Postage stamps of Venezuela

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1859, Jan 1 1859 fine issue unwmk imperf
- 1/2r yel arms of Venezuela
- 1r bl arms of Venezuela
- 2r red arms of Venezuela

1859, Sep
- 1/2r yel arms of Venezuela

1861, Aug 7
- 1/4c grn arms of Venezuela
- 1/2c brnvio arms of Venezuela
- 1c mar arms of Venezuela

1862, Apr
- 2r red arms of Venezuela

1862, Jun
- 1r bl arms of Venezuela

1863 1863 issue eagle (6 stamps)
- 1/2c sal eagle (1864)
- 1c gray eagle (1864)
- 1/2r red eagle, v. 49 pearls
- 1/2r eagle, v. 52 pearls (1865)
- 1r bl eagle
- 2r grn eagle

1866 1866 issue arms of Venezuela (5 stamps)
- 1/2c yelgrn arms of Venezuela (1867)
- 1c blgrn arms of Venezuela (1867)
- 1/2r brnvio arms of Venezuela
- 1r ver arms of Venezuela
- 2r yel arms of Venezuela

1871 1871 issue Bolivar (15 stamps)
X 1c yel Bolivar
- 2c yel Bolivar
- 3c yel Bolivar
- 4c yel Bolivar
- 5c yel Bolivar
- 1r rose Bolivar
- 2r rose Bolivar
- 3r rose Bolivar
- 5r rose Bolivar
- 7r rose Bolivar
- 9r grn Bolivar
- 15r grn Bolivar
- 20r grn Bolivar
- 30r grn Bolivar
- 50r grn Bolivar

1873, Jul 1 ovpted
- 1/2r brnvio ovpt, arms of Venezuela
- 1r ver ovpt, arms of Venezuela
- 2r yel ovpt, arms of Venezuela

1873, Nov ovpted arms of Venezuela (5 stamps)
- 1c blgrn ovpt, arms of Venezuela, w. unwmk, imperf
- 2c on 2c-arms of Venezuela (1866)-unissued (0), arms of Venezuela
- 1/2r brnvio ovpt, arms of Venezuela, w. unwmk, imperf
- 1r ver ovpt, arms of Venezuela, w. unwmk, imperf
- 2r yel ovpt, arms of Venezuela, w. unwmk, imperf

1875 ovpted
- 1/2r brnvio ovpt, arms of Venezuela
- 1r ver ovpt, arms of Venezuela

1876 ovpted
- 1/2r brnvio ovpt, arms of Venezuela
- 1r ver ovpt, arms of Venezuela

1879 1879 issue Bolivar (9 stamps)
- 1c yel Bolivar
- 5c yel Bolivar
- 10c bl Bolivar
- 30c bl Bolivar
- 50c bl Bolivar
- 90c bl Bolivar
- 1v rosered Bolivar
- 3v rosered Bolivar 10.–100 10.–100
- 5v rosered Bolivar 100 – 1,000 10.–100

1880, Jan 1 1880a issue Bolivar p. 11 (10 stamps)
X 5c yel Bolivar
X 10c yel Bolivar
X 25c yel Bolivar
- 50c yel Bolivar
X 1b palebl Bolivar
- 2b palebl Bolivar
- 5b palebl Bolivar
- 10b rosered Bolivar
- 20b rosered Bolivar
- 25b rosered Bolivar

1880, Jan 1 1880b issue Bolivar (6 stamps)
- 5c bl Bolivar
- 10c rose Bolivar
- 10c scar Bolivar
X 25c yel Bolivar
- 50c brn Bolivar
X 1b grn Bolivar

1882, Aug 1 1882a issue Bolivar p. 12 (5 stamps)
X 5c bl Bolivar
X 10c redbrn Bolivar
X 25c yelbrn Bolivar
X 50c grn Bolivar
X 1b vio Bolivar

1882, Aug 15 1882b issue Bolivar (8 stamps)
X 5c blgrn Bolivar
X 10c brn Bolivar
X 25c org Bolivar
X 50c bl Bolivar
X 1b ver Bolivar
X 3b dlvio Bolivar (1888)
- 10b dkbrn Bolivar (1888)
- 20b plum Bolivar (1888)

1887 1887a issue litho print (no perf info)
- 5c Bolivar
- 25c org Bolivar
- 25c yelbrn Bolivar
X 1b vio Bolivar

1887 1887b issue p. roul8
- 5c bl Bolivar
- 25c yelbrn Bolivar
- 50c grn Bolivar
- 1b pur Bolivar

1887 1887c issue
X 5c grn Bolivar
X 25c org Bolivar
X 50c dkbl Bolivar
X 3b pur Bolivar 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1892, Oct 1 1892a issue ovpted p. 12
- 25c on 5c bl Bolivar
- 25c on 10c redbrn Bolivar
- 1b on 50c grn Bolivar
- 1b on 25c yelbrn Bolivar

