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Stamps, 1940

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1939, Aug 1939b issue unwmk (no perf info)
X 1q blgray
X 2q olgrn
X 3q brn
- 50q


1940, Mar 20 1940 air issue (7 stamps)
- 5q grn Sheep Ovis ammon aries Shepherds
- 15q carred Map of Albania Showing Air Routes
- 20q bl Victor Emmanuel III of Italy & harbour view
- 50q dkbrn Woman River Valley
- 1fr dkgrn Vezirit Bridge
- 2fr blk Aircraft Ruins
- 3fr dkvio Women waving to plane

postage due

1940, Feb 1 1940 due issue Arms of Albania (5 stamps)
- 4q orgred Arms of Albania
- 10q vio Arms of Albania
- 20q dkbrn Arms of Albania
- 30q dkbl Arms of Albania
- 50q car Arms of Albania

special delivery

1940, Mar 20 1940 express issue
- 25q vio
- 50q redorg



1931, Oct 1 1931 issue
X 2k ltgrn Mustafa Kemal Atatürk .20
X 5k brnblk Mustafa Kemal Atatürk .20
X 6k rose Mustafa Kemal Atatürk .20
X 10k viobl Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

1939, Nov 10 Ataturk death 1st issue (5 stamps)
X 3k Kemal Pasha
X 5k Kemal Pasha in 1918
X 7 1/2k Atatürk on the Kocatepe Mountain
X 8k Ataturk Marshal
X 17 1/2k rose Ataturk Last Photo

1940, Jan 1 Balkan Entente 1940 issue
X 8k ltbl Arms of Turkey Greece Romania & Yugoslavia
X 10k dpbl Arms of Turkey Greece Romania & Yugoslavia

1940, Jan 3 Namik Kemal 100th issue
X 6k chnt Namik Kemal
X 8k dkolgrn Namik Kemal
X 12k brtrosered Namik Kemal
X 12 1/2k brtbl Namik Kemal

1940, Aug 20 1940 Izmir Fair issue ovpted - Latin with umlaut
X 6k on 200k dkgrn & blk Kemal Ataturk
X 10k on 200k dkgrn & blk Kemal Ataturk
X 12k on 500k choc & blk Kemal Ataturk

1940, Oct 1 census 1940 issue
X 10pa blgrn map of Turkey & Census Figures .20 .20
X 3k map of Turkey & Census Figures
X 6k carrose map of Turkey & Census Figures
X 10k dkbl map of Turkey & Census Figures

1940, Oct 5 Balkan Games 1940 issue
- 3k dkgraygrn runner
- 6k carrose pole vaulter
- 8k redbrn hurdler
- 10k dkbl discus thrower

New Zealand

1940, Jan 2 Treaty of Waitangi 100th issue wmk. mult NZ & star (13 stamps)
X 1/2p blgrn arrival of Maoris in New Zealand
X 1p scar & dkbrn Endeavour & chart & Captain Cook
X 1 1/2d pur & bl British monarchs
X 2p Abel Tasman & ship & chart
- 2 1/2p signing the Treaty of Waitangi
X 3p landing of pioneer settlers
X 4p redvio & viobrn the progress of transport
X 5p brn & ltbl Britomart at Akaroa, p. 13.5x14
X 6p vio & grn ship route map
- 7p orgred & blk Maori council
X 8p orgred & blk Maori council
X 9p dporg & ol gold mining
X 1sh dkgrn giant Kauri tree


1940, Jan 2 1940 official issue ovpted (11 stamps)
- 1/2p blgrn ovpt, arrival of Maoris in New Zealand
- 1p scar & dkbrn ovpt, Endeavour & chart & Captain Cook
- 1 1/2d pur & bl ovpt, British monarchs
- 2p ovpt, Abel Tasman & ship & chart
- 2 1/2p ovpt, signing the Treaty of Waitangi
- 3p ovpt, landing of pioneer settlers
- 4p redvio & viobrn ovpt, the progress of transport
- 6p vio & grn ovpt, ship route map
- 8p orgred & blk ovpt, Maori council
- 9p dporg & ol ovpt, gold mining
- 1sh dkgrn ovpt, giant Kauri tree


1940, Oct 1 Health 1940 issue
- 1d+1/2d blgrn
- 2d+1d brnorg

Cook Islands


1940, Sep 2 ovpted wmk. mult star & NZ
X 3p on 1 1/2d-wmk=mult star & NZ-unissued (0)


1938, Feb 2 Ceres 1938 issue unwmk p. 14x13.5
X 2.50fr ultra Ceres

1939, Apr 18 New York World's Fair issue p. 13
X 2.50fr ultra New York City

1939, May 23 Iris issue p. 14x13.5
X 80c redbrn Iris goddess
X 1fr crim Iris goddess

1940 1940a issue ovpted
X 1fr on 1.75fr ultra Ceres

1940 1940b issue ovpted (15 stamps)
X 30c on 35c grn sower, p. 14x13.5
X 50c on 65c brtultra Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 50c on 90c dkbl Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 50c on 75c dkorgbrn Mercury, p. 14x13.5
X 50c on 55c dlvio Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 50c on 75c olgrn Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 50c on 80c org Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 1fr on 1.50fr dpbl Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 1fr on 1.40fr redvio Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 1fr on 1.25fr rosecar Peace, p. 14x13.5
X 1fr on 2.15fr viobrn miners, p. 13
X 2.50fr on 5fr ultra Carcassonne, p. 13
X 5fr on 10fr blkbrn Vincennes, p. 13
X 10fr on 20fr dkgrn St Malo, p. 13
X 20fr on 50fr bl Clement Ader, p. 13

