Stamps of Morocco, unwmk watermark

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-898-649-King-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 1956 5fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Colnect-1128-762-King-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 1956 10fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Colnect-1128-763-King-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 1956 15fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 1956 25fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Colnect-1128-761-King-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 1956 30fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Colnect-1128-764-King-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 1956 50fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 1956 70fr Sultan Mohammed V unwmk
X Colnect-898-652-Fight-against-illiteracy.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1956 10fr literacy campaign men reading unwmk
X Colnect-898-653-Fight-against-illiteracy.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1956 15fr literacy campaign girls reading unwmk
X Colnect-898-654-Fight-against-illiteracy.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1956 20fr literacy campaign instructor&pupils unwmk
X Colnect-898-655-Fight-against-illiteracy.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1956 30fr literacy campaign old man&child reading unwmk
X Colnect-898-656-Fight-against-illiteracy.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1956 50fr literacy campaign girl pointing out poster unwmk
X Colnect-898-657-Anniversary-of-Independence.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1957 15fr blgrn sultan waving unwmk
X Colnect-898-658-Anniversary-of-Independence.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1957 25fr olbrn sultan waving unwmk
X Colnect-898-659-Anniversary-of-Independence.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1957 30fr carrose sultan waving unwmk
- Colnect-898-660-Investiture-of-Crown-Prince-Moulay-Hassan.jpg Morocco postage 7/9/1957 15fr bl Prince Moulay el Hassan unwmk
- Colnect-898-661-Investiture-of-Crown-Prince-Moulay-Hassan.jpg Morocco postage 7/9/1957 25fr grn Prince Moulay el Hassan unwmk
- Colnect-898-662-Investiture-of-Crown-Prince-Moulay-Hassan.jpg Morocco postage 7/9/1957 30fr rose Prince Moulay el Hassan unwmk
X Colnect-898-663-30th-anniversary-of-the-coronation-of-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 11/1957 15fr sultan 30th unwmk
X Colnect-898-664-30th-anniversary-of-the-coronation-of-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 11/1957 25fr sultan 30th unwmk
X Colnect-898-665-30th-anniversary-of-the-coronation-of-Mohammed-V.jpg Morocco postage 11/1957 30fr sultan 30th unwmk
X Colnect-1009-578-Brussels-International-Exhibition.jpg Morocco postage 4/20/1958 15fr Morocco pavilion unwmk
X Colnect-1009-579-Brussels-International-Exhibition.jpg Morocco postage 4/20/1958 25fr Morocco pavilion unwmk
X Colnect-1009-580-Brussels-International-Exhibition.jpg Morocco postage 4/20/1958 30fr ind Morocco pavilion unwmk
X Colnect-1009-581-UNESCO-Headquarters-Building.jpg Morocco postage 11/23/1958 15fr grn UNESCO building unwmk
X Colnect-1009-582-UNESCO-Headquarters-Building.jpg Morocco postage 11/23/1958 25fr car UNESCO building unwmk
X Colnect-1009-583-UNESCO-Headquarters-Building.jpg Morocco postage 11/23/1958 30fr bl UNESCO building unwmk
X Colnect-1009-584-Sanatorium-of-Ben-Smine.jpg Morocco postage 1/18/1959 50fr Ben Smin Sanatorium unwmk
X Colnect-1895-068-Mohamed-V.jpg Morocco postage 8/18/1959 15fr car Mohammed V 50th unwmk
X Colnect-1895-069-Mohamed-V.jpg Morocco postage 8/18/1959 25fr bl Mohammed V 50th unwmk
X Colnect-1895-070-Mohamed-V.jpg Morocco postage 8/18/1959 45fr dkgrn Mohammed V 50th unwmk
X Colnect-1895-071-Young-Girl.jpg Morocco postage 11/17/1959 15fr graybl Princess Lalla Amina unwmk
X Colnect-1895-072-Young-Girl.jpg Morocco postage 11/17/1959 25fr dkgrn Princess Lalla Amina unwmk
X Colnect-1895-073-Young-Girl.jpg Morocco postage 11/17/1959 45fr pur Princess Lalla Amina unwmk
