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Stamps of Seychelles, 1954

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1954, Feb 1 Elizabeth II pictorials issue wmk. mult crown & script CA (no perf info) (17 stamps)
X 2c vio sailfish
X 3c org Queen Elizabeth II & giant tortoise
X 9c pckbl coco-de-mer palm
X 15c yelgrn fishing pirogue
X 18c roselake map
X 20c och fishing pirogue
X 25c red Queen Elizabeth II & giant tortoise
X 35c mag map
X 40c ultra sailfish
- 45c viobrn fishing pirogue
X 50c brtvio coco-de-mer palm
X 70c viobrn fishing pirogue
- 1r gray map
- 1.50r bl coco-de-mer palm
- 2.25r olbis Queen Elizabeth II & giant tortoise
- 5r copred map
- 10r grn sailfish

1 to 17 of 17