jul 1 minerals (1974 Botswana) (no perf info) (14 stamps)
- 1c multi amethyst
X 2c multi agate Botswana pink
X 3c multi quartz
X 4c multi copper nickel
X 5c multi moss agate
- 7c multi agate
X 10c multi stilbite
- 15c multi marble
- 20c multi diamonds
- 25c multi chrysotile
- 35c multi jasper
- 50c multi moss quartz
- 1r multi citrine
- 2r multi chalcopyrite

1974, Nov 4 Christmas 1974 issue - flowers (1974 Botswana)
- 2c multi Stapelia variegata
- 7c multi Hibiscus lunarifolius
- 15c multi Ceratotheca triloba
- 20c multi Nerine laticoma
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1975, Mar 24 10th anniversary of self-government issue
- 4c multi Sir Seretse Khama
- 10c multi Sir Seretse Khama
- 20c multi Sir Seretse Khama
- 35c multi Sir Seretse Khama

1975, Jun 23 Rock paintings from Tsodilo Hills p. 14.25
- 4c multi ostrich
- 10c multi rhinoceros
- 25c multi hyena
- 35c multi Scorpion

1975, Oct 31 Establishment of Protectorate, 90th anniv. issue (no perf info)
X 6c multi Map of British Bechuanaland
X 10c multi Khama the Great & antelope
X 25c multi Chief Sebele

1975, Nov 3 Christmas 1975 issue
X 3c multi Aloe marlothi
X 10c multi Aloe lutescens
X 15c multi Aloe zebrina
X 25c multi Aloe littoralis

1976, Mar 1 Traditional Musical Instruments of Botswana
X 4c multi drum
X 10c multi Hand piano
X 15c multi Segankuru
X 25c multi Kudu signal horn

1976, Jun 28 1st National Currency issue - new banknotes
X 4c multi Seretse Kama
X 10c multi farm workers
X 15c multi Antelopes
X 25c multi National Assembly
- Botswana sheet of 4 types

1976, Aug 23 1976 surcharges issue (14 stamps)
- 1t multi ++on=1c
- 2t multi ++on=2c
- 3t multi ++on=3c
- 4t multi ++on=4c
- 5t multi ++on=5c
- 7t multi ++on=7c
- 10t multi ++on=10c
- 15t multi ++on=15c
- 20t multi ++on=20c
- 25t multi ++on=25c
- 35t multi ++on=35c
- 50t multi ++on=50c
- 1p multi ++on=1r
- 2p multi ++on=2r

1976, Sep 30 10th Anniversary of Independence issue (5 stamps)
- 4t multi Bos taurus
- 10t multi Antilocapra americana
- 15t multi
- 25t multi
- 35t multi

1976, Nov 1 Christmas 1976 issue - trees (1976) (5 stamps)
- 3t multi Colophospermum mopane
- 4t multi Baikiaea plurijuga
- 10t multi Sterculia rogersii
- 25t multi Acacia nilotica
- 40t multi Kigelia africana

1977, Feb 7 Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, 25th anniv. issue p. 12
- 4t multi President Seretse Khama & Queen Elizabeth II
- 25t multi Coronation coach in procession
- 40t multi Recognition scene

1977, Jun 6 Nature protection 1977 issue p. 14.25 (5 stamps)
- 3t multi Clawless Otter
- 4t multi serval
- 10t multi bat-eared fox
- 25t multi pangolin
- 40t multi brown hyena

1977, Aug 22 Historical Monuments issue (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 4t multi Cwihaba Caves
X 5t multi Khama Memorial
X 15t multi Greens tree
X 20t multi Mmajojo ruins
X 25t multi Ancient morabaraba board
X 35t multi Matsieng's footprint
- Botswana sheet of 6 types

1977, Nov 7 Christmas 1977 issue - lilies (1977) (5 stamps)
X 3t multi Hypoxis itida
X 5t multi Haemanthus magnificus
X 10t multi Boophane disticha
X 25t multi Vellozia retinervis
X 40t multi Ammocharis coranica

1978, Jul 3 1978 issue - birds (1978 Botswana) p. 14
- 1t multi black korhaan
- 2t multi Marabou storks
- 3t multi red-billed hoopoe
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