Postage stamps of Indonesia

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-971-384-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 1s
- Colnect-1017-618-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 2s
X Colnect-1017-619-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 2 1/2s
X Colnect-1136-087-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 3s
X Colnect-1143-751-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 4s
X Colnect-971-403-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 5s
X Colnect-971-404-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 7 1/2s
X Colnect-971-405-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 10s
X Colnect-971-406-Numeral.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 12 1/2s red
- Link Indonesia postage 1950 20s
X Colnect-1136-088-Temples-and-Buildings--Puntadewa.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 25s ultra
X Colnect-1136-089-Temples-and-Buildings--Bejuning.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 30s
X Colnect-1136-090-Temples-and-Buildings--Bejuning.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 40s
X Colnect-1136-091-Temples-and-Buildings--Bejuning.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 45s
X Link Indonesia postage 1950 50s
- Colnect-1136-092-Temples-and-Buildings--Minangkabau-House.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 60s
X Colnect-1136-093-Temples-and-Buildings--Minangkabau-House.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 80s
X Colnect-1136-094-Temples-and-Buildings--Toraja-House.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 1r
- Link Indonesia postage 1950 2r
- Link Indonesia postage 1950 3r
- Link Indonesia postage 1950 5r
- Colnect-971-472-Temples-and-Buildings--Toraja-House.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 10r
- Colnect-971-473-Temples-and-Buildings--Toraja-House.jpg Indonesia postage 1950 25r
X Colnect-2273-503-Inauguration-of-United-States-of-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 1/17/1950 15s red flag unwmk
X Colnect-2216-428-Arms.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1950 15s red 5th Anniversary of Independence arms of Indonesia unwmk
X Colnect-2216-429-Arms.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1950 25s dlgrn 5th Anniversary of Independence arms of Indonesia unwmk
X Colnect-2216-430-Arms.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1950 1r sepia 5th Anniversary of Independence arms of Indonesia unwmk
X Colnect-2257-545-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 1s gray 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-546-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 2s plum 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-547-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 2 1/2s 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-548-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 5s carrose 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-551-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 7 1/2s 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-555-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 10s bl 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-556-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 15s pur 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-557-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 20s red 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-559-Rice-and-Cotton.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 25s graygrn 1951 numeral (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2183-061-General-Post-Office-Building.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 30s orgred 1951 post office (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2183-062-General-Post-Office-Building.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 35s dkvio 1951 post office (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2183-063-General-Post-Office-Building.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 40s grn 1951 post office (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2183-066-General-Post-Office-Building.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 45s dpcl 1951 post office (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2183-067-General-Post-Office-Building.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 50s brn 1951 post office (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2183-068-Spirit-of-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 60s brn 1951 mythological hero unwmk
X Colnect-2183-069-Spirit-of-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 70s gray 1951 mythological hero unwmk
X Colnect-2183-070-Spirit-of-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 75s ultra 1951 mythological hero unwmk
X Colnect-2183-071-Spirit-of-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 80s redvio 1951 mythological hero unwmk
X Colnect-2183-072-Spirit-of-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 90s prusgrn 1951 mythological hero unwmk
