Stamps of Wallis & Futuna Islands, unwmk watermark

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1920 1920 issue ovpted on stamps of New Caledonia unwmk (no perf info) (13 stamps)
X 1c blk, grn ovpt, kagu
X 2c redbrn ovpt, kagu
X 4c bl, orgyel ovpt, kagu
X 5c grn ovpt, kagu
X 15c vio ovpt, kagu
X 20c brn ovpt, landscape
X 25c bl ovpt, landscape
X 30c brn, org ovpt, landscape
X 35c blk, yel ovpt, landscape
X 75c olgrn ovpt, landscape
- 1fr bl, grn ovpt, sailing ship
- 2fr car & graybl ovpt, sailing ship
- 5fr blk, org ovpt, sailing ship

1922 issue ovpted on stamps of New Caledonia
X 5c dlbl ovpt, kagu
X 10c grn ovpt, kagu
X 25c red ovpt, landscape

1922, Dec ovpted
X 1c on 15c vio kagu
X 2c on 15c vio kagu
X 4c on 15c vio kagu
X 5c on 15c vio kagu

1924, Jun 1924 provisional issue ovpted (8 stamps)
X 25c on 2fr car & graybl sailing ship
X 25c on 5fr blk, org sailing ship
X 85c on 75c olgrn landscape (1927)
X 1.25fr on 1fr bl, grn sailing ship (1926)
- 1.50fr on 1fr bl, grn sailing ship (1927)
- 3fr on 5fr blk, org sailing ship (1927)
- 10fr on 5fr blk, org sailing ship (1927)
- 20fr on 5fr blk, org sailing ship (1927)

1925 issue ovpted on stamps of New Caledonia
X 10c red, pink ovpt, kagu (1925)
X 50c gray ovpt, landscape (1925)
- 65c bl ovpt, landscape (1928)
- 1.10fr grn & brn ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse (1928)

1930 1930 issue ovpted on stamps of New Caledonia (25 stamps)
X 10c blvio & dkbrn ovpt, Paletuviers Point & bay
X 15c ltbrn & bl ovpt, Paletuviers Point & bay
X 20c car & dkbrn ovpt, Paletuviers Point & bay
X 25c dkgrn & brn ovpt, Paletuviers Point & bay
X 30c graygrn & grn ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 35c ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 40c red & ol ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 45c bl & redorg ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 50c ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
- 55c ultra & red ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 60c ovpt, landscape with chiefs house (1940)
- 65c redbrn & bl ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 70c lilrose & brn ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
- 75c blgrn & olbrn ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
X 80c redbrn & grn ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
- 85c grn & brn ovpt, landscape with chiefs house
- 1fr olbrn & car ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
- 1.10fr grn & brn ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
- 1.25fr ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
X 1.40fr ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
X 1.60fr ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
- 1.75fr bl & redorg ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
X 2.25fr ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
- 2.50fr dkbrn & brn ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse
- 20fr red & brn ovpt, Bougainville & La Perouse

1931, Apr 13 Colonial Exposition issue
- 40c dpgrn people of French Empire
- 50c redvio women's heads
- 90c redorg France showing way to civilization
- 1.50fr dlbl colonial commerce

- 3fr redvio International Exposition
- sheet of 1 type

1939, May 10 New York World's Fair issue
- 1.25fr dkredvio
- 2.25fr ultra

1941 ovpted on stamps of New Caledonia
X 1fr blgrn ovpt, Noumea roadstead & Petain
X 2.50fr dkbl ovpt, Noumea roadstead & Petain

1944 carved ivory head (14 stamps)
X 5c brn carved ivory head
X 10c bl carved ivory head
X 25c emer carved ivory head
X 30c org carved ivory head
X 40c graygrn carved ivory head
X 80c brnred carved ivory head
X 1fr carved ivory head
X 1.50fr red carved ivory head
X 2fr blk carved ivory head
X 2.50fr dkbl carved ivory head
- 4fr brnvio carved ivory head
- 5fr yel carved ivory head
- 10fr carved ivory head
- 20fr carved ivory head

1946 1946 provisional issue ovpted carved ivory head (8 stamps)
- 50c on 5c brn carved ivory head
- 60c on 5c brn carved ivory head
- 70c on 5c brn carved ivory head
X 1.20fr on 5c brn carved ivory head
- 2.40fr on 25c emer carved ivory head
- 3fr on 25c emer carved ivory head
- 4.50fr on 25c emer carved ivory head
- 15fr on 2.50fr dkbl carved ivory head

1952, Dec 1 Military Medal issue
- 2fr multi Military Medal & soldiers

1957, Jun 11
- 3fr multi
- 9fr multi

1958, Jul 7 Flower issue
- 5fr multi flower

1958, Dec 10 Human Rights issue
- 17fr multi
- 29fr multi (1963)

1960, Oct 19 daily life
- 5fr women making tapa cloth
- 7fr
- 17fr
- 19fr

1962, Jul 19 5th South Pacific Conference issue
- 16fr multi

1962, Sep 20 1962 issue - shells (6 stamps)
X 25c multi triton shell
- 1fr multi Mitra episcopalis
- 2fr multi Cypraecassis rufa
- 4fr multi Murex tenuispina
- 10fr Oliva erythrostoma
- 20fr Cypraea tigris

1963, Sep 2 Red Cross 100th (FR) issue
- 12fr multi

1964, Apr 15 Philatec issue
- 9fr multi hand holding stamp with tongs & stamp album

