Stamps of Venezuela, E.E.U.U. DE VENEZUELA inscription

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1932 1932 issue Bolivar bluish security paper unwmk (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 5c vio Bolivar
X 7 1/2c dkgrn Bolivar (1937)
X 10c grn Bolivar
X 15c yel Bolivar
- 22 1/2c car Bolivar (1938)
X 25c red Bolivar
X 37 1/2c ultra Bolivar (1936)
X 40c ind Bolivar
X 50c ultra Bolivar
X 1b ltbl Bolivar
- 3b brn Bolivar
- 5b redbrn Bolivar

1933, Jul 23 Bolivar 150th issue
X 25c brncar

1934, Jan ovpted bluish security paper
X 22 1/2c on 25c red Bolivar

1937, Jun 25 1937 issue (7 stamps)
X 5c dkpur nurse & child
X 10c dlgrn
X 15c yelbrn
X 25c cer
- 50c yelgrn
- 3b redorg
- 5b ltbrn

1937, Jul ovpted bluish security paper
X 25c on 40c ind Bolivar
- 25c on 40c ind Bolivar 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000

1937, Oct 28 La Guaira acquisition issue
X 25c bl

1937, Dec 17 ovpted
- 5c dkpur ovpt, nurse & child

1937, Dec 17 ovpted
- 10c dlgrn ovpt
X 25c cer ovpt
- 3b redorg ovpt

1938, Feb 1938 issue (18 stamps)
X 5c grn harvesting coffee beans
X 5c blgrn harvesting coffee beans
X 10c car Bolivar
- 10c carred Bolivar
- 15c redvio Caracas PO
X 15c ol Caracas PO
X 25c ltbl Bolivar
X 25c dkbl Bolivar
- 37 1/2c dkbl Bolivar
X 37 1/2c ltbl Bolivar
- 40c grayblk Caracas PO
- 40c grnblk Caracas PO
X 50c brnol harvesting coffee beans
- 50c redvio harvesting coffee beans
- 1b dkbrn Bolivar
X 1b blkbrn Bolivar
- 3b org harvesting coffee beans
X 5b blk Caracas PO

1938, Apr 15 ovpted
X 40c on 5b ltbrn 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1938, Jun 12
X 25c dkbl Teresa Carreno

1938, Jul 24
X 25c dkbl Day of the Worker

1939, Apr 19 stamp 80th issue
X 10c red Castillo

1939, Jun 24
X 25c dkultra Ciudad Ojeda

1939, Oct 14 Centenary Of The Death Of Dr. Cristobal Mendoza issue Dr. Cristobal Mendoza (7 stamps)
X 5c grn Dr. Cristobal Mendoza
X 10c car Dr. Cristobal Mendoza
- 15c lil Dr. Cristobal Mendoza
X 25c ultra Dr. Cristobal Mendoza
- 37 1/2c dkbl Dr. Cristobal Mendoza
- 50c olgrn Dr. Cristobal Mendoza
X 1b brn Dr. Cristobal Mendoza

1940 Diego B. Urbaneja (8 stamps)
X 5c bl Diego B. Urbaneja
X 7 1/2c blgrn Diego B. Urbaneja
- 15c Diego B. Urbaneja
- 37 1/2c dkbl Diego B. Urbaneja
X 40c dkultra Diego B. Urbaneja
X 50c pur Diego B. Urbaneja
X 1b brn Diego B. Urbaneja
- 3b orgred Diego B. Urbaneja

1940 Bolivar death 110th issue (8 stamps)
X 5c dkblgrn Bolivar monument & urn
X 10c rose bed of birth
X 15c ol christening
X 20c bl Caracas (1941)
- 25c ltbl on horseback
X 30c plum (1941)
- 37 1/2c dkbl
X 50c pur

1940, Jun 13 Santander death 100th issue
X 25c dkbl

1940, Jun 13 José Antonio Páez 150th issue
X 25c bl

1941, Jan ovpted
X 20c on 25c ltbl on horseback

1941, Feb 21 ovpted
X 5c dkpur ovpt, nurse & child

1941, Feb 21 ovpted
X 10c dlgrn ovpt

1942, Dec 17
X 10c scar Industrial Expo

X 10c rosecar Caracas Cathedral

1943 ovpted
- 20c on 25c dkbl Day of the Worker

1943 ovpted
- 20c on 25c bl

1943 ovpted
- 20c on 25c dkbl Teresa Carreno

1943, Dec 21 ovpted
- 5c dkpur ovpt, nurse & child

1943, Dec 21 ovpted
- 10c dlgrn ovpt
- 50c yelgrn ovpt
- 3b redorg ovpt

1945, Mar 3 Sucre 150th issue
- 5c orgyel Antonio José de Sucre
X 10c dkbl Antonio José de Sucre
- 20c rose Antonio José de Sucre

1946, Aug 24 Bello death 80th issue
X 20c bl Andrés Bello

1946, Aug 24 Urdaneta death 100th issue
X 20c dkbl Rafael Urdaneta

1946, Oct 17 1st Anniversary of 1945 Revolution issue
X 20c blgrn revolt 1945 1st