X Colnect-2196-617-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 1r pur 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-073-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 1.25r redorg 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-074-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 1.50r brn 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2196-618-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 2r grn 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-075-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 2.50r viobrn 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2196-619-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 3r bl 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2196-620-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 4r olgrn 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-1758-524-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 5r choc 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Link Indonesia postage 2/1951 6r brnvio 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2196-621-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 10r sl 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-077-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 15r yel 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-078-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 20r brnblk 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2196-622-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 2/1951 25r red 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-079-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 40r grn 1951 Sukarno unwmk
X Colnect-2183-080-President-Sukarno.jpg Indonesia postage 1953 50r vio 1951 Sukarno unwmk
- Colnect-2273-221-United-Nations-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 10/24/1951 7 1/2s blgrn UN 6th doves (1951) unwmk
- Colnect-2273-222-United-Nations-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 10/24/1951 10s vio UN 6th doves (1951) unwmk
- Colnect-2273-223-United-Nations-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 10/24/1951 20s scar UN 6th doves (1951) unwmk
- Colnect-2273-224-United-Nations-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 10/24/1951 30s lilrose UN 6th doves (1951) unwmk
- Colnect-2273-225-United-Nations-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 10/24/1951 35s UN 6th doves (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2273-226-United-Nations-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 10/24/1951 1r graybrn UN 6th doves (1951) unwmk
X Colnect-2200-339-Indonesian-Women--s-Congress.jpg Indonesia postage 12/22/1953 50s blgrn womens congress unwmk
X Colnect-2216-218-Asian-African-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 4/18/1955 15s crowd releasing doves unwmk
X Colnect-2216-219-Asian-African-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 4/18/1955 35s crowd releasing doves unwmk
X Colnect-2216-220-Asian-African-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 4/18/1955 50s crowd releasing doves unwmk
X Colnect-2216-221-Asian-African-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 4/18/1955 75s crowd releasing doves unwmk
X Colnect-2216-223-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1955 35s ultra independence 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-224-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1955 50s brn independence 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-225-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1955 75s pur independence 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-222-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1955 15s independence 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-226-Indonesian-Post-Office.jpg Indonesia postage 9/27/1955 15s 10th Anniversary of Indonesian Post Office Mas Soeharto unwmk
X Colnect-2216-227-Indonesian-Post-Office.jpg Indonesia postage 9/27/1955 35s dpcl 10th Anniversary of Indonesian Post Office Mas Soeharto unwmk
X Colnect-2216-228-Indonesian-Post-Office.jpg Indonesia postage 9/27/1955 50s ultra 10th Anniversary of Indonesian Post Office Mas Soeharto unwmk
X Colnect-2216-229-Indonesian-Post-Office.jpg Indonesia postage 9/27/1955 75s 10th Anniversary of Indonesian Post Office Mas Soeharto unwmk
X Colnect-2216-232-First-General-Elections.jpg Indonesia postage 9/29/1955 35s elections unwmk
X Colnect-2216-234-First-General-Elections.jpg Indonesia postage 9/29/1955 50s red elections unwmk
X Colnect-2216-235-First-General-Elections.jpg Indonesia postage 9/29/1955 75s elections unwmk
X Colnect-2216-230-First-General-Elections.jpg Indonesia postage 9/29/1955 15s elections unwmk
X Colnect-2216-239-Heroes---Day.jpg Indonesia postage 11/10/1955 50s bl helmet & wreath & monument unwmk
X Colnect-2216-240-Heroes---Day.jpg Indonesia postage 11/10/1955 1r car helmet & wreath & monument unwmk
X Colnect-2216-237-Heroes---Day.jpg Indonesia postage 11/10/1955 25s helmet & wreath & monument unwmk
X Colnect-2217-848-Asian-and-African-Students---Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 5/26/1956 25s bl torch & book & map unwmk
X Colnect-2217-849-Asian-and-African-Students---Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 5/26/1956 50s torch & book & map unwmk
X Colnect-2217-850-Asian-and-African-Students---Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 5/26/1956 1r torch & book & map unwmk