1892, Oct 1 1892b issue ovpted
- 25c on 5c blgrn Bolivar
- 25c on 10c brn Bolivar
- 1b on 50c bl Bolivar
- 1b on 25c org Bolivar

1893 1893 issue Bolivar (no perf info) (9 stamps)
X 5c gray Bolivar
X 5c org Bolivar not postage?
X 10c grn Bolivar
X 25c bl Bolivar
X 50c org Bolivar
X 1b redvio Bolivar
X 3b red Bolivar
- 10b dlvio Bolivar .30–1.00 .30–1.00
- 20b redbrn Bolivar 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1893, Feb 1893b issue ovpted Bolivar p. 12 (5 stamps)
X 5c bl ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
X 10c redbrn ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
X 25c yelbrn ovpt, Bolivar
X 50c grn ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
X 1b vio ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk

1893, Feb 1893c issue ovpted Bolivar (9 stamps)
X 5c blgrn ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
X 10c brn ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
X 25c org on 25c-org-Bolivar (1882 right)-perf=12 (2), Bolivar
X 25c org on 25c-org-Bolivar (1882 right)-perf=12 (2), Bolivar
X 50c bl ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
X 1b ver ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
- 3b dlvio ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
- 10b dkbrn ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 20b plm on 20b-plm-Bolivar (1882 right)-perf=12 (0), Bolivar 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1893, Jun Bolivar unwmk (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 5c redbrn Bolivar
X 10c bl Bolivar
X 25c mag Bolivar
X 50c brnvio Bolivar
X 1b grn Bolivar

1893, Jul
X 25c mag landing of Columbus

1896, Jul 4 80th Anniversary of the Death of Francisco de Miranda issue map (5 stamps)
X 5c yelgrn map
X 10c bl map
X 25c yel map
X 50c rosered map
X 1b vio map

1899, Apr 1899 issue Bolivar (8 stamps)
X 5c grn Bolivar
X 10c ver Bolivar
X 25c bl Bolivar
X 50c blk Bolivar
X 50c orgyel Bolivar (1901) .30–1.00 .30–1.00
- 1b grn Bolivar
- 1b olblk Bolivar (1902) 1,000 – 10,000 unissued?
- 2b orgyel Bolivar

1900 1900a issue ovpted Bolivar (6 stamps)
X 5c grn ovpt, Bolivar
X 10c ver ovpt, Bolivar
X 25c bl ovpt, Bolivar
X 50c blk ovpt, Bolivar
X 1b grn ovpt, Bolivar
X 2b orgyel ovpt, Bolivar

1900 1900b issue ovpted (5 stamps)
- 5c grn ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
- 10c ver ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
- 25c bl ovpt, Bolivar, w. unwmk
- 50c orgyel on issue=1899-50c-orgyel-unissued (0)
X 1b olblk on issue=1899-1b-olblk-unissued (0)

1900, Aug 14 1900c issue ovpted unwmk
X 5c grn ovpt, Bolivar
X 10c ver ovpt, Bolivar
- 25c bl ovpt, Bolivar

1904, Jan ovpted (no wmk info)
X 5c grn on 1893-50c-grn-unissued (0)

1904, Jul 1 1904 issue Antonio José de Sucre unwmk (6 stamps)
X 5c blgrn Antonio José de Sucre
X 10c carlake Antonio José de Sucre
X 15c dkvio Antonio José de Sucre (1909)
X 25c prusbl Antonio José de Sucre
X 50c redvio Antonio José de Sucre
X 1b brnpur Antonio José de Sucre

1905, Jun
X 5c scar Castro
- 10c bl Castro
X 25c yel Castro

1910, Jul
X 25c dkbl Liberty

1911, Oct 28 1911 issue (6 stamps)
X 5c grn & dkgrn Miranda
X 10c scar Miranda
- 15c gray Urdaneta
- 25c bl Urdaneta
X 50c vio Bolivar
X 1b yel Bolivar

1913 1913 issue
X 15c gray Urdaneta
X 25c dkbl Urdaneta
X 50c blvio Bolivar

1914, Jul
X 5c grn Bolivar
X 10c red Bolivar
X 25c bl Bolivar

1915 1915 issue Bolivar p. 12 (10 stamps)
X 5c dkgrn Bolivar
X 10c red Bolivar
- 10c carlake Bolivar (1922)
X 15c brnol Bolivar
X 25c dkbl Bolivar
- 40c dlgrn Bolivar
X 50c dkvio Bolivar
- 50c bl Bolivar (1923) 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 75c ltbl Bolivar
X 1b blk Bolivar

1924 1924 issue Bolivar p. 12.5 (6 stamps)
X 5c orgbrn Bolivar
- 5c grn Bolivar (1939)
- 7 1/2c yelgrn Bolivar (1939)
X 10c dkgrn Bolivar
X 10c dkcar Bolivar (1939)
X 15c olgrn Bolivar
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