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1965, Aug 20 2nd Anniversary of the Death of John F. Kennedy issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 40c Alliance for Progress emblem & JFK

1965, Nov 5 Guyana claim issue
X 5c multi map 1840
X 15c multi
X 40c

1966, Jan 25 butterflies (1966 Venezuela)
X 20c ltolgrn & multi Papilio protesilaus leucones
X 30c ltgrn & multi Morpho peleides
X 50c ltorg & multi Papilio zagreus Scott says yellow

1966, Mar 10 maritime mail 200th issue
X 60c multi ships

1966, Apr 5 folk dances (1966) (6 stamps)
X 5c multi
- 10c multi
X 15c multi
X 20c multi
X 25c multi
X 35c multi

1966, May 12 Arturo Michelena 100th issue
X 95c dkbrn & palebrn Arturo Michelena
X 1b Arturo Michelena
X 1.05b Arturo Michelena

1966, Jul 6 ministers of labor conference issue (6 stamps)
X 10c orgyel & brnblk
X 20c grnbl & blk
X 30c dlbl & blvio
X 35c grnol & brnol
X 50c lilrose & blk
X 65c ltrd & redbrn

1966, Aug 31 freshwater fishes (1966)
X 15c multi Astronotus ocellatus
X 25c multi Cichla ocellaris
X 45c multi Serrasalmus notatus

1966, Dec 9 Christmas 1966 issue
X 65c blvio & blk

1966, Dec 28 Ministry of Communications 30th issue
X 45c multi

X 70c Ruben Dario

1967, Apr 21 University of Zulia 75th issue
X 80c multi University of Zulia

1968, Jun 27 newspaper Correo del Orinoco 150th issue
X 1.50b multi

1968, Aug 30 insect pests (1968)
X 20c multi corn borer
X 75c multi boll weevil
X 90c multi tobacco hornworm

1968, Nov 8 electrification
X 15c multi Guayana substation
X 45c multi
X 50c multi Macagua Dam & power plant
X 80c multi Guri River Dam & power plant

1968, Dec 6 National Savings System issue
X 45c multi

1968, Dec 19 nature conservation 1968 issue (6 stamps)
X 15c multi child planting tree
X 20c multi
X 30c multi
X 45c multi
X 55c multi
X 75c multi

1969, Jan 24 tourism 1969 issue
- 15c beach
X 45c
X 90c multi
- sheet of 2 types

1969, Feb 15 Congress of Angostura 150th issue
X 45c multi

1969, Apr 1 Martin Luther King memorial issue
X 1b multi Martin Luther King

1969, May 30 trees (1969 Venezuela)
X 50c multi Tabebuia
X 65c multi Erythrina poeppigiana
X 90c multi Platymiscium sp.

1969, Jun 27 Cristobal Rojas paintings (6 stamps)
X 25c multi On the Balcony - Cristobal Rojas
X 35c multi The Pheasant - Cristobal Rojas
X 45c multi The Christening - Cristobal Rojas
X 50c multi The Empty Place - Cristobal Rojas
X 60c multi The Tavern - Cristobal Rojas
X 1b multi Arm - Cristobal Rojas

1969, Jul 28 ILO 50th issue
- 2.50b brncar & blk ILO emblem

1969, Aug 26 industry (1969)
X 45c multi Charter
X 1b multi complex

1969, Sep 8 Carora city 400th issue
X 20c multi House with Arcade
X 25c multi Ruins of Pastora Church
X 55c multi El cerrito de la cruz
X 65c multi House of Culture

1969, Oct 28 Bolivar in Spain
X 10c multi wedding
X 15c multi & blk "Bolivar as a Student" - Artist Unknown
X 35c multi
- sheet of 2 types

1969, Dec 12 Children's Day 1969 issue
X 5c multi "Birds in the Woods"
X 45c multi

1969, Dec 16 Gran Colombia 150th issue
X 45c multi map of Gran Colombia

1970, Jan 15 churches (1970 Venezuela) (7 stamps)
X 10c multi St Anthony's, Clarines
X 30c multi Church of the Caroni Conception
X 40c multi Church of St Michael Burbusay
- 45c multi Church of St Anthony Maturín
- 45c multi Church of St Anthony Maturín, imperf
X 75c multi St Nicholas Church Moruy
X 1b multi Coro Cathedral
- sheet of 1 type

1970, Feb 13 Valera 150th issue
X 95c multi Seven Hills of Valera

1970, Jul 29 flowers (1970 Venezuela)
X 20c multi Monochaetum humboldtianum
X 25c multi Symbolanthus vasculosus
X 45c multi Cavendishia splendens
X 1b multi Befaria glauca

1970, Aug 7 Battle of Boyaca 150th issue
X 30c multi The Battle of Boyaca - M. Tovar y Tovar

