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Stamps of Vatican City, 1946

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1946, Jan 9 1946 provisional issue ovpted unwmk p. 14 (8 stamps)
X 20c on 5c sl
X 25c on 30c dkbrn
X 1l on 50c dpgrn
X 1.50l on 1l
X 3l on 1.50l car & blk
X 5l on 2.50l bl & blk
X 10l on 5l redpur & blk
X 30l on 20l grn & blk

1946, Feb 20 Council of Trent 400th issue (12 stamps)
X 5c yelbrn & brn Cathedral of St Vigilio Trent
X 25c vio & brn Saint Angela Merici
X 50c dporg & dkbrn St Anthony MZaccaria
X 75c blk & brn St Ignatius of Loyola
X 1l pur & brn SGaetano of Thiene
X 1.50l redorg & brn St John Fisher
X 2l grn & brn Cardinal Madrussi
X 2.50l bl & brn Cardinal RPole
X 3l red & brn Cardinal MCervini
X 4l yel & brn Cardinal GM del Monte
X 5l bl & brn Charles V
X 10l car & brn Pope Paul III

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