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Stamps, 1926

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postage due

1926, Dec 24 1926 due issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 10q bl
- 20q grn
- 30q redbrn
- 50q brn



1926 1926 issue p. 12 (14 stamps)
X 10pa sl blacksmith & wolf
X 20pa org blacksmith & wolf
X 1g brtrose blacksmith & wolf
X 2g grn Sakarya Gorge
X 2 1/2g grayblk Sakarya Gorge
X 3g redbrn Sakarya Gorge
X 5g lilgray Fortress of Ankara
X 6g red Fortress of Ankara
X 10g dpbl Fortress of Ankara
X 15g dporg Fortress of Ankara
X 25g dkgrn & blk Mustafa Kemal Pasha
X 50g car & blk Mustafa Kemal Pasha
X 100g olgrn & blk Mustafa Kemal Pasha
X 200g brn & blk Mustafa Kemal Pasha

postage due

1926 railroad bridge (5 stamps)
- 20pa railroad bridge
- 1g red railroad bridge
- 2g blgrn railroad bridge
- 3g lilbrn railroad bridge
X 5g lil railroad bridge

New Zealand


1926 wmk. NZ & star (close)
- 2sh bl King George V in admiral's uniform, p. 14
- 2sh dkbl King George V in admiral's uniform
- 3sh vio King George V in admiral's uniform, p. 14

1926, Nov 12 (no perf info)
X 1p red King George V in field marshal's uniform

Cook Islands

1926, May 13
- 1/2p yelgrn & blk


1926 1926 issue ovpted on stamps of Syria - landmarks (1925) unwmk (8 stamps)
X 3.50p brnorg ovpt, view of Hama
X 4p on 25c olblk view of Merkab
- 4.50p on 75c brnorg view of Hama
X 6p on 2.50p View of Kalat Yamoun
X 7.50p on 2.50p View of Kalat Yamoun
X 12p on 1.25p dkgrn Latakia
X 15p on 25p ultra ruins at Palmyra, other view
X 20p on 1.25p dkgrn Latakia


1926, May 1 1926 air issue ovpted - landmarks (1925)
X 2p dkbrn ovpt, ruins at Palmyra
X 3p blk, redorg ovpt, Banias, p. 13.5
X 5p blk, blgrn ovpt, Chevaliers' Castle, p. 13.5
X 10p ovpt, Citadel of Aleppo



1900, Dec 4 1900 issue p. 14x13.5
X 7 1/2c lil Liberte Egalite Fraternite
X 10fr grn & red Liberty & Peace
X 20fr mag & grn Liberty & Peace

1903, Apr 1 1903 issue sower (5 stamps)
X 45c ltvio sower
X 50c ver sower
X 50c graygrn sower
X 65c graygrn sower
X 1fr bl sower

1906, Apr 13 1906 issue sower (5 stamps)
X 15c redbrn sower
X 20c plum sower
X 35c vio sower, v. 2
X 40c ver sower
X 1.40fr cer sower

1923, May 5 Pasteur 100th issue
X 20c grn Pasteur
X 30c ltgrn Pasteur
X 1.50fr bl Pasteur
- France sheet of 1 type

1926, Aug 1926 provisional issue ovpted (12 stamps)
X 25c on 30c ltbl sower
X 25c on 35c vio sower, v. 2
X 50c on 75c bl Pasteur
X 50c on 1.25fr bl Pasteur
X 50c on 60c ltvio sower
X 50c on 65c rose sower
X 50c on 80c ver sower
X 50c on 85c ver sower
X 50c on 1.05fr ver sower
X 55c on 60c ltvio sower
X 90c on 1.05fr ver sower
X 1.10fr on 1.40fr cer sower

postage due

1893 1893 postage due issue p. 13
X 2fr brtvio scroll

1926 1926 postage due issue ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 50c on type=recouvrement-10c (0)
- 60c on type=recouvrement-1c (0)
- 1fr on type=recouvrement-60c (0)
- 2fr on type=recouvrement-60c (0)


1926 War Charity 1926 issue unwmk p. 14x13.5
- 2+1c purbrn
- 50+10c brn
- 1fr+0.25c car
- 5+1fr bl



1926 1926 provisional issue ovpted - scenic (1925) (13 stamps)
- 1p on 3p blk, redorg Banias, p. 13.5
X 2p on 1.25p dkgrn Latakia
- 3.50p on 75c brnorg view of Hama
- 4p on 25c olblk view of Merkab
X 4p on 25c olblk view of Merkab
X 4p on 25c olblk view of Merkab
X 4.50p on 75c brnorg view of Hama
X 6p on 2.50p View of Kalat Yamoun
- 7.50p on 2.50p View of Kalat Yamoun
X 7.50p on 2.50p View of Kalat Yamoun
- 12p on 1.25p dkgrn Latakia
- 15p on 25p ultra ruins at Palmyra, other view
- 20p on 1.25p dkgrn Latakia

airmail semipostal

1926, Apr 1 Relief for refugees from Jebel Druze war issue
- 2+1p multi
- 3+2p multi
- 5+3p multi
- 10+5p multi


