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Stamps, 1908

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1908 tughra unwmk (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 5pa och tughra
X 10pa blgrn tughra
X 20pa car tughra
X 1pi brtbl tughra
X 2pi blblk tughra
X 2 1/2pi viobrn tughra
X 5pi dkvio tughra
X 10pi red tughra
X 25pi dkgrn tughra
- 50pi redbrn tughra

1908 1908 discount issue ovpted
X 10pa blgrn ovpt, tughra
- 20pa car ovpt, tughra
X 1pi brtbl ovpt, tughra
X 2pi blblk ovpt, tughra

1908, Dec 17 Granting of the Constitution issue tughra (5 stamps)
X 5pa och tughra
X 10pa blgrn tughra
X 20pa car tughra
X 1pi brtbl tughra
X 2pi blblk tughra

postage due

1908 1908 due issue p. 13.25
- 1pi blk & rose
- 2pi blk & rose

Rio de Oro


1908 ovpted (no perf info)
- 2c on 2p buff King Alfonso XIII

1908 ovpted (no wmk info)
- 5c grn on type=revenue-50c-grn (0)
- 5c grn on type=revenue-50c-grn (0)

1908 ovpted unwmk
- 10c on 50c blkvio King Alfonso XIII

1908 1908 provisional issue ovpted King Alfonso XIII (5 stamps)
- 15c on 25c dpgrn King Alfonso XIII
- 15c on 1p org King Alfonso XIII
- 15c on 1p org King Alfonso XIII
- 15c on 1p org King Alfonso XIII
- 15c on 75c orgbrn King Alfonso XIII

New Zealand

1908 wmk. NZ & star (close)
X 1p car Commerce redrawn

1908, Jan 15 ovpted (no wmk info)
- 1p rosecar on 1p-rosecar (1)


postage due

1908 1908 postage due issue unwmk p. 13
X 1c olgrn numeral recouvrements
X 10c vio numeral recouvrements

St. KittsNevis


1905 1905 issue wmk. mult crown & CA
- 6p pur & gray Columbus looking for land, p. 14
- 6p redvio & grayblk Columbus looking for land

St. Helena

1908, May 1908 issue
- 2 1/2p ultra King Edward VII, w. mult crown & CA
- 4p blk & red, yel King Edward VII, w. mult crown & CA
- 6p dlvio & redvio King Edward VII, w. mult crown & CA
- 10sh grn & red King Edward VII, w. crown & CA


1908 1908 issue seal of Antigua wmk. mult crown & CA p. 14 (7 stamps)
- 1/2d grn seal of Antigua
- 1p red seal of Antigua
- 2 1/2d ultra seal of Antigua
- 3d seal of Antigua
- 6p seal of Antigua
X 1sh seal of Antigua
- 2sh seal of Antigua


1908 1908 issue San Martin (15 stamps)
- 1/2c vio San Martin, w. large sun
- 1c brnbuff San Martin, w. large sun
X 2c choc San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
- 3c grn San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
- 4c redvio San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
X 5c car San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
- 6c olbis San Martin, w. large sun
X 10c graygrn San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
- 12c yelbuff San Martin, w. large sun, p. 13.5
- 15c apgrn San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
- 20c ultra San Martin, w. large sun
- 24c redbrn San Martin, w. large sun
- 30c dlrose San Martin, w. wavy rays sun
- 50c blk San Martin, w. large sun
- 1p slbl & pnk San Martin, w. wavy rays sun


postage due

1908 1908 due issue numeral (5 stamps)
- 1sh emer numeral
- 2sh emer numeral, w. crown & single-lined A
- 5sh emer numeral, w. crown & single-lined A
- 10sh emer numeral, w. crown & single-lined A
- 20sh emer numeral, w. crown & single-lined A

South Australia


1906 1906 issue wmk. crown & single-lined A (WA)
- 5d dlvio Queen Victoria & arms of South Australia


1905 1905 issue wmk. crown & double-lined A p. 12.5
- 1sh yel Queen Victoria


1908, Jan 1 Franz Josef accession 60th issue unwmk p. 9-12.5 (17 stamps)
X 1h gray Karl VI
X 3h mag Joseph II
X 5h yelgrn Franz Josef
X 6h buff Emperor Leopold II
X 10h dprose Franz Josef
X 12h scar Emperor Franz I
X 20h choc Ferdinand I
X 25h bl Franz Josef
X 30h olgrn young Franz Josef .20
X 35h sl middle aged Franz Josef .20
X 50h dkgrn Franz Josef standing .20
X 60h dpcar Franz Josef riding .20
X 72h dkbrn Franz Josef standing
X 1kr pur Franz Josef in royal robes .20
X 2kr lk & olgrn Schönbrunn Palace from front
X 5kr bis & dkvio Hofburg
- 10kr bl & bis & dpbrn Franz Josef


1908 1908 newspaper issue (no perf info)
- 2h ultra
- 6h redorg
- 10h car
- 20h brn

postage due

1908, May 15 1908 due issue p. 12.5 (11 stamps)
- 1h
- 2h
- 4h
- 6h
- 10h
- 14h
- 20h
- 25h
- 30h
- 50h
- 100h

Austrian offices in Crete


1908 Franz Josef accession 60th issue (no wmk info) (no perf info) (6 stamps)
- 5c grn, yel
- 10c scar, rose
- 15c brn, buff
- 25c dpbl, bl
- 50c lake, yel
- 1fr brn, gray


