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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Ottomanstamp3541.png Turkey postage 9/15/1876 50pa bl&yel crescent (1876) unwmk
- Colnect-145-937-Financial-Services-of-La-Poste.jpg France semipostal 3/17/1990 2.30fr+0.60c bl&yel Stamp Day 1990 unwmk a
- Colnect-2066-488-Place-names-of-the-insurrection-of-May-8-1945.jpg Algeria postage 5/22/1976 0.50d bl&yel 30th Anniversary of Setif, Guelma and Kherrata Massacres unwmk eo0
X 1959_CPA_2370.jpg Russia postage 10/27/1959 60k bl&yel USA visit unwmk 12 a
X Colnect-169-411-Fresco--quot-St-Lawrence-distributes-the-goods-of-the-Church.jpg Italy postage 11/26/1955 25l bl&yel Fra Angelico 500th Fresco St Lawrence distributes the goods of the Church stars 14 a
X Colnect-169-709-Emblem-of-the-exposure-and-the-Roman-road.jpg Italy postage 6/12/1958 60l bl&yel Brussels Exposition exposition emblem stars a
X Colnect-1523-279-Birth-Centenary-Sri-Aurobindo---Symbol-of-Aurobindo.jpg India postage 8/15/1972 20p bl&yel Aurobindo Ghose 100th Asokan capital a
X Colnect-2325-586-Gold.jpg South Africa postage 5/31/1961 2c bl&yel 1961b pouring gold coat of arms eo0
- Colnect-885-930-Derrick-mosque-achaemenid-columns-of-Susa.jpg Iran postage 2/20/1953 2.50r bl&yel oil discovery oil derrick & mosque a
X Colnect-4320-068-Statue-of-Christ-above-La-Paz.jpg Bolivia postage 9/26/1948 1.40b bl&yel 3rd Inter-American Catholic Education Congress Statue of Christ above La Paz unwmk eo0
- Colnect-606-568-Soldier-1822-Bernardo-O--Higgins-Military-College-Emblem.jpg Chile postage 6/9/1972 1.15e bl&yel military college 150th unwmk eo0
X Link French Equatorial Africa postage 1940 3c bl&yel 1937 logging on Loeme River
- Colnect-794-044-Timbre-de-1937-1939-surcharg-eacute----Stamp-1937-1939-overloaded.jpg French Equatorial Africa postage 1940 3c bl&yel 1940a logging on Loeme River e2
- Colnect-794-098-surcharge-Overloaded-Afrique-Fran-ccedil-aise-Libre.jpg French Equatorial Africa postage 1941 3c bl&yel 1941a logging on Loeme River
- Link Colombia airmail 10/10/1961 50c bl&yel Atlantico 1961 y
- Colnect-1948-471-Saint-Virgin-from-El-Cobre.jpg Cuba postage 9/8/1956 4c bl&yel Virgin of Charity 12.5 a
- Colnect-885-961-Coat-of-arms.jpg French Southern & Antarctic Territories postage 9/14/1959 20fr bl&yel more misc arms of TAAF unwmk a
X Colnect-1714-220-Map--of-Tortuga-Island.jpg Haiti postage 4/4/1961 5c bl&yel Tourist Publicity Map of Tortuga Island unwmk e0
- Colnect-3932-752-EUROPA---CEPT-Square.jpg Iceland postage 9/16/1963 7k bl&yel Europa 1963 Europa interlock unwmk a
- Colnect-2130-265-Map-of-Lybia.jpg Libya postage 4/27/1964 50m bl&yel 1st Anniversary of Libyan Union Map of Lybia unwmk a
X Colnect-133-727-General-Patton.jpg Luxembourg postage 10/24/1947 3.50fr bl&yel Patton Patton & tanks breaking chain unwmk 13 a
- Colnect-133-692-War-victims.jpg Luxembourg semipostal 12/20/1945 3.50+3.50fr bl&yel War Victims 1945 unwmk a
- Link Luxembourg semipostal 1/30/1946 5+15fr bl&yel War Victims 1946 unwmk a
X Colnect-2192-877-Three-ears-of-corn-in-front-of-globe.jpg Netherlands postage 3/21/1963 12c bl&yel Freedom from Hunger wheat & globe unwmk 14x12.75 e0
- Colnect-2191-884-Hiking.jpg Netherlands semipostal 5/2/1949 5+3c bl&yel summer 1949 hiking circles
- Colnect-2191-878-White-and-brown-hand-with-sunflower.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/1/1949 10+5c bl&yel Red Cross 1949 White & brown hand with sunflower circles
- Colnect-2552-772-Independence-33th-Anniv.jpg Sudan postage 1/22/1990 50p bl&yel independence 33rd mult SG eo0
- Colnect-993-971-Stylized-Campfire.jpg Surinam semipostal 7/29/1964 8+4c bl&yel Jamborette at Paramaribo Stylized campfire
X Colnect-435-938-Post-Office.jpg Sweden postage 2/20/1986 2,10kr bl&yel 350th Anniversary of the Swedish Post unwmk eo0
- Colnect-2691-550-Historical-Letter-Box-1879.jpg Uruguay postage 8/9/1994 1.80p bl&yel Historical Letter Box 1879 a
- Link Uruguay postage 12/1/1995 1234 bl&yel a
- Colnect-4944-672-Tabebuia-National-Tree.jpg Venezuela airmail 8/25/1950 60c bl&yel Forest Week 1950 Tabebuia chrysantha (1950) unwmk a
- Colnect-1439-194-Snow-Leopard-Panthera-uncia.jpg Afghanistan postage 6/25/1964 25p bl&yel fauna (1964) snow leopard (1964) unwmk

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