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Stamps, 1923

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1923 1923 issue - towns (1923) unwmk (7 stamps)
- 2q org Gjinokaster
X 5q grn Kanina
- 10q red Berati
X 25q dkbl Vezirit
- 50q prusgrn Rozafat, p. 12.5
X 1fr dkvio Korcha, p. 11.5
X 2fr brnzgrn Dursit


1923 crescent & star (19 stamps)
X 10pa grayblk crescent & star
X 20pa citron crescent & star
X 1pi dpvio crescent & star
X 1 1/2pi emer crescent & star, p. 13.25
X 2pi blgrn crescent & star
X 3pi yelbrn crescent & star, p. 13.25
- 3 3/4pi lilbrn crescent & star, p. 13.25
- 4 1/2pi car crescent & star
X 5pi pur crescent & star
X 7 1/2pi bl crescent & star
X 10pi sl crescent & star
X 11 1/4pi dlrose crescent & star, p. 13.25
X 15pi brn crescent & star
X 18 3/4pi myrgrn crescent & star, p. 13.25
X 22 1/2pi org crescent & star, p. 13.25
X 25pi blkbrn crescent & star, p. 13.25
- 50pi gray crescent & star, p. 13.25
X 100pi dkvio crescent & star, p. 13.25
- 500pi dpgrn crescent & star, p. 13.25

New Zealand

1923 Restoration of Penny Postage issue wmk. NZ & star (close) p. 14x15
X 1d car map of New Zealand


1923, May 5 Pasteur 100th issue Pasteur unwmk p. 14x13.5 (7 stamps)
X 10c grn Pasteur
X 30c red Pasteur
X 50c bl Pasteur
X 75c bl Pasteur
X 90c red Pasteur
X 1fr bl Pasteur
X 1.25fr bl Pasteur
- France sheet of 1 type

1923, Jun 15 ovpted
- 1fr cl & ltolgrn ovpt, Liberty & Peace

postage due

1893 1893 due issue p. 13
- 25c rose scroll



1920 1920d issue ovpted on stamp of France p. 14x13.5
X 25c on 5c org sower

1923 1923 issue (no perf info) (17 stamps)
- 10c purbrn
- 25c org
- 50c grn
- 50c grn
- 75c graygrn
- 1p purbrn
- 1.25p bl
- 1.50p dlrd
- 1.50p brnorg
- 1.50p
- 2p red & bl
- 2.50p bl
- 2.50p bl
- 3p vio & bl
- 5p
- 10p orgred & ltbl
- 25p bl & dlbrn


1923 1923 air issue
- 2p red & bl
- 3p vio & bl
- 5p
- 10p orgred & ltbl

postage due

1923 1923 due a issue ovpted on stamps of France (5 stamps)
- 50c on 10c brn scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
- 1p on 20c olgrn scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
- 2p on issue=1893 due-30c (2)
- 3p on issue=1893 due-50c (2)
- 5p on issue=1893 due-1fr (2)



1922, Oct 1922d issue numeral in oval wmk. network (11 stamps)
X 100m dkpur numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25
X 200m red numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25
X 300m grn numeral in oval
X 400m orgbrn numeral in oval
X 500m org numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25
X 1000m gray numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25
X 2000m numeral in oval
X 3000m numeral in oval
X 4000m numeral in oval
X 5000m numeral in oval
X 100000m numeral in oval

1922, Dec 1922e issue
X 5m org miners left
X 20m redvio miners left

1923, Mar numeral in circle (6 stamps)
X 100m vio numeral in circle
X 200m carrose numeral in circle
X 300m grn numeral in circle
X 400m brn numeral in circle
X 500m redorg numeral in circle
X 1000m gray numeral in circle

1923, May
X 5thm dpbl Wartburg Castle

1923, Jul
X 10thm olgrn Cologne Cathedral

1923, Aug 20 1923a issue ovpted (13 stamps)
X 5thm on 40pf redorg numeral, w. network
X 8thm on 30pf blgrn numeral, w. lozenges
X 8thm on 30pf blgrn numeral, w. network
X 15thm on 40m blgrn farmers, w. network
X 20thm on 200m carrose numeral in circle, w. network
X 20thm on 25m olbrn farmers, w. network
X 20thm on 12m ver farmers, w. network, p. 14
X 25thm on 25m olbrn farmers, w. network
X 30thm ltbl on 200m-ltbl-unissued (0)
X 30thm on 10m bl farmers, w. network
X 75thm yelgrn on 1000m-yelgrn-unissued (0)
X 75thm on 300m yelgrn numeral in circle
X 75thm yelgrn on 400m-yelgrn-unissued (0)

1923, Sep 15 wmk. network
X 5thm numeral in circle
X 50thm numeral in circle
X 75thm numeral in circle

