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1942 photo print unwmk (no perf info)
X 40c graygrn mosque no RF
- 50c red mosque no RF


1948, Feb 25 1948 sports issue - sports (1948) (9 stamps)
X 15k blue skiing, p. 12
X 15k brtvio running, p. 12½
X 20k grnbl motor cyclist, p. 12
X 30k yelbrn football, p. 12½
- 30k yelbrn football, p. 12½
X 45k blkbrn Speedboat, p. 12½
X 50k blgrn diving, v. type I, p. 12 Eclecticology note
- 50k blgrn diving, v. type I, imperf
- 50k blue v. type II, p. 12½ Eclecticology note


1957, Oct 22 buildings issue photo print
X 50g sl Housing Karl-Marx-Hof Vienna-Heiligenstadt, p. 15x14 (1964)
X 1s choc Basilica of Mariazell
X 1.50s dkcar Housing Rabenhof Vienna-Erdberg, p. 15x14 (1965)


1953, Jun 27 St. Clare of Assisi 700th issue photo print wmk. winged wheel p. 14
X 25l brn & dlrd St Clare of Assisi and convent

1962, Jun 26 St Catherine canonization 500th issue photo print wmk. stars
- 30l dkpur St Catherine of Siena

South Africa

1930 1930 issue v. SUIDAFRIKA photo print wmk. mult springboks head (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 1/2p springbok
X 1p car & blk ship
X 1p rose & blk ship
X 2p vio & gray government buildings,Pretoria
X 2p vio & ind government buildings,Pretoria
X 3p red & blk Groote Schuur
X 4p brn Kaffir kraal
X 6p org & grn orange tree
- 1sh dlbl & yelbrn gnus
X 2sh6p redbrn & grn trekking

1933 1933 issue v. SUID-AFRIKA photo print (12 stamps)
X 1/2p springbok
X 1p ship
X 1 1/2p gold mine
X 1 1/2p gold mine
X 2p government buildings,Pretoria
X 3p Groote Schuur
X 4p Kaffir kraal
- 6p org & grn
- 1sh gnus
- 2sh6p trekking
- 5sh ox wagon
- 10sh Cape Town & Table Mountain

1935, May 1 Silver Jubilee issue photo print
X 1/2p King George V & springboks
X 1p King George V & springboks
- 3p King George V & springboks
- 6p King George V & springboks

1937, May 12 King George VI photo print (5 stamps)
X 1/2p grn & blk King George VI
X 1p car & blk King George VI
X 1 1/2p prusgrn & org King George VI
X 3p bl & ultra King George VI
X 1sh prusbl & orgbrn King George VI

1938, Dec 14 Voortrekker issue photo print
X 1p rose & sl wagon wheel
X 1 1/2p redbrn & prusbl voortrekker family

1941 war effort issue photo print (9 stamps)
X 1/2p blgrn infantry
X 1p brtrose nurse
X 1 1/2p prusgrn airman
- 2p vio sailor .20 .20
- 3p
- 4p
- 6p redorg
- 1sh
- 1sh3p (1943)

1942 1942 issue v. smaller photo print (8 stamps)
X 1/2p blgrn infantry
X 1p brtrose nurse
X 1 1/2p brn airman
X 2p vio sailor
X 3p bl womens services
X 4p slgrn artillery .20 .20
X 6p org welder
X 1sh brn tank corps

1945, Dec 3 Peace issue photo print
X 1p victory
X 2p
X 3p couple looking up at star

1947, Feb 17 Royal Visit 1947 issue photo print
X 1p brtrose & gray George VI
X 2p pur Queen Elizabeth & King George VI & Proteas
X 3p dpbl Princess Margaret & Princess Elizabeth

1948, Apr photo print
X 1 1/2p

1948, Apr 26 Silver Wedding issue photo print
X 3p bl & sil Queen Elizabeth & King George VI

1949, May 2 photo print
X 1 1/2p redbrn ship Wanderer in Port Natal

1949, Oct 1 UPU 75th issue photo print
- 1/2p Mercury & globe
X 1 1/2p Mercury & globe
- 3p Mercury & globe