1965, Feb 15
- 11fr multi ship Queen Amelia

1968, May 4 WHO 20th issue
- 17fr

1968, Aug 10 human rights year issue
- 19fr multi

1969, Apr 30
- 1fr multi canoe

1969, Nov 24 ILO 50th issue
- 9fr multi

1970, May 20
- 21fr multi UPU HQ & UPU emblem

1971 ovpteddaily life
- 12fr on 19fr

1971, Oct 25 4th South Pacific Games issue
X 24fr multi weightlifter
X 36fr multi basketball

1971, Nov 9 De Gaulle memorial issue
- 30fr multi Charles de Gaulle
- 70fr multi Charles de Gaulle

1972, Oct 16 Outrigger canoes
- 14fr multi childrens canoe
- 16fr multi
- 18fr multi

1973, Nov 9 3rd Anniversary of the Death of General Charles de Gaulle issue
- 107fr multi Charles de Gaulle

1974, Jul 29 insects (1974)
- 15fr multi rhinoceros beetle
- 25fr multi Cosmopolites sordidus
- 35fr multi Ophideres fullonica
- 45fr multi Pantala flavescens

1975, Dec 1
- 50fr ultra & sl Georges Pompidou

1976, Jun 28 USA 200th issue
- 19fr multi Battle of Yorktown & Washington
- 47fr multi Battle of the Virginia Capes&Lafayette

1976, Oct 1 seashells
- 20fr multi Conus ammiralis
- 23fr multi Cypraea assellus
- 43fr multi Turbo petholatus
- 61fr multi Mitra papalis

1977, Apr 28 Father Chanel ashes return issue
X 22fr
X 32fr

1977, Sep 26 handicrafts (5 stamps)
- 12fr multi tanoa & Lali & Ipu
- 25fr multi Kumete Wallisian Tulum & Futuna Kumete
- 33fr multi Ike Milamila & Tutu
- 45fr multi Kolo puzzles Futuna
- 69fr multi Kailao spears Wallis & Futuna

1977, Dec 12 buildings (5 stamps)
X 27fr multi Office PTT Mata-Utu
X 50fr multi Hospital Mata-Utu
X 57fr multi General Administration in Mata-Utu
X 63fr multi Church of Saint Joseph Sigave
X 120fr multi Kings Palace in Mata-Utu 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1978, Jan 22 Cook discovery of Hawaii 200th issue ovpted
X 19fr multi ovpt, Battle of Yorktown & Washington
X 47fr multi ovpt, Battle of the Virginia Capes&Lafayette

1978, Jun 18 French warships
- 150fr multi cruiser Triomphant
- 200fr multi Cap des Palmes & Chevreuil
- 280fr multi The Savorgnan de Brazza

1978, Jul 11 flowers
- 16fr multi Solanum seaforthianum
- 24fr multi Cassia alata
- 29fr multi Gloriosa superba
- 36fr multi Hymenocallis littoralis

1978, Sep 5 birds
- 17fr multi gray egret
- 18fr multi red-footed booby
- 28fr multi brown booby
- 35fr multi white tern

1978, Oct 2 traditional customs
X 53fr multi cloth patterns
X 55fr multi Procession of Corpus Christi
X 59fr multi Guards of Honour

1978, Dec 10 human rights 30th issue
- 44fr multi
- 56fr multi

1979, Mar 19 tuna tagging (6 stamps)
- 10fr multi fishing boat
- 30fr multi The Weighing
- 34fr multi Bait
- 38fr multi Marking
- 40fr multi fishing
- 48fr multi bonito
- sheet of 6 types

1979, Apr 9 International Year of the Child issue
- 52fr multi boy and raft
- 58fr multi

1980, Feb 29
- 1fr transportation
- 3fr transportation
- 5fr transportation

1980, Apr 21 1st Anniversary of Radio Station FR3 issue
- 47fr multi

1980, Apr 28 Easter 1980 issue
- 25fr multi "Jesus laid in the Tomb" - Maurice Denis

1980, Aug 25 fishes (5 stamps)
- 23fr multi Gnathodentex mossambicus
- 27fr multi Pristipomoides filamentosus
- 32fr multi Etelis carbunculus
- 51fr multi Cephalopholis wallisi
- 59fr multi Aphareus rutilans

1980, Sep 29 ovptedtuna tagging
- 50fr on 48fr multi bonito

1981, May 17 World Telecommunications Day issue
- 49fr multi

1981, Jun 22 marine life (1981) (6 stamps)
X 28fr multi Favites sp.
X 30fr multi Blue-green Algae
X 31fr multi Ceratium vultur
X 35fr multi Amphiprion frenatus
X 40fr multi Conus textile
X 55fr multi Comatula

1981, Jul 28 60th Anniversary of 1st B.C.G. Anti-tuberculosis Inoculation issue
- 27fr multi

1981, Aug 17 International Year of Disabled Persons issue
- 42fr multi

1981, Sep 5 50th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Edison issue
- 59fr multi

1981, Sep 12
- 5fr multi Squill sea Mantis

1981, Oct 19 200th Anniversary of Battle of Virginia Capes issue
- 66fr multi Admiral Francois de Grasse
- 74fr multi

1981, Dec 4 Surveillance of 200-mile Zone issue
- 60fr multi Patrol Boat "La Dieppoise"
- 85fr multi frigate"Protet"

1982, Mar 24 100th Anniversary of Discovery of Tubercle Bacillus issue
- 45fr multi Robert Koch

1982, May 3 flowers (1979)
- 1fr multi Crinum moorei
- 2fr multi Passiflora sp.
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