- Colnect-1895-074-Economical-Commission-of-Africa-in-Tanger.jpg Morocco postage 1/31/1960 45fr map of Africa & symbols unwmk
X Colnect-1895-075-Refugees.jpg Morocco postage 4/7/1960 15fr World Refugee Year line of refugees unwmk
X Colnect-1895-076-Families.jpg Morocco postage 4/7/1960 45fr World Refugee Year family&emblem unwmk
X Colnect-1895-077-9th-Centenary-of-Marrakech.jpg Morocco postage 4/25/1960 100fr Marrakech 900th unwmk
- Colnect-1895-078-Lantern.jpg Morocco postage 5/12/1960 15fr Karaouiyne University 1100th unwmk
- Colnect-1854-904-Courtyard-Fountain-with-Horseshoe-Arcade.jpg Morocco postage 5/12/1960 25fr Karaouiyne University 1100th unwmk
- Colnect-1895-079-Minaret.jpg Morocco postage 5/12/1960 30fr Karaouiyne University 1100th unwmk
- Colnect-1895-080-Decorative-Pattern.jpg Morocco postage 5/12/1960 35fr Karaouiyne University 1100th unwmk
- Colnect-1895-081-Pavillon.jpg Morocco postage 5/12/1960 45fr Karaouiyne University 1100th unwmk
- Colnect-1895-082-Arab-Ligue.jpg Morocco postage 6/28/1960 15fr Arab League Center unwmk
X Colnect-1895-085-Wrestling.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 5fr Olympics 1960 wrestlers unwmk
X Colnect-1895-086-Bars.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 10fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1895-087-Cyclism.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 15fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1895-088-Weight-lifting.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 20fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1895-089-Running.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 30fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1895-090-Boxe.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 40fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1895-091-Yachting.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 45fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1895-092-Fencing.jpg Morocco postage 9/26/1960 70fr Olympics 1960 unwmk
X Colnect-1234-701-Pan-Arab-Games.jpg Morocco postage 8/30/1961 20fr 3rd Pan-Arab Games unwmk
X Colnect-1234-702-Pan-Arab-Games.jpg Morocco postage 8/30/1961 30fr 3rd Pan-Arab Games unwmk
X Colnect-1234-703-Pan-Arab-Games.jpg Morocco postage 8/30/1961 50fr 3rd Pan-Arab Games unwmk
X Colnect-1234-704-Postal-Conference.jpg Morocco postage 12/8/1961 20fr African Postal Union conference unwmk
X Colnect-1234-700-Telephone-operator.jpg Morocco postage 12/8/1961 30fr African Postal Union conference Telephone operator unwmk
X Colnect-1234-705-Postal-Conference.jpg Morocco postage 12/8/1961 90fr African Postal Union conference Sud Aviation Caravelle Mail Plane unwmk
X Colnect-1894-648-Charter-of-Casablanca.jpg Morocco postage 1/4/1962 20c Mohammed V & map of Africa unwmk
X Colnect-1894-649-Charter-of-Casablanca.jpg Morocco postage 1/4/1962 30c Mohammed V & map of Africa unwmk
X Colnect-1894-650-Patrice-Lumumba.jpg Morocco postage 2/12/1962 20c ltbrn&blk Patrice Lumumba & map of Congo unwmk
X Colnect-1894-651-Patrice-Lumumba.jpg Morocco postage 2/12/1962 30c lil&blk Patrice Lumumba & map of Congo unwmk
X Colnect-899-444-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 1c brnol 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-899-445-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 2c blvio 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-1065-508-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 5c sep 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-899-446-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 10c redbrn 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-1064-887-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 15c 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-899-447-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 20c pur 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-1064-885-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 30c grn 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-1487-811-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 50c viobrn 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 3/2/1962 60c bl 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
