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Stamps of Venezuela, 1973

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1973, Feb 19 Copernicus 500th issue unwmk (no perf info)
X 5c multi
X 10c multi
X 15c multi

1973, Mar 15 solar system issue (15 stamps)
X 5c multi Sun 1973
X 5c multi b.Earth
- 10c multi
X 15c multi inner planets
- 15c multi
X 20c multi Mars
- 20c multi Saturn
- 30c multi
- 40c multi Neptune
X 50c multi Venus
- 60c multi Jupiter
X 75c multi Uranus
X 90c multi Moon
X 90c multi
X 1b multi

1973, Apr 30 OAS 25th issue
X 60c multi

1973, May 6 José Antonio Páez death 100th issue (5 stamps)
X 10c multi José Antonio Páez
- 30c multi Paez & horse
X 50c multi General Paez in civilian dress
X 1b multi Street of the lancers Puerto Cabello
- 2b multi

1973, Jul 27 Battle of Maracaibo 150th issue
- 50c multi José P Padilla Mariano Montilla & Manuel Manrique
X 1b multi "Battle of Maracaibo" - M. F. Rincon
- 2b multi Battle of Maracaibo

1973, Aug 1 Ramos de Lora 150th issue
X 75c multi Ramos de Lora

1973, Sep 8 Margarita Island port issue
X 5c multi Plane Ship Margarita

1973, Oct 1 Golden Road completion issue (7 stamps)
X 5c multi Waterfall El Cama
X 10c multi Ara macao
X 20c multi Map & Santa Elena church - Uairèn
X 50c multi Map & ancient mountain sanctuary
X 60c multi Map & ancient mountain sanctuary
X 90c multi Map & santa Teresita church - Cabanyen
X 1b multi Map & flags of Venezuela & Brasil

1973, Oct 14 Paez Dam opening issue
X 30c multi Paez Dam

1973, Dec 4 Childrens Foundation Festival issue
X 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 10c multi

1973, Dec 5 Christmas 1973 issue
X 30c multi
X 30c multi

1973, Dec 13
X 25c multi regionalization

1973, Dec 18 progress
X 15c multi vase
- 35c multi
X 45c multi

1 to 47 of 47