X Colnect-2195-580-Javan-Mousedeer-Tragulus-javanicus.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 5s graybl animals (1956 Indonesia) lesser Malay chevrotain unwmk
X Colnect-2195-581-Javan-Mousedeer-Tragulus-javanicus.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 10s animals (1956 Indonesia) lesser Malay chevrotain unwmk
X Colnect-2195-582-Javan-Mousedeer-Tragulus-javanicus.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 15s animals (1956 Indonesia) lesser Malay chevrotain unwmk
X Colnect-2195-583-Smooth-coated-Otter-Lutrogale-perspicillata.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 20s animals (1956 Indonesia) river otter (1956) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-584-Smooth-coated-Otter-Lutrogale-perspicillata.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 25s animals (1956 Indonesia) river otter (1956) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-586-Sunda-Pangolin-Manis-javanica.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 35s animals (1956 Indonesia) pangolin (1956) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-589-Banteng-Bos-banteng.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 50s animals (1956 Indonesia) bull (1956) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-592-Sumatran-Rhinoceros-Dicerorhinus-sumatrensis.jpg Indonesia postage 6/26/1956 75s animals (1956 Indonesia) rhinoceros (1956 Indonesia) unwmk
X Colnect-2257-560-Yogyakarta.jpg Indonesia postage 10/7/1956 15s gate & dancing girl unwmk
X Colnect-2257-561-Yogyakarta.jpg Indonesia postage 10/7/1956 35s gate & dancing girl unwmk
X Colnect-2257-562-Yogyakarta.jpg Indonesia postage 10/7/1956 50s gate & dancing girl unwmk
X Colnect-2257-564-Yogyakarta.jpg Indonesia postage 10/7/1956 75s gate & dancing girl unwmk
X Colnect-2273-228-Telegraphs-in-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 5/10/1957 10s telegraph in Indonesia 100th unwmk
X Colnect-2273-231-Telegraphs-in-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 5/10/1957 15s telegraph in Indonesia 100th unwmk
X Colnect-2273-232-Telegraphs-in-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 5/10/1957 25s telegraph in Indonesia 100th unwmk
X Colnect-2273-233-Telegraphs-in-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 5/10/1957 50s telegraph in Indonesia 100th unwmk
X Colnect-2273-237-Telegraphs-in-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia postage 5/10/1957 75s telegraph in Indonesia 100th unwmk
X Colnect-2257-572-Cooperation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 7/12/1957 10s bl Cooperation Day unwmk
X Colnect-2257-573-Cooperation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 7/12/1957 15s red Cooperation Day unwmk
X Colnect-2257-574-Cooperation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 7/12/1957 50s grn Cooperation Day unwmk
X Colnect-2257-575-Cooperation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 7/12/1957 1r vio Cooperation Day unwmk
X Colnect-2195-585-Smooth-coated-Otter-Lutrogale-perspicillata.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 30s animals (1958) river otter (1956) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-587-Sunda-Pangolin-Manis-javanica.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 40s animals (1958) pangolin (1958) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-588-Sunda-Pangolin-Manis-javanica.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 45s animals (1958) pangolin (1958) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-590-Banteng-Bos-javanicus.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 60s animals (1958) bull (1958) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-591-Banteng-Bos-javanicus.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 70s animals (1958) bull (1958) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-593-Sumatran-Rhinoceros-Dicerorhinus-sumatrensis.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 80s animals (1958) rhinoceros (1956 Indonesia) unwmk
X Colnect-2195-594-Sumatran-Rhinoceros-Dicerorhinus-sumatrensis.jpg Indonesia postage 1958 90s animals (1958) rhinoceros (1956 Indonesia) unwmk
X Colnect-2199-539-Aviation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 4/9/1958 10s redbrn national aviation day Convair airliner unwmk
X Colnect-2199-540-National-Aviation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 4/9/1958 15s bl national aviation day helicopter (1958) unwmk
X Colnect-2199-541-National-Aviation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 4/9/1958 35s org national aviation day trainer unwmk
X Colnect-2199-542-National-Aviation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 4/9/1958 50s multi national aviation day Vickers Viking (1958) unwmk
X Colnect-2199-543-National-Aviation-Day.jpg Indonesia postage 4/9/1958 75s gray national aviation day fighter unwmk
X Colnect-2216-432-Indonesian-Victory-in-Thomas-Cup.jpg Indonesia postage 8/15/1958 25s red Indonesian Victory in Thomas Cup unwmk
X Colnect-2216-433-Indonesian-Victory-in-Thomas-Cup.jpg Indonesia postage 8/15/1958 50s brnorg Indonesian Victory in Thomas Cup unwmk
X Colnect-2216-434-Indonesian-Victory-in-Thomas-Cup.jpg Indonesia postage 8/15/1958 1r brn Indonesian Victory in Thomas Cup unwmk
