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Stamps of Zambia, 1968

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1968, Jan 16 1966 issue unwmk (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 1n multi Lusaka cathedral
X 2n multi baobab tree
X 3n multi Zambia Airways BAC One-Eleven
X 5n multi National Museum, Livingstone
X 8n multi Vimbuza dancer
X 10n multi woman picking tobacco
X 15n multi Nudaurelia zambesina butterfly
X 20n multi crowned cranes
X 25n multi Angoni warrior
X 50n multi Chokwe dancer
X 1k multi Kafue rail bridge
X 2k multi eland

1968, Jun 29 Zambia Trade Fair issue
X 15n multi

1968, Oct 23 UNICEF 21st issue
X 25n multi

1968, Oct 23 human rights year issue
X 3n multi

1968, Oct 23 WHO 20th issue
X 10n multi

1 to 16 of 16