1906 1906 issue wmk. crown (Italy) p. 14
X 25c bl Victor Emmanuel III
X 40c brn Victor Emmanuel III
X 50c vio Victor Emmanuel III

special delivery

1908, Sep 1 (no perf info)
- 30c bl & red

Austrian offices in the Turkish Empire


1908 1908 issue (no wmk info) (9 stamps)
X 10pa grn, yel Franz Josef
X 20pa scar Franz Josef
X 30pa brn Franz Josef
X 1pi dpbl Franz Josef
X 60pa vio Franz Josef
X 2pi lake Franz Josef in royal robes
X 5pi brn Franz Josef in royal robes
X 10pi grn Franz Josef in royal robes
X 20pi bl Franz Josef in royal robes

postage due

1908 (9 stamps)
- 1/4pi
X 1/2pi
X 1pi
X 1 1/2pi
X 2pi
- 5pi
- 10pi
- 20pi
- 30pi

Leeward Islands


1905 1905 issue wmk. mult crown & CA p. 14
- 2p pur & och King Edward VII
- 6p King Edward VII
- 1sh King Edward VII

Belgian Congo

1908 1908 issue ovpted unwmk (10 stamps)
- 5c grn & blk ovpt, Port Matadi
- 10c car & blk ovpt, Stanley Falls, p. 11-16
- 15c ocher & blk ovpt, climbing oil palms, p. 11-16
X 25c ltbl & blk ovpt, Inkissi Falls, p. 11-16
- 40c blgrn & blk ovpt, canoe, p. 11-16
- 50c ol & blk ovpt, railroad bridge, p. 11-16
X 1fr lake & blk ovpt, hunting elephants
- 3.50fr ovpt, Congo village
- 5fr lake & blk ovpt, Bangala chief&wife, p. 11-16
- 10fr yelgrn & blk ovpt, river steamer

Straits Settlements

1904 1903b issue wmk. mult crown & CA p. 14
X 3c scar King Edward VII & betel nut palms
X 4c dklil King Edward VII & nipah palms

1904 1902b issue
X 10c vio, yel King Edward VII

Bechuanaland Protectorate

1904 1904 issue ovpted on stamp of Great Britain wmk. imperial crown (no perf info)
- 1/2p on 1/2d palegrn King Edward VII


1904 1904 issue wmk. mult crown & CA p. 11.5
- 1lb King Edward VII

British Honduras

1904 1904 issue (no perf info)
- 1c grn King Edward VII
X 2c car King Edward VII
X 5c ultra King Edward VII


1906 1906 issue p. 14
- 1/4p pur & brn dry dock
X 1p car dry dock

Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)

1898 1898 issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 3p cl arms of BSAC
X 3sh pur arms of BSAC
- 10sh blgrn arms of BSAC
- 2lb redbrn arms of BSAC


1908 1908 issue wmk. mult rosette p. 14 (18 stamps)
- 3c yelgrn Sultan Ali bin Hamud
X 6c car Sultan Ali bin Hamud
X 12c vio Sultan Ali bin Hamud
- 15c ultra Sultan Ali bin Hamud
X 25c brn Sultan Ali bin Hamud
X 50c grn Sultan Ali bin Hamud
X 1r yelgrn Sultan Ali bin Hamud
- 2r vio Sultan Ali bin Hamud
- 3r dkorgyel Sultan Ali bin Hamud
- 4r ver Sultan Ali bin Hamud
- 5r bl Sultan Ali bin Hamud
- 10r brn & grn Sultan's palace
- 20r grn & blk Sultan's palace
- 30r sep & blk Sultan's palace
- 40r org & blk Sultan's palace
- 50r vio & blk Sultan's palace
- 100r bl & blk Sultan's palace
- 200r Sultan's palace


1907, Feb 26 river scene issue scene on Brunei river wmk. mult crown & CA (no perf info) (9 stamps)
X 1c grn scene on Brunei river
- 2c brn & blk scene on Brunei river
X 3c scar scene on Brunei river
X 4c cl scene on Brunei river
X 5c org & blk scene on Brunei river
- 8c bl & ind scene on Brunei river
- 10c viobrn, yel scene on Brunei river
- $5 lake, grn scene on Brunei river 10.–100 10.–100
- $25 blk, orgred scene on Brunei river 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000


1908 unwmk p. 12
- 5y grn Empress Jingu
- 10y dkvio Empress Jingu


1908, Jul 14 foreign commerce opening 100th issue wmk. ESTADOS
X 100r red

1908, Jul 14 National Exposition 1908 issue
X 100r car allegories in Rio harbor


1903, Jul 1 1903 issue unwmk
- 50c pur King Edward VII

1908, Jul 16 Quebec 300th issue (8 stamps)
X 1/2c blkbrn Prince&Princess of Wales
X 1c blgrn Jacques Cartier & Champlain
X 2c car Queen Alexandra & King Edward VII
X 5c dkbl Champlain's home
- 7c olgrn Montcalm&Wolfe
- 10c dkvio view of Quebec
- 15c redorg Champlain departing westward
X 20c yelbrn arrival of Cartier ships


1908, Sep
X 2c lake map of Newfoundland


1905 1905 issue - Imperial Chinese Post (no perf info)
X 10c ultra dragon

Cayman Islands

1907, Dec 27 1907 issue wmk. mult crown & CA p. 14
- 2 1/2d ultra King Edward VII
- 3d vio King Edward VII
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