X Colnect-2199-550-International-Geophysical-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 10/15/1958 10s multi IGY unwmk
X Colnect-2199-551-International-Geophysical-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 10/15/1958 15s multi IGY unwmk
X Colnect-2199-552-International-Geophysical-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 10/15/1958 35s multi IGY unwmk
X Colnect-2199-553-International-Geophysical-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 10/15/1958 50s multi IGY unwmk
X Colnect-2199-554-International-Geophysical-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 10/15/1958 75s multi IGY unwmk
X Colnect-2200-351-Tour-of-Java-Cycle-Race.jpg Indonesia postage 11/15/1958 25s bl Tour de Java unwmk
X Colnect-2200-352-Tour-of-Java-Cycle-Race.jpg Indonesia postage 11/15/1958 50s redbrn Tour de Java unwmk
X Colnect-2200-353-Tour-of-Java-Cycle-Race.jpg Indonesia postage 11/15/1958 1r dkgray Tour de Java unwmk
X Colnect-2216-435-10-years-of-Universal-Declaration-of-Human-Rights.jpg Indonesia postage 12/10/1958 10s blkbrn Human Rights 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-436-10-years-of-Universal-Declaration-of-Human-Rights.jpg Indonesia postage 12/10/1958 15s ltbrn Human Rights 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-437-10-years-of-Universal-Declaration-of-Human-Rights.jpg Indonesia postage 12/10/1958 35s dpultra Human Rights 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-438-10-years-of-Universal-Declaration-of-Human-Rights.jpg Indonesia postage 12/10/1958 50s bisbrn Human Rights 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2216-439-10-years-of-Universal-Declaration-of-Human-Rights.jpg Indonesia postage 12/10/1958 75s blgrn Human Rights 10th unwmk
X Colnect-2200-391-Hairy-Babirusa-Babyrousa-babyrussa-.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1959 10s animals protection wild boar (1959) unwmk
X Colnect-2200-394-Lowland-Anoa-Anoa-depressicornis-.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1959 15s animals protection anoa unwmk
X Colnect-2200-395-Bornean-Orangutan-Pongo-pygmaeus.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1959 20s animals protection orangutan (1959) unwmk
X Colnect-2200-398-Sunda-Rhinoceros-Rhinoceros-sondaicus.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1959 50s animals protection rhinoceros (1959 Indonesia) unwmk
X Colnect-2200-401-Komodo-Dragon-Varanus-komodoensis.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1959 75s animals protection Komodo dragon unwmk
X Colnect-2200-404-Asian-Tapir-Tapirus-indicus-.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1959 1r animals protection tapir (1959) unwmk
X Colnect-2200-423-Readoption-of-1945-Constitution.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1959 20s 1945 constitution unwmk
X Colnect-2200-425-Readoption-of-1945-Constitution.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1959 50s 1945 constitution unwmk
X Colnect-2200-429-Readoption-of-1945-Constitution.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1959 75s 1945 constitution unwmk
X Colnect-2200-432-Readoption-of-1945-Constitution.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1959 1.50r 1945 constitution unwmk
X Colnect-2200-435-Colombo-Plan-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 10/26/1959 15s 11th Colombo Plan conference unwmk
X Colnect-2200-437-Colombo-Plan-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 10/26/1959 20s 11th Colombo Plan conference unwmk
X Colnect-2200-441-Colombo-Plan-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 10/26/1959 50s 11th Colombo Plan conference unwmk
X Colnect-2200-444-Colombo-Plan-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 10/26/1959 75s 11th Colombo Plan conference unwmk
X Colnect-2200-447-Colombo-Plan-Conference.jpg Indonesia postage 10/26/1959 1.15r 11th Colombo Plan conference unwmk
X Colnect-2257-586-World-Refugee-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 4/7/1960 10s World Refugee Year unwmk
X Colnect-2257-587-World-Refugee-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 4/7/1960 15s World Refugee Year unwmk
X Colnect-2257-588-World-Refugee-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 4/7/1960 20s World Refugee Year unwmk
X Colnect-2257-589-World-Refugee-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 4/7/1960 50s World Refugee Year unwmk
X Colnect-2257-590-World-Refugee-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 4/7/1960 75s World Refugee Year unwmk
X Colnect-2257-592-World-Refugee-Year.jpg Indonesia postage 4/7/1960 1.15r World Refugee Year unwmk
X Colnect-2199-556-Agricultural-Products---Oil-Palm.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 5s gray agriculture (1960) oil palms unwmk
X Colnect-2199-557-Agricultural-Products--Sugar-cane-TEBU.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 10s redbrn agriculture (1960) sugarcane unwmk
X Colnect-2199-558-Agricultural-Products--Coffee.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 15s mar agriculture (1960) coffee (1960) unwmk
X Colnect-2199-559-Agricultural-Products--Tobacco-TEMBAKAU.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 20s och agriculture (1960) tobacco (1960) unwmk
