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Stamps of Venezuela, 1954

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1953 Apure state issue Apure state seal unwmk (no perf info) (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Apure state seal
- 10c rosecar Apure state seal
- 15c ltbrn Apure state seal
- 20c ultra Apure state seal
- 50c chnt Apure state seal
- 1b dkblgrn Apure state seal
- 5b dkpur Apure state seal

1954 Amazonas state issue Amazonas state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Amazonas state seal
- 10c rosecar Amazonas state seal
- 15c ltbrn Amazonas state seal
- 20c ultra Amazonas state seal
- 40c redorg Amazonas state seal
- 45c pur Amazonas state seal
- 3b ind Amazonas state seal

1954 Barinas state issue Barinas state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Barinas state seal
- 10c rosecar Barinas state seal
- 15c ltbrn Barinas state seal
- 20c ultra Barinas state seal
- 50c chnt Barinas state seal
- 1b dkblgrn Barinas state seal
- 5b dkpur Barinas state seal

1954 Yaracuy state issue Yaracuy state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Yaracuy state seal
- 10c rosecar Yaracuy state seal
- 15c ltbrn Yaracuy state seal
- 20c ultra Yaracuy state seal
- 25c chnt Yaracuy state seal
X 30c bl Yaracuy state seal
- 35c redvio Yaracuy state seal

1954, Jan Nueva Esparta state issue Nueva Esparta state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Nueva Esparta state seal
- 10c rosecar Nueva Esparta state seal
- 15c ltbrn Nueva Esparta state seal
- 20c ultra Nueva Esparta state seal
- 40c redorg Nueva Esparta state seal
- 45c pur Nueva Esparta state seal
- 3b ind Nueva Esparta state seal


1954 Amazonas state issue Amazonas state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c blgrn Amazonas state seal
- 10c Amazonas state seal
- 15c dkbrn Amazonas state seal
- 25c sep Amazonas state seal
- 30c dkbl Amazonas state seal
- 50c yelbrn Amazonas state seal
- 60c brnol Amazonas state seal
- 1b pur Amazonas state seal
- 2b grayvio Amazonas state seal

1954 Barinas state issue Barinas state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c blgrn Barinas state seal
- 10c car Barinas state seal
- 15c dkbrn Barinas state seal
- 30c dkbl Barinas state seal
- 60c brnol Barinas state seal
- 1.20b brncar Barinas state seal
- 3b graybl Barinas state seal
- 5b Barinas state seal
- 10b vio Barinas state seal

1954, Jan Nueva Esparta state issue Nueva Esparta state seal (9 stamps)
- 5c Nueva Esparta state seal
- 10c red Nueva Esparta state seal
- 15c Nueva Esparta state seal
- 25c sep Nueva Esparta state seal
- 30c dkbl Nueva Esparta state seal
- 50c brn Nueva Esparta state seal
- 60c brnol Nueva Esparta state seal
- 1b pur Nueva Esparta state seal
- 2b grayvio Nueva Esparta state seal

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