X Colnect-899-452-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1962 80c mag 1962 King Hassan II (1962) unwmk
- Colnect-1895-093-Wards.jpg Morocco postage 3/5/1962 20fr Moroccan students unwmk
- Colnect-1895-094-Wards.jpg Morocco postage 3/5/1962 30fr Moroccan students unwmk
- Colnect-1895-095-Wards.jpg Morocco postage 3/5/1962 90fr Moroccan students unwmk
- Link Morocco postage 3/22/1962 20c redbrn Arab Propaganda Week unwmk
- Colnect-1894-653-5th-Arabian-Jamboree.jpg Morocco postage 8/8/1962 20c Boy Scout unwmk
X Colnect-1894-654-Swamp.jpg Morocco postage 9/3/1962 20c dkblgrn malaria eradication unwmk
X Colnect-1894-655-Mosquito--amp--knife.jpg Morocco postage 9/3/1962 50c dkgrn&cl malaria eradication mosquito & dagger unwmk
X Colnect-1894-656-Brown-Trout-Salmo-trutta.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1962 20c multi Casablanca Aquarium fish&aquarium building unwmk
- Colnect-1854-907-Mediterranean-Moray-Muraena-helena.jpg Morocco postage 11/5/1962 30c multi Casablanca Aquarium Muraena helena (1962) unwmk
- Colnect-1894-657-Horse-messenger.jpg Morocco postage 12/15/1962 20c dkblgrn&redbrn Stamp Day 1962 Horse messenger unwmk
- Colnect-1894-658-Foot-messenger.jpg Morocco postage 12/15/1962 30c lilrose&blk Stamp Day 1962 Foot messenger unwmk
- Colnect-1894-659-Sultan-Hassan-I.jpg Morocco postage 12/15/1962 50c bl&olbrn Stamp Day 1962 Sultan Hassan I unwmk
X Colnect-1894-662-Meknes-Third-Centenary.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1963 20c dkbrn King Moulay Ismail unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 5/7/1963 20c dkgrn portraits Al Idrissi unwmk
X Colnect-1894-665-Abou-Abdallah-Mohamed-Ibn-Batouta.jpg Morocco postage 5/7/1963 20c dkcar portraits Ibn Batota unwmk
X Colnect-1894-663-Abderraham-Mohamed-Ibn-Khaldoun.jpg Morocco postage 5/7/1963 20c blk portraits Ibn Khaldoun unwmk
X Colnect-1894-664-Abou-Abdallah-Mohamed-ben-Ahmed-El-Idriss.jpg Morocco postage 7/15/1966 20c portraits Ibn Batota unwmk
X Colnect-1894-666-Sugar-Plant.jpg Morocco postage 6/10/1963 20c Freedom from Hunger sugar beet & sugar refinery unwmk
X Colnect-1894-667-Fishing.jpg Morocco postage 6/10/1963 50c Freedom from Hunger tuna fisherman unwmk
X Colnect-1894-668-Abou-Simbel.jpg Morocco postage 7/15/1963 20c blk Nubia campaign Ramses heads,Abu Simbel unwmk
- Colnect-1894-669-Isis.jpg Morocco postage 7/15/1963 30c Nubia campaign Isis unwmk
X Colnect-1894-670-Trajan-Kiosk.jpg Morocco postage 7/15/1963 50c Nubia campaign Trajan Kiosk unwmk
X Colnect-1894-671-Old-Agadir.jpg Morocco postage 10/10/1963 20c Agadir rebuilding Old Agadir unwmk
X Colnect-1894-672-Old-Agadir.jpg Morocco postage 10/10/1963 30c Agadir rebuilding Old Agadir unwmk
X Colnect-1894-673-Project.jpg Morocco postage 10/10/1963 50c Agadir rebuilding unwmk
X Colnect-1894-674-Red-Cross-Centenary.jpg Morocco postage 10/28/1963 30c Red Cross 100th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-675-Installation-of-parliament.jpg Morocco postage 11/18/1963 20c Parliament installation unwmk
X Colnect-1894-676-Human-Rights-Declaration.jpg Morocco postage 12/10/1963 20c human rights 15th hands breaking chain unwmk
X Colnect-1894-677-Foreign-Forces-Evacuation.jpg Morocco postage 12/25/1963 20c Flag of Morocco (1963) unwmk
- Colnect-899-448-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 1964 20c king 1964 King Hassan II (1964) unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 1964 25c king 1964 unwmk
- Link Morocco postage 1964 35c king 1964 unwmk
X Colnect-899-449-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 1964 40c king 1964 King Hassan II (1964) unwmk
X Colnect-899-450-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 1964 60c king 1964 King Hassan II (1964) unwmk
X Colnect-1493-048-Moulay-Abd-er-Rahman-by-Delacroix.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1964 1d coronation 3rd Moulay Abd-er-Rahman by Delacroix unwmk
X Colnect-1493-049-World-day-of-meteorology.jpg Morocco postage 3/23/1964 20c World Meteorological Day 1964 Africa weather map unwmk
