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Stamps of British Antarctic Territory, 1973

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1973, Feb 14 explorers issue - explorers & transport wmk. St Edwards crown & CA (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 1/2p multi Captain Cook & Resolution
X 1p multi F. G. von Bellingshausen, "Vostok"
X 1 1/2p multi James Weddell, "Jane"
X 2p multi John Biscoe & brig Tula
X 2 1/2p multi J. S. C. Dumont d'Urville, "Astrolabe"
X 3p multi James Clark Ross, "Erebus"
X 5p multi Adrien de Gerlache, "Belgica"
X 10p multi Jean B. Charcot, "Pourquoi Pas?"
X 15p multi Ernest Shackleton & Endurance
X 25p multi Hubert Wilkins, "San Francisco"
X 50p multi Lincoln Ellsworth
X 1lb multi John Rymill & Penola

1973, Nov 14 Princess Anne's Wedding issue
- 5p multi Princess Anne & Mark Phillips
- 15p multi Princess Anne & Mark Phillips

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