X Colnect-2199-560-Agricultural-Products--Tea-TEH.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 25s blgrn agriculture (1960) tea unwmk
X Colnect-2199-563-Agricultural-Products--Coconut-KELAPA.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 50s bl agriculture (1960) coconut palms (1960) unwmk
X Colnect-2199-564-Agricultural-Products--Rubber---KARET.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 75s scar agriculture (1960) rubber unwmk
X Colnect-2199-565-Agricultural-Products--Rice-plants.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1960 1.15r agriculture (1960) rice unwmk
X Colnect-2272-189-Anopheles-Mosquito-Anopheles-sp.jpg Indonesia postage 11/12/1960 25s World Health Day unwmk
X Colnect-2272-190-Anopheles-Mosquito-Anopheles-sp.jpg Indonesia postage 11/12/1960 50s World Health Day unwmk
X Colnect-2272-191-Anopheles-Mosquito-Anopheles-sp.jpg Indonesia postage 11/12/1960 75s World Health Day unwmk
X Colnect-2272-192-Anopheles-Mosquito-Anopheles-sp.jpg Indonesia postage 11/12/1960 3r org World Health Day unwmk
X Colnect-2199-567-National-Development-Plan.jpg Indonesia postage 2/15/1961 75s dkgray Sukarno with hoe unwmk
X Colnect-2272-251-Tourist--Ambonese-boat.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 10s redlil Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Ambonese boat unwmk
X Colnect-2272-252-Tourist--Tangkuban-Perahu-crater.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 15s dkol Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Tangkuban Perahu crater unwmk
X Colnect-2272-253-Tourist--Bull-race.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 20s brnorg Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) bull races unwmk
X Colnect-2272-254-Tourist--Daja-dancer.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 25s red Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Daja dancer unwmk
X Colnect-2272-255-Tourist--Toraja-houses.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 50s dkcar Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Toraja houses unwmk
- Colnect-2272-256-Tourist--Balinese-temple.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 75s purbrn Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Balinese temple unwmk
X Colnect-2272-259-Tourist--Lake-Toba.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 1r emer Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Lake Toba unwmk
X Colnect-2272-260-Tourist--Bali-dancer.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 1.50r och Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Balinese dancer unwmk
X Colnect-2272-261-Tourist--Buffalo-Hole.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 2r graybl Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Buffalo Hole unwmk
X Colnect-2272-262-Tourist--Borobudur-temple.jpg Indonesia postage 3/15/1961 3r gray Visit the Orient Year tourism (1961) Borobudur temple unwmk
X Colnect-2272-653-Thomas-Cup-World-Badminton-Championships.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1961 75s vio badminton championship 1961 unwmk
X Colnect-2272-654-Thomas-Cup-World-Badminton-Championships.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1961 1r olgrn badminton championship 1961 unwmk
X Colnect-2272-655-Thomas-Cup-World-Badminton-Championships.jpg Indonesia postage 6/1/1961 3r redorg&blk badminton championship 1961 unwmk
X Colnect-2272-656-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 7/6/1961 75s vio independence 16th unwmk
X Colnect-2272-657-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 7/6/1961 1.50r grn independence 16th unwmk
X Colnect-2272-659-Independence.jpg Indonesia postage 7/6/1961 3r redbrn independence 16th unwmk
X Colnect-2272-661-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 11/10/1961 20s multi heroes of independence Abdul Muis unwmk
X Colnect-2272-663-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1961 25s multi heroes of independence Hasanuddin unwmk
X Colnect-2272-669-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 11/10/1961 30s multi heroes of independence Surjopranato unwmk
X Colnect-2272-670-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 10/5/1961 40s multi heroes of independence Tiro unwmk
X Colnect-2272-671-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 10/5/1961 50s multi heroes of independence Umar unwmk
X Colnect-2272-729-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 10/5/1962 60s heroes of independence K. H. Samanhudi unwmk
X Colnect-2272-672-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1961 75s multi heroes of independence Pattimura unwmk
X Colnect-2272-673-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1961 1r multi heroes of independence Raden Adjeng Kartini unwmk
X Colnect-2272-730-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 11/10/1962 1.25r olgrn&dkbrn heroes of independence K. H. Achmad Dahlan unwmk
X Colnect-2272-674-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 8/17/1961 1.50r multi heroes of independence Tuanku Imam Bondjol unwmk
X Colnect-2272-731-National-Independence-Heroes.jpg Indonesia postage 10/5/1962 2r heroes of independence Si Singamangaradja unwmk
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