1923, Sep 15 1923b issue ovpted (20 stamps)
X 100thm on 400m blgrn numeral in circle
X 100thm on 100m vio numeral in circle, w. network
X 125thm on 1000m rose numeral in circle
X 250thm on 300m yelgrn numeral in circle
X 250thm on 500m pnk numeral in circle
- 250thm on 400m brn numeral in circle, w. network
X 250thm on 200m carrose numeral in circle, w. network
X 250thm on 500m redorg numeral in circle, w. network
X 800thm ltgrn on 1000m-ltgrn-unissued (0)
X 800thm ltgrn on 10pf-ltgrn-numeral 1921-unissued (0), numeral 1921
X 800thm ltgrn on 300m-ltgrn-unissued (0)
X 800thm on 400m dkbrn numeral in circle
X 800thm on 400m ltgrn numeral in circle
X 800thm on 500m ltgrn numeral in circle
X 800thm ltgrn on 5pf-ltgrn-numeral 1921-unissued (0), numeral 1921
X 800thm on 200m carrose numeral in circle, w. network
X 2mil rosered on 200m-rosered-unissued (0)
X 2mil on 300m dpgrn numeral in circle
X 2mil on 500m dlrose numeral in circle
X 2mil on 5thm dlrose numeral in circle

1923, Oct 1 1923c issue ovpted (6 stamps)
X 400thm bis on 15pf-bis-unissued (0)
X 400thm bis on 25pf-bis-unissued (0)
X 400thm bis on 30pf-bis-unissued (0)
X 400thm bis on 40pf-bis-unissued (0)
X 2mil rosered on 200m-rosered-unissued (0)
X 2mil dlrose on 5thm-dlrose-unissued (1)

1923, Oct 10 1923d issue circle network wmk. network p. 14 (18 stamps)
X 500thm brn circle network
X 1mil grnbl circle network
X 2mil dlvio circle network
X 4mil yelgrn circle network
X 5mil carrose circle network
X 10mil ver circle network
X 20mil dkbl circle network
X 30mil cl circle network
X 50mil dlgrn circle network
X 100mil gray circle network
X 200mil bisbrn circle network
X 500mil olgrn circle network
X 1mld dkbrn circle network
X 2mld blkgrn & dlbrn circle network
X 5mld brn & yelorg circle network
X 10mld dkyelgrn & olgrn circle network
X 20mld brn & dkblgrn circle network
X 50mld brtbl & dkbl circle network

1923, Oct 26 1923e issue circle network p. serr roul 13.5 (9 stamps)
X 10mil circle network
X 20mil circle network
X 50mil circle network
X 200mil circle network
X 1mld circle network
X 2mld circle network
X 5mld circle network
X 20mld circle network
X 50mld circle network

1923, Nov 7 ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 1mld vio on 100m-vio-unissued (0)

1923, Nov 16 1923f issue ovpted circle network wmk. network p. 14 (6 stamps)
- 5mld on 2mil dlvio circle network
X 5mld on 10mil ver circle network
X 5mld on 4mil yelgrn circle network
- 10mld on 20mil dkbl circle network
X 10mld on 50mil dlgrn circle network
- 10mld on 100mil gray circle network

1923, Nov 17 1923g issue ovpted p. serr roul 13.5
X 5mld on 10mil circle network
- 10mld on 20mil circle network
X 10mld on 50mil circle network

1923, Dec 1 circle network p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 3pf brn circle network
X 5pf dkgrn circle network
X 10pf car circle network
X 20pf ultra circle network
X 50pf org circle network
X 100pf brnvio circle network


1923 1923 air issue eagle unwmk (5 stamps)
- 5m ver eagle
- 10m vio eagle
- 25m dkbrn eagle
- 100m olgrn eagle
- 200m dpbl eagle


1922 1922 official issue wmk. network
- 10m dkgrn, rose numeral
X 20m dkbl numeral, p. 14x14.25
X 50m vio, rose numeral, p. 14x14.25
X 100m rosered, rose numeral, p. 14x14.25

1923 ovpted circle network p. 14 (6 stamps)
- 3pf brn ovpt, circle network
- 5pf dkgrn ovpt, circle network
- 10pf car ovpt, circle network
- 20pf ultra ovpt, circle network
- 50pf org ovpt, circle network
- 100pf brnvio ovpt, circle network


1923, Feb 19 ovpted (no perf info)
X 5m+100m on 5m org miners left

1923, Feb 19 ovpted
- 20m+1000m on 20m ind & grn plowing

1923, Feb 19 ovpted
X 25m+500m on 25m olbrn farmers



1922 1922 issue unwmk p. 14
X 5c redvio King Alfonso XIII
- 10c emer King Alfonso XIII

St. KittsNevis

1923 1923 issue caravel in Old Road Bay (11 stamps)
- 1/2d grn & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 1p vio & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
X 1 1/2p car & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 2p gray & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 2 1/2d brn & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 3d ultra & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 6p vio & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 1sh olgrn & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 2sh caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 2sh6p car & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & script CA
- 5sh car & blk caravel in Old Road Bay, w. mult crown & CA
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