Stamps of Germany - Germany, AMG

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1945, Mar 19 American printing issue m unwmk p. 11 (9 stamps)
- 3pf dllil m
X 4pf ltgray m
- 5pf emer m
X 6pf yel m
X 8pf org m
- 10pf yelbrn m
X 12pf rosevio m
- 15pf rosecar m
X 25pf brtultra m

1945, Mar 19 English printing issue m p. 14,14.5 (6 stamps)
- 3pf dllil m
- 4pf ltgray m
- 5pf emer m
- 6pf yel m
- 8pf org m
- 12pf rosevio m

1945, Aug 21 German printing issue m p. 11,11.5 (20 stamps)
X 1pf slgray m Sc3N1
X 3pf dllil m
- 4pf ltgray m
X 5pf emer m
- 6pf yel m
- 8pf org m
X 10pf yelbrn m
- 12pf rosevio m
X 15pf rosecar m
X 16pf prusgrn m
X 20pf bl m
X 24pf choc m
- 25pf brtultra m
X 30pf ol m
X 40pf mag m
X 42pf grn m
X 50pf slgrn m
X 60pf viobrn m
X 80pf dkbl m
- 1m dkolgrn m (1946)

1 to 35 of 35