1940, Nov 7
- 50fr ultra Guynemer

1940, Dec 1940 Petain issue
X 1fr red Marshal Petain


1940, Feb 15 Charity 1940 a issue
- 40+60c dkbrn
- 1fr+50c blgrn

1940, Apr 15
- 1fr+25c red

1940, May 1 war charity 1940 a issue
- 80+45c brn
- 1fr+50c vio
- 1.50fr+50c car
- 2.50fr+50c bl

1940, May 12 Red Cross 1940 issue
- 80c+1fr grn & red
- 1+2fr sep & red

1940, Nov 12
- 1+2fr sep

1940, Nov 12 unemployed intellectuals 1940 issue
- 80+10c viobrn
- 1fr+10c redpur
- 2.50fr+25c ultra

1940, Dec 2 national relief 1940 issue
- 80c+2fr graybrn
- 1+2fr brn
- 1.50+2fr pur
- 2.50+2fr grn



1940 (no perf info)
X 5p palerose ruins at Palmyra

1940 1940 issue (10 stamps)
X 10c museum at Damascus
X 20c museum at Damascus
X 25c fawn museum at Damascus
X 50c ultra museum at Damascus
X 1p pckbl hotel at Bloudan
X 1.50p choc hotel at Bloudan
X 2.50p dkgrn hotel at Bloudan
X 5p vio Kasr-el-Heir
X 7.50p ver Kasr-el-Heir
- 50p sepia Kasr-el-Heir


1940, May 15 1940 air issue plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor (7 stamps)
- 0.25p brnblk plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor
- 0.50p bl plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor
- 1p dpultra plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor
- 2p dkorgbrn plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor
- 5p grn plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor
- 10p rose plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor
- 50p dkvio plane over Bridge of Deir el Zor



1936 1936 issue - scenic (1936)
X 1.50fr rose Oued River


1940, Jan 1 charity 1940 issue
- 1+1fr bl & red
- 1+2fr brnred & blk
- 1+4fr grn & red
- 1+9fr brn & red



1940, Mar 3 Leipzig spring fair 1940 issue p. 14
X 3pf brn German library & Gutenberg
X 6pf grn Clocktower building at Augustus square
X 12pf brncar Market square & old City Hall
X 25pf bl fairgrounds


1940, Mar 28 2nd National Stamp Exposition issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 24+76pf dkgrn Hall of Honor, Chancellery

1940, Apr 10 Hitler 51st issue
- 12+38pf copred Hitler greeting child

1940, Apr 30 May Day 1940 issue p. 14
X 6+4pf slgrn & ltgrn warrior with sword & plow team

1940, Jun 22 Blue Ribbon race 1940 issue
- 25+100pf ultra horseman on leaping horse

1940, Jul 20 7th Brown Ribbon race issue
- 42+108pf brn chariot

1940, Jul 25 Eupen-Malmedy reunion issue
- 6+4pf dkgrn view of Malmedy
- 12+8pf orgred view of Eupen

1940, Aug 9 Heligoland acquisition 50th issue
X 6+94pf brtblgrn & red Heligoland rocks & sea

1940, Nov 5 Winterhilfswerk 1940 issue - buildings (1940) (9 stamps)
- 3+2pf dkbrn Artushof, Danzig, p. 14
- 4+3pf blblk Town Hall, Thorn, p. 14
- 5+3pf yelgrn Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, p. 14
- 6+4pf dkgrn City theatre Poznan Poland, p. 14
- 8+4pf dporg Heidelberg Castle, p. 14
- 12+6pf car Porta Nigra Trier, p. 14
- 15+10pf dkviobrn Prague State Opera
- 25+15pf ultra Bremen City Hall
- 40+35pf redlil Historical City Hall of Münster

1940, Nov 26 diptheria antitoxin discovery 50th issue
- 6+4pf grn Emil von Behring
- 25+10pf ultra Emil von Behring

Andorra (Fr)


1932, Jun 16 1932 issue unwmk
- 50c grn Bridge of St Anthony
- 2fr red Chapel of Meritxell
- 2.50fr ultra Gorge of St Julia
- 3fr redbrn Chapel of Meritxell


1939 1939 Sanchez Toda issue p. 14
- 45c ver Franco

1939 1939 no imprint issue Franco (9 stamps)
X 5c dlbrnvio Franco
X 40c prusgrn Franco
X 50c ind Franco
X 60c dlorg Franco
X 70c bl Franco
X 1p grayblk Franco
X 2p dlbrn Franco
X 4p dlrose Franco
X 10p ltbrn Franco


1937 1937 issue p. 12
X 1k dlorg
X 4k cl
- 10k ol
X 50k brn

1940, Feb Chekhov 80th issue
X 10k yelgrn Chekhov portrait
X 15k ultra Chekhov portrait
X 20k vio Chekhov wearing hat
X 30k redbrn Chekhov wearing hat

1940, Apr incorporation Ukraine & Byelorussia issue (5 stamps)
X 10k rose soldier&child
X 30k myrgrn civilians welcoming tank crew
X 50k grayblk soldier handing out newspapers
X 60k ind soldier handing out newspapers
X 1r red crowd waving to tanks

1940, Apr Sedov polar expedition issue
X 15k olgrn icebreaker Josef Stalin
X 30k gray & vio icebreaker Goergi Sedov
X 50k red & brn
X 1r vio & bl

1940, Jun Mayakovsky death 10th issue
X 15k dkred face
X 30k orgbrn face
X 60k dkgraybl profile
X 80k brtultra profile

1940, Jun Timiryasev death 20th issue
X 10k ind some academy
X 15k vio Kliment Timiryazev
X 30k brn Kliment Timiryazev
X 60k dpgrn

1940, Jul 21 2nd Physical Culture Day issue (5 stamps)
X 15k car relay race
X 30k pur
X 50k vio & bl
X 60k vio & bl
X 1r gray & grn
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