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Stamps of Vatican City, 1970

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1970, Mar 16 EXPO 70 issue (no wmk info) p. 13.5x14 (5 stamps)
X 25l multi emblem
X 40l multi Osaka Castle
X 55l multi The Virgin of Osaka
X 90l multi Vatican Pavilion
X 110l multi Mount Fuji

1970, Apr 29 1st Vatican Council 100th issue
X 20l multi Medal of Pius IX
X 50l multi Coat of arms of Pius IX
X 180l multi Medal of the First Vatican Council

1970, May 29 Paul VI ordination 50th issue p. 14x13.5 (5 stamps)
X 15l multi
X 25l multi
X 50l multi
X 90l multi
X 180l multi

1970, Oct 24 UN 25th issue p. 13.5x14
X 20l multi
X 90l multi
- 220l multi

1970, Nov 26 Asia visit issue (5 stamps)
X 25l multi
X 55l multi
X 100l multi
X 130l multi
X 250l multi

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