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Stamps of Venezuela, 1951

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1951 ovpted unwmk (no perf info)
X 5c on 7 1/2c orgred emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 10c on 37 1/2c brn emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela

1951, Jun ovpted (no wmk info) (5 stamps)
X 5c on type=telegraph-5c (0)
X 10c on type=telegraph-10c (0)
X 20c on type=telegraph-1b (0)
X 25c on type=telegraph-25c (0)
X 30c on type=telegraph-2b (0)

1951, Jun 20 Caracas state issue Caracas state seal unwmk (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Caracas state seal
- 10c rosecar Caracas state seal
- 15c ltbrn Caracas state seal
- 20c ultra Caracas state seal
- 25c chnt Caracas state seal
- 30c bl Caracas state seal
- 35c redvio Caracas state seal

1951, Jul 13 Bolivar statue (7 stamps)
- 5c grn Bolivar statue
- 10c carrose Bolivar statue
X 20c ultra Bolivar statue
X 30c dkgray Bolivar statue
X 40c dkgrn Bolivar statue
X 50c redbrn Bolivar statue
- 1b dkgray Bolivar statue

1951, Aug 6 Venezuela issue Venezuela state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Venezuela state seal
- 10c rosecar Venezuela state seal
- 15c ltbrn Venezuela state seal
- 20c ultra Venezuela state seal
- 25c chnt Venezuela state seal
- 30c bl Venezuela state seal
- 35c redvio Venezuela state seal

1951, Aug 9 Tachira state issue Tachira state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Tachira state seal
- 10c rosecar Tachira state seal
- 15c ltbrn Tachira state seal
- 20c ultra Tachira state seal
- 50c chnt Tachira state seal
- 1b dkblgrn Tachira state seal
- 5b dkpur Tachira state seal

1951, Sep 8 Carabobo state issue Carabobo state seal (7 stamps)
X 5c emer Carabobo state seal
X 10c rosecar Carabobo state seal
X 15c ltbrn Carabobo state seal
- 20c ultra Carabobo state seal
X 25c chnt Carabobo state seal
X 30c bl Carabobo state seal
- 35c redvio Carabobo state seal

1951, Sep 8 Zulia state issue Zulia state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Zulia state seal
X 10c rosecar Zulia state seal
X 15c ltbrn Zulia state seal
- 20c ultra Zulia state seal
- 50c chnt Zulia state seal
X 1b slgrn Zulia state seal
- 5b pur Zulia state seal

1951, Nov 9 Anzoategui state issue Anzoategui state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Anzoategui state seal
X 10c rosecar Anzoategui state seal
- 15c ltbrn Anzoategui state seal
- 20c ultra Anzoategui state seal
- 40c redorg Anzoategui state seal
- 45c pur Anzoategui state seal
- 3b ind Anzoategui state seal


1951 1951 air issue
- 5c redbrn
- 10c brnorg
- 15c olbrn

1951, Jun 20 Caracas state issue Caracas state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c blgrn Caracas state seal
- 7 1/2c blgrn Caracas state seal
- 10c carrose Caracas state seal
- 15c dkbrn Caracas state seal
- 20c graybl Caracas state seal
- 30c dkbl Caracas state seal
- 45c redvio Caracas state seal
- 60c brnol Caracas state seal
- 90c brnrose Caracas state seal

1951, Jul 13 Bolivar statue (8 stamps)
- 5c pur Bolivar statue
- 10c grn Bolivar statue
- 20c olgray Bolivar statue
- 25c olgrn Bolivar statue
- 30c red Bolivar statue
- 40c ltbrn Bolivar statue
- 50c gray Bolivar statue
- 70c org Bolivar statue

1951, Aug 6 Venezuela issue Venezuela state seal (8 stamps)
- 7 1/2c graygrn Venezuela state seal
- 10c carrose Venezuela state seal
- 15c dkbrn Venezuela state seal
- 20c graybl Venezuela state seal
- 30c dkbl Venezuela state seal
- 45c lil Venezuela state seal
- 60c brnol Venezuela state seal
- 90c brnrose Venezuela state seal

1951, Aug 9 Tachira state issue Tachira state seal (7 stamps)
- 10c carrose Tachira state seal
- 15c dkbrn Tachira state seal
- 60c brnol Tachira state seal
- 1.20b brncar Tachira state seal
- 3b graybl Tachira state seal
- 5b brnvio Tachira state seal
- 10b vio Tachira state seal

1951, Sep 8 Carabobo state issue Carabobo state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c blgrn Carabobo state seal
- 7 1/2c grn Carabobo state seal
- 10c carrose Carabobo state seal
- 15c brn Carabobo state seal
- 20c bl Carabobo state seal
- 30c bl Carabobo state seal
- 45c lilrose Carabobo state seal
- 60c brnol Carabobo state seal
- 90c redbrn Carabobo state seal

1951, Sep 8 Zulia state issue Zulia state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c blgrn Zulia state seal
- 10c carrose Zulia state seal
- 15c brn Zulia state seal
- 30c bl Zulia state seal
- 60c brnol Zulia state seal
- 1.20b car Zulia state seal
- 3b graybl Zulia state seal
- 5b viobrn Zulia state seal
- 10b vio Zulia state seal

1951, Oct 12 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Isabella I issue
- 5c blgrn & ltgrn
- 10c
- 20c bl & ltbl
- 30c dkvio & ltgray

1951, Nov 9 Anzoategui state issue Anzoategui state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c blgrn Anzoategui state seal
- 10c carrose Anzoategui state seal
- 15c brn Anzoategui state seal
- 25c blkbrn Anzoategui state seal
- 30c bl Anzoategui state seal
- 50c redorg Anzoategui state seal
- 60c brnol Anzoategui state seal
- 1b vio Anzoategui state seal
- 2b grayvio Anzoategui state seal

1951, Dec 18 3rd Bolivarian Games issue
- 5c grn
- 10c red
- 20c ltbrn
- 30c bl
- sheet of 4 types

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