1926 ovptedlandmarks (1925) (12 stamps)
X 25c+25c on 25c olblk view of Merkab
X 50c+25c on 50c yelgrn view of Alexandretta
X 75c+25c on 75c brnorg view of Hama
X 1p+50c on 1p mag mosque at Damascus
X 1.25p+50c on 1.25p dkgrn Latakia
X 1.50p+50c on 1.50p dkrose Damascus
- 2p+75c on 2p dkbrn ruins at Palmyra
- 2.50p+75c on 2.50p View of Kalat Yamoun
- 3p+1p on 3p Bridge of Daphne
- 5p+1p on 5p View of Aleppo
- 10p+2p on 10p Citadel of Aleppo
- 25p+5p on 25p ultra ruins at Palmyra, other view



1924 1924 issue ovpted on stamps of France p. 14x13.5
X 15c redbrn ovpt, sower
X 80c ver ovpt, sower
X 1.05fr ver ovpt, sower
X 3fr vio & bl ovpt, Liberty & Peace

1926 1926 issue (no perf info) (23 stamps)
X 1c ol street in Kasbah
X 2c redbrn street in Kasbah
X 3c org street in Kasbah
X 5c blgrn street in Kasbah
X 10c brtvio street in Kasbah
X 15c orgbrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 20c dprose mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 20c grn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 25c blgrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 30c bl mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 35c dpvio mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 40c olgrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 45c viobrn La Pecherie mosque
X 50c bl La Pecherie mosque
X 60c yelgrn La Pecherie mosque
X 75c car La Pecherie mosque
X 80c orgred La Pecherie mosque
X 1fr graygrn & redbrn Marabout
X 1.05fr ltbrn La Pecherie mosque
X 1.25fr dkbl & ultra Marabout
X 2fr prusbl & blkbrn Marabout
X 3fr vio & org Marabout
X 5fr red & vio Marabout

postage due

1926 1926a due issue (8 stamps)
X 5c ltbl
X 10c brn
X 20c olgrn
X 25c carrose
X 30c rosered
X 45c blgrn
X 50c brnvio
X 1fr redbrn

1926 1926b due issue
X 1c olgrn
X 10c vio
- 30c bis
X 60c dlred



1926, Nov 1 1926 issue - portraits (1926) wmk. network p. 14 (11 stamps)
- 3pf olbrn Goethe
X 5pf dkgrn Schiller
X 8pf blgrn Beethoven
X 10pf car Frederick the Great
X 15pf ver Kant
X 20pf myrgrn Beethoven
X 25pf bl Goethe
X 30pf olgrn Gotth. Ephr. Lessing
X 40pf dpvio Leibniz
X 50pf brn Bach
X 80pf choc Durer


1926 1926 air issue eagle unwmk (7 stamps)
- 5pf grn eagle
- 10pf eagle
- 20pf eagle
- 50pf eagle
- 1m blk & rose eagle
- 2m blk & bl eagle
- 3m blk & olgrn eagle


1926, Dec 1 1926 arms issue wmk. network (no perf info) (7 stamps)
- 5+5pf
- 5+5pf
- 10+10pf
- 10+10pf
- 25+25pf
- 50+50pf
- 50+50pf


airmail semipostal

1926, Sep 15 Red Cross 1926 issue unwmk p. 12.5 (6 stamps)
- 5c blk & pur
- 10c
- 20c
- 25c
- 50c
- 1p


1926, Sep 15 Red Cross 1926 issue (13 stamps)
- 1c blk
- 2c bl
- 5c
- 10c grn
- 15c bl
- 20c vio
- 25c car
- 30c grn
- 40c dkbl
- 50c org
- 1p
- 4p
- 10p brn

1926, Sep 15 Madrid-Manila flight issue (5 stamps)
X 15c bl & org
X 20c .20–.30 .20–.30
X 30c .20–.30 .20–.30
X 40c .20–.30 .20–.30
- 4p 10.–100 10.–100



1926, Jul 6th International Proletarian Esperanto Congress issue wmk. Greek border & rosettes p. 12
- 7k blgrn & red Obelisk of Soviet constitution
- 14k blgrn & vio Obelisk of Soviet constitution


1912 Ceres issue ovpted on stamps of Portugal unwmk (no perf info)
X 96c dprose ovpt, Ceres
- 2.40e apgrn ovpt, Ceres
- 3e pink ovpt, Ceres

1926 First Independence issue ovpted on stamp of Portugal p. 14
- 2c org & blk ovpt, Alfons I 1st King of Portugal
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