1970, Sep 1 church art (6 stamps)
X 35c multi Cross of the Church of Caracas
X 40c multi ND Dal Valle
X 60c multi Our Lady of Belem
- 0.60b multi
X 90c multi Virgin of Chiquinquira
X 1b multi Virgin of Socorro
- sheet of 1 type

1970, Nov 28 EXFILCA 70 issue
X 20c multi emblem & flags
X 25c multi
X 70c multi

1970, Dec 1 Christmas 1970 issue
X 45c multi "Guardian Angel" - J. P. Lopez

1970, Dec 10 Air Force 50th issue
X 5c multi jet fighter & biplane

1971, Apr 30 census 1971 issue
X 30c multi ul
X 30c multi ur
X 30c bl
- 30c br

1971, Jun 21 Battle of Carabobo 150th issue
X 2b multi Battle of Carabobo

1971, Jul 15 state maps issue (11 stamps)
X 5c multi map of Federal District
X 15c multi map of Monagas
X 20c multi map of Nueva Esparta
- 25c multi map of Portuguesa
X 45c multi map of Sucre
X 55c multi map of Tachira
X 65c multi map of Trujillo
- 75c multi map of Yaracuy
X 85c multi map of Zulia
X 90c multi map of Amazonas
X 1b multi map of Federal Dependencies

1971, Dec 1 Christmas 1971 issue
X 25c multi
X 25c multi

1971, Dec 10
X 1b multi Luis Beauperthuy

1972, Apr 7 World Health Day 1972 issue
X 1b multi

1972, May 16 Venezuela in America issue (5 stamps)
- 3b multi Arm of Venezuela
X 4b multi national flag
X 5b multi national anthem
- 10b multi Araguaney tree
- 15b multi Map fom America

1972, Jul 25 Parque Central project completion issue
X 30c multi „Parque Central“ Caracas
- 30c multi „Parque Central“ Caracas
- 30c multi „Parque Central“ Caracas

1972, Oct 2 Gandhi 103rd issue
X 60c multi

1972, Dec 5 Christmas 1972 issue
X 30c multi
X 30c multi

1972, Dec 15 snakes (1972) (6 stamps)
X 10c multi Drymarchon corais
X 15c multi Spilotes pullatus
X 25c multi Bothrops venezuelensis
X 30c multi Micrurus dumerili carinicaudus
X 60c multi Crotalus vegrandis
- 1b multi Boa constrictor

1973, Feb 19 Copernicus 500th issue
X 5c multi
X 10c multi
X 15c multi

1973, Mar 15 solar system issue (15 stamps)
X 5c multi Sun 1973
X 5c multi b.Earth
- 10c multi
X 15c multi inner planets
- 15c multi
X 20c multi Mars
- 20c multi Saturn
- 30c multi
- 40c multi Neptune
X 50c multi Venus
- 60c multi Jupiter
X 75c multi Uranus
X 90c multi Moon
X 90c multi
X 1b multi

1973, Apr 30 OAS 25th issue
X 60c multi

1973, May 6 José Antonio Páez death 100th issue (5 stamps)
X 10c multi José Antonio Páez
- 30c multi Paez & horse
X 50c multi General Paez in civilian dress
X 1b multi Street of the lancers Puerto Cabello
- 2b multi

1973, Jul 27 Battle of Maracaibo 150th issue
- 50c multi José P Padilla Mariano Montilla & Manuel Manrique
X 1b multi "Battle of Maracaibo" - M. F. Rincon
- 2b multi Battle of Maracaibo

1973, Aug 1 Ramos de Lora 150th issue
X 75c multi Ramos de Lora

1973, Sep 8 Margarita Island port issue
X 5c multi Plane Ship Margarita

1973, Oct 1 Golden Road completion issue (7 stamps)
X 5c multi Waterfall El Cama
X 10c multi Ara macao
X 20c multi Map & Santa Elena church - Uairèn
X 50c multi Map & ancient mountain sanctuary
X 60c multi Map & ancient mountain sanctuary
X 90c multi Map & santa Teresita church - Cabanyen
X 1b multi Map & flags of Venezuela & Brasil

1973, Oct 14 Paez Dam opening issue
X 30c multi Paez Dam

1973, Dec 4 Childrens Foundation Festival issue
X 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 10c multi

1973, Dec 5 Christmas 1973 issue
X 30c multi
X 30c multi

1973, Dec 13
X 25c multi regionalization

1973, Dec 18 progress
X 15c multi vase
- 35c multi
X 45c multi

1974 Pay Your Taxes issue (20 stamps)
X 5c multi
X 10c multi
X 15c multi
X 20c multi
X 25c multi
X 30c multi
X 35c multi
X 40c multi
X 45c multi
X 50c multi
X 55c multi
X 60c multi
- 65c multi
X 70c multi
X 75c multi
X 80c multi Playing field sport
X 85c multi Medicine
X 90c multi Medicine
X 95c multi Operating Room
X 1b multi Operating Room
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