1949, Dec 1 Voortrekker Monument issue photo print
- 1p wagons .20 .20
X 1 1/2p dlgrn monument .20 .20
- 3p Bible & candle & voortrekkers .20 .20

1952, Mar 14 Riebeeck landing 300th issue photo print (5 stamps)
X 1/2p dkbrn & redvio seals .20
X 1p dkgrn .20 .20
X 2p dkpur ships .20
X 4 1/2p dkbl van Riebeeck
X 1sh brn landing

1952, Mar 26 ovpted photo print
- 1p dkgrn ovpt

1952, Mar 26 ovpted photo print
- 2p dkpur ovpt, ships


1956, May 26 1956 al-Tusi issue photo print wmk. arms of Iran p. 11x12½
- 1r org Tomb of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi in Maragheh
- 2.50r dpultra Astrolabe of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi
- 5r sepia & pur portrait of al-Tusi

1958, Dec 24 1958 Rudagi issue photo print p. 11
- 2.50r bluish black Rudagi with instrument
- 5r vio Rudaki 858-941 persian poet meditating
- 10r dkbrn Rudaki 858-941 persian poet playing harp

United States

1978, May 22 photo print unwmk
X A org USPS eagle

1985, Mar 23 1985 transportation coils issue photo print (no perf info)
- 5c car circus wagon redrawn .20 .20


1945, Oct 28 1945b issue photo print
X 50h dkbrn Masaryk, p. 14
X 80h prusbl Stefanik, p. 14
X 1.60k dkgrn Benes
X 15k vio Masaryk


1942, Oct 15 1942 Horthy issue photo print wmk. cross & wreath & crown p. 12x12¼
X 20f blk Stephen Horthy and planes

1943, Jan 1 1943 regulars issue - value tab in centre photo print p. 15 (18 stamps)
X 1f grnblk Arpad
X 2f redorg Ladislaus I
X 3f ultra Miklós Toldi
X 4f brown János Hunyadi
X 5f ver Paul Kiniszi
X 6f slate blue Miklós Zrinyi
X 8f dkolgrn Francis II Rákóczy
X 10f brown Andrew Hadik
X 12f dpblgrn Arthur Görgei
X 18f dkgray Virgin Mary
X 20f chntbrn St. Stephen's crown
X 24f rose violet Virgin Mary
X 30f brtcar St. Stephen's crown
X 50f blue St. Stephen's crown
X 80f yelbrn St. Stephen's crown
X 1p grn St. Stephen's crown
X 2p brn St. Stephen's crown (1944)
X 5p dkredvio St. Stephen's crown (1944)

1943, Dec 1 Christmas 1943 issue photo print p. 12x12½
X 4f dkgrn Shepherds and angels
X 20f dkbl nativity
X 30f brnorg Adoration of the Magi

1944, Jan 19 1944 St. Margaret issue - value tab at right photo print p. 15
X 30f dpcar St. Margaret note

1944, Mar 20 1944 Kossuth issue photo print (5 stamps)
- 4f yelbrn withfamily, p. 12x12½
X 20f dkolgrn drummer, p. 12x12½
X 30f redbrn orating, p. 12x12½
X 50f slbl Lajos Kossuth 1802-1894 politician statesman, p. 12½x12
- 8p+24p on 50f slbl, yel portrait, p. 12½x12 (1945)

1945, May 1 1945a issue ovpted photo print p. 12x12½
- 30f redbrn, bl ovpt, orating

1945, May 1 1945b issue ovpted photo print
- 20f dkolgrn, yel ovpt, drummer, p. 12x12½
- 50f slbl, yel ovpt, portrait, p. 12½x12

1945, Jun 1 1945c issue ovpted photo print p. 12x12½
X 300p on 30f redbrn, bl orating

1945, Jul 1945d issue ovpted photo print
X 42f on 20f dkolgrn, yel drummer, p. 12x12½
X 50f slbl, yel ovpt, portrait, p. 12½x12
X 1p on 20f dkolgrn, yel drummer, p. 12x12½
X 6p on 50f slbl, yel portrait, p. 12½x12

