Stamps of Germany, 14x14.5 perf

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-5729-204-General-Post-Office-Berlin.jpg Germany postage 1905 1m carrose 1905 Imperial Post Office (Deutsches Reich) lozenges 14x14.5 a
X DR_1916_95BII_Genius%2C_Vereinigung_von_Nord-_und_S%25C3%25BCddeutschland.jpg Germany postage 1905 2m graybl 1905 union of North and South (redesigned) lozenges 14x14.5 a
X DR_1918_97BII_Reichsgr%25C3%25BCndungsgedenkfeier.jpg Germany postage 1905 5m sl&car 1905 Wilhelm II speaking (Deutsches Reich) lozenges 14x14.5 a

1 to 3 of 3