1947 Bolivar death 100th 1947 issue (14 stamps)
X 5c grn Bolivar monument & urn
X 5c brtultra Bolivar monument & urn (1948)
X 10c red
X 15c car
- 25c
X 30c blk
X 30c viobrn (1948)
- 40c lake
X 40c yelorg (1948)
- 50c
X 1b bl
X 3b gray
- 5b redorg
- 5b brn (1948)

1947, Jan ovpted
X 15c on 1b brn Diego B. Urbaneja

1947, Jun 20 ovpted
X 5c on 30c blk
X 5c on 37 1/2c dkbl

- 5c bl new constitution
X 10c red new constitution

1948, Jul 9 Gran Colombia line issue emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (11 stamps)
X 5c dkbl emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 7 1/2c orgred emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (1949)
X 10c carrose emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 15c sl emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (1950)
X 20c blkbrn emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 25c dkvio emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 30c ltorg emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (1950)
- 37 1/2c brn emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (1949)
X 40c ol emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (1950)
X 50c rosecar emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 1b dkgrn emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela (1949)

1949, Apr 25 Santos Michelena death 100th issue
- 5c viobl Santos Michelena
X 10c car Santos Michelena
- 20c sep Santos Michelena
- 1b blgrn Santos Michelena

1949, Sep 15 discovery 450th issue
X 5c bl Columbus & map
X 10c red Columbus & map
X 20c olbrn Columbus & map
- 1b grn Columbus & map

1950, Mar 28 Miranda 200th issue
- 5c bl Francisco de Miranda
- 10c Francisco de Miranda
X 20c blkbrn Francisco de Miranda
- 1b car Francisco de Miranda

1950, Sep 1 census 1950 issue census (7 stamps)
X 5c bl census
X 10c gray census
X 15c graybrn census
X 25c blgrn census
X 30c ver census
X 50c vio census
X 1b ltbrn census

1950, Oct 18 Lake Maracaibo discovery 450th issue Ojeda & map of Lake Maracaibo (5 stamps)
X 5c bl Ojeda & map of Lake Maracaibo
- 10c red Ojeda & map of Lake Maracaibo
X 15c slgray Ojeda & map of Lake Maracaibo
X 20c ultra Ojeda & map of Lake Maracaibo
- 1b blgrn Ojeda & map of Lake Maracaibo

1951 ovpted
X 5c on 7 1/2c orgred emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela
X 10c on 37 1/2c brn emblem & MS Republica de Venezuela

1951, Jun 20 Caracas state issue Caracas state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Caracas state seal
- 10c rosecar Caracas state seal
- 15c ltbrn Caracas state seal
- 20c ultra Caracas state seal
- 25c chnt Caracas state seal
- 30c bl Caracas state seal
- 35c redvio Caracas state seal

1951, Jul 13 Bolivar statue (7 stamps)
- 5c grn Bolivar statue
- 10c carrose Bolivar statue
X 20c ultra Bolivar statue
X 30c dkgray Bolivar statue
X 40c dkgrn Bolivar statue
X 50c redbrn Bolivar statue
- 1b dkgray Bolivar statue

1951, Aug 6 Venezuela issue Venezuela state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Venezuela state seal
- 10c rosecar Venezuela state seal
- 15c ltbrn Venezuela state seal
- 20c ultra Venezuela state seal
- 25c chnt Venezuela state seal
- 30c bl Venezuela state seal
- 35c redvio Venezuela state seal

1951, Aug 9 Tachira state issue Tachira state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Tachira state seal
- 10c rosecar Tachira state seal
- 15c ltbrn Tachira state seal
- 20c ultra Tachira state seal
- 50c chnt Tachira state seal
- 1b dkblgrn Tachira state seal
- 5b dkpur Tachira state seal

1951, Sep 8 Carabobo state issue Carabobo state seal (7 stamps)
X 5c emer Carabobo state seal
X 10c rosecar Carabobo state seal
X 15c ltbrn Carabobo state seal
- 20c ultra Carabobo state seal
X 25c chnt Carabobo state seal
X 30c bl Carabobo state seal
- 35c redvio Carabobo state seal

1951, Sep 8 Zulia state issue Zulia state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Zulia state seal
X 10c rosecar Zulia state seal
X 15c ltbrn Zulia state seal
- 20c ultra Zulia state seal
- 50c chnt Zulia state seal
X 1b slgrn Zulia state seal
- 5b pur Zulia state seal

1951, Nov 9 Anzoategui state issue Anzoategui state seal (7 stamps)
- 5c emer Anzoategui state seal
X 10c rosecar Anzoategui state seal
- 15c ltbrn Anzoategui state seal
- 20c ultra Anzoategui state seal
- 40c redorg Anzoategui state seal
- 45c pur Anzoategui state seal
- 3b ind Anzoategui state seal

X 5c grn ship Courvoisier
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