1945, Nov 9 1945 Reconstruction issue blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge photo print p. 12x12½ (14 stamps)
X 12p brnol blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 20p brtgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 24p orgbrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 40p olgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 60p redorg blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 100p orgyel blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 120p brtultra blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 140p brtred blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 200p olbrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 240p brtbl blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 300p dkcar blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 500p dlgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 1000p redvio blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 3000p brtred blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)

1946, Feb 12 1946 Liberation issue photo print p. 12x12¼
X 3ez dkred liberation
X 15ez ultra liberation

1950 1950 Philatelic Museum issue photo print wmk. double cross in shield mult p. 12x12½
X 60f gray & brn philatelic museum

1950, Apr 9 World Chess Championship 1951, candidate's tournament issue photo print wmk. stars (Cuba)
- 60f dpmagenta chess players
- 1fo dpblue Ironworkers Union building

1950, May 10 1950 Trade Union Federation issue photo print
X 40f olive green Statue, cogwheel & globe
X 60f darkcarmine three workers

1960, Mar 8 International Women's Day 1960 issue - famous people (1960 Hungary) photo print p. 10¾
X 60f redbrn Clara Zetkin

1966, Aug 30 European Athletic Championships 1966 issue - athletes (1966) photo print unwmk p. 12x11½ (6 stamps)
X 20f multi discus thrower & Matthias Church
X 30f multi High Jump & Agricultural Museum
X 40f multi Womens javelin & Parliament
X 50f multi hammer throw
X 1fo multi shot put
X 2Ft multi pole vault
- Hungary empty sheet (#8450)


1950, Apr 9 World Chess Championship 1951, candidate's tournament issue photo print wmk. stars (Cuba) p. 12x12½
- 1.60fo brown chess emblem, globe, plane

1950, May 10 1950 Trade Union Federation issue photo print
X 1fo redbrn Globes, chain bridge, parliamenrt

1966, Aug 30 European Athletic Championships 1966 issue - athletes - souvenir sheet photo print unwmk p. 12x11½
- 10fo hurdlers
- Hungary empty sheet (#8450)

1966, Oct 17 1966 Airline connections issue - plane over city photo print p. 12¼x11¼ (14 stamps)
- 20f brown orange plane over Helsinki
- 50f brown plane over Athens
- 1fo bl plane over Beirut
- 1.10fo black plane over Frankfurt am Main
- 1.20fo orange plane over Cairo
- 1.50fo blue green plane over Copenhagen
- 2Ft brt blue plane over London
- 2.50fo brt red plane over Moscow
- 2.60fo violet plane over Vienna (1968)
- 3fo yel grn plane over Paris
- 4fo redbrn plane over Prague
- 5fo brt pur plane over Rome
- 10fo violet blue plane over Damascus (1967)
- 20fo gray olive plane over Budapest (1967)


1942, Oct 15 1942 Horthy issue photo print wmk. cross & wreath & crown p. 12½x12
- 30f+20f dprosevio Stephen Horthy and planes (1943)

1943, Mar 15 1943 wounded soldiers issue photo print p. 12¼x12 (9 stamps)
- 1f+1f dkgray mounted archer
- 3f+1f dullvio soldier with battle axe
- 4f+1f lake soldier with battle axe
- 8f+2f green warrior with shield and sword
- 12f+2f bisbrn lancer
- 20f+2f dpclaret musketeer
- 40f+4f grayvio hussar
- 50f+6f orgbrn artilleryman
- 70f+8f slate blue Magyar arms

1943, Jul 17 1943 Horthy aviation fund issue photo print p. 12½x12
- 8f+8f green model glider
- 12f+12f greenish blue gliders
- 20f+20f chestnut eagle and planes
- 30f+30f rosecar fighter and gliders

1944, Mar 20 1944 Kossuth issue ovpted photo print p. 12x12½
- 3p+9p on 20f dkolgrn, yel drummer (1945)
X 4p+12p on 4f yelbrn, bl withfamily (1945)



1960, Oct 19 1960 Jeanty issue photo print unwmk p. 14x14½
X 10c orange & red lilac Jeanty and score
X 20c blue & red lilac Jeanty and national capitol
X 50c grn & sepia Jeanty and score
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