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Stamps of Vatican City, 1949

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1949, Mar 7 basilicas wmk. keys crossed (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 1l dkbrn
X 3l vio
X 5l brnred
X 8l grn
X 13l grn
X 16l olgray
X 25l red
X 35l redpur
X 40l bl
X 100l blk

1949, Dec 21 Holy Year issue wmk. winged wheel (8 stamps)
X 5l brn & graybrn Delivery of the Keys to St Peter
X 6l blk & brn Jubilee basilicas
X 8l bl & grn Boniface VIII announces the first Holy Year
X 10l grn & bl Pius XII opened the Holy Door
X 20l grn & redbrn Delivery of the Keys to St Peter
X 25l dkbrn & bl Jubilee basilicas
X 30l grn & vio Boniface VIII announces the first Holy Year
- 60l dkbrn & red Pius XII opened the Holy Door

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