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Stamps of Guatemala, 1920

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Link Guatemala postage 1920 25c bl
X STS-Guatemala-4-300dpi.jpg-crop-313x381at1936-2843.jpg Guatemala postage 1920 25c grn e0
X Colnect-2670-233-Joaquina-Maternity-Hospital---2c-on-60c.jpg Guatemala postage 1/1920 2c ol&blk Joaquina Maternity Hospital unwmk a
X Colnect-2670-239-Radio-station---2c-on-30c.jpg Guatemala postage 1/1920 2c red&blk radio station unwmk a
X Colnect-2670-235-School-for-Indians---25c-on-2p-black.jpg Guatemala postage 1/1920 25c orgred&blk Indian school unwmk a

1 to 5 of 5