Stamps, CHRISTMAS ISLAND inscription

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Christmas Island


1958, Oct 15 Queen Elizabeth II unwmk p. 14.5 (10 stamps)
X 2c yelorg & blk Queen Elizabeth II
X 4c brn & blk Queen Elizabeth II
X 5c redvio & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 6c graybl & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 8c graybrn & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 10c vio & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 12c car & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 20c bl & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- 50c yelgrn & blk Queen Elizabeth II
- $1 blgrn & blk Queen Elizabeth II

1963, Aug 28 1963 issue (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 2c org map of Christmas Island
X 4c redbrn moonflower
X 5c mar robber crab
X 6c ind Island scene
X 8c sep Phosphate train
X 10c vio Crane Loading Phosphate
X 12c red Flying fish cove
X 20c viobl loading ship
X 50c dkgrn frigate bird
X $1 orgyel Yellow-billed tropic bird

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