X Colnect-1493-050-World-day-of-meteorology.jpg Morocco postage 3/23/1964 30c World Meteorological Day 1964 world map unwmk
X Colnect-1493-051-Ifrane-summer-camp.jpg Morocco postage 7/6/1964 20c for children vacation camps children on vacation unwmk
X Colnect-1493-052-Ifrane-summer-camp.jpg Morocco postage 7/6/1964 30c for children vacation camps unwmk
X Colnect-1347-848-Olympic-Games-Tokyo-1964.jpg Morocco postage 9/22/1964 20c multi Olympics 1964 unwmk
X Colnect-1347-849-Olympic-Games-Tokyo-1964.jpg Morocco postage 9/22/1964 30c multi Olympics 1964 unwmk
X Colnect-1347-850-Olympic-Games-Tokyo-1964.jpg Morocco postage 9/22/1964 50c multi Olympics 1964 unwmk
- Colnect-1791-740-100th-annivCap-Spartel-Lighthouse.jpg Morocco postage 10/15/1964 25c Cape Spartel lighthouse 100th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-680-Iris-tingitana.jpg Morocco postage 1/15/1965 25c flowers (1965 Morocco) Iris flower unwmk
- Colnect-1894-681-Gladiolus-segetum.jpg Morocco postage 1/15/1965 40c flowers (1965 Morocco) gladiolus unwmk
- Colnect-1894-682-Capparis-spinosa.jpg Morocco postage 1/15/1965 60c flowers (1965 Morocco) Capparis Spinosa unwmk
- Colnect-1064-886-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/25/1965 25c Mohammed return 10th unwmk
- Colnect-1894-687-Telegraph.jpg Morocco postage 5/17/1965 25c ITU 100th unwmk
- Colnect-1894-688-Satellite.jpg Morocco postage 5/17/1965 40c ITU 100th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-689-Hands.jpg Morocco postage 6/14/1965 25c ICY ICY emblem (1965 Morocco) unwmk
X Colnect-1894-690-Hands.jpg Morocco postage 6/14/1965 60c ICY ICY emblem (1965 Morocco) unwmk
X Colnect-1460-725-Smooth-Clam-Pitaria-chione.jpg Morocco postage 7/5/1965 25c ltbl&multi shells (1965) Pitaria chione unwmk
- Colnect-1460-726-Knobbed-Triton-Charonia-nodifera.jpg Morocco postage 7/5/1965 25c shells (1965) Knobbed Triton Charonia nodifera unwmk
- Colnect-1460-727-African-Neptune-Volute-Cymbium-neptuni.jpg Morocco postage 7/5/1965 25c shells (1965) Cymbium neptuni unwmk
X Colnect-1894-694-Box-Crab-Calappa-granulata.jpg Morocco postage 10/15/1965 25c ltgrn&multi shellfish helmet crab unwmk
- Colnect-1894-695-Mantis-Shrimp-Squilla-mantis.jpg Morocco postage 10/15/1965 40c shellfish Squilla mantis unwmk
X Colnect-1894-696-Royal-Prawn-Aristeomorpha-folliacea.jpg Morocco postage 10/15/1965 1d yel&multi shellfish Aristeomorpha foliacea unwmk
X Colnect-1894-700-Ophrys-speculum.jpg Morocco postage 12/15/1965 25c yel&multi orchids (1965) Ophrys speculum unwmk
X Colnect-1401-511-Ophrys-fusca.jpg Morocco postage 12/15/1965 40c brnrose&multi orchids (1965) Ophrys fusca unwmk
X Colnect-1894-701-Ophrys-tenthredinifera.jpg Morocco postage 12/15/1965 60c ltbl&multi orchids (1965) Ophrys tenthedinifera unwmk
X Colnect-1894-705-Agriculture.jpg Morocco postage 1966 25c food (1966) grain unwmk
- Colnect-899-453-Citrus.jpg Morocco postage 1966 40c food (1966) citrus fruits unwmk
X Colnect-1488-141-Olive-branch-with-fruits-old-oil-press.jpg Morocco postage 1966 60c food (1966) olives unwmk
X Colnect-1460-728-King-Hassan-II.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1966 25c coronation 5th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-706-Independance.jpg Morocco postage 3/2/1966 25c independence 10th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-707-Cross-of-Nations.jpg Morocco postage 3/20/1966 25c cross-country runnerc unwmk
X Colnect-1894-708-OMS-buiding.jpg Morocco postage 5/3/1966 25c WHO HQ from west unwmk
X Colnect-1894-709-OMS-buiding.jpg Morocco postage 5/3/1966 40c WHO HQ from east unwmk
X Colnect-1894-711-Paratrooper.jpg Morocco postage 5/14/1966 25c armed forces 10th paratrooper unwmk
X Colnect-1894-712-Hassan-II--amp--Mohamed-V.jpg Morocco postage 5/14/1966 40c armed forces 10th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-710-Week-of-Palestine.jpg Morocco postage 5/16/1966 25c Palestine Week unwmk
X Colnect-1894-719-Train.jpg Morocco postage 12/19/1966 25c transportation (1966) train unwmk
X Colnect-1894-720-Ship.jpg Morocco postage 12/19/1966 40c multi transportation (1966) Maroc (ship) unwmk
X Colnect-1894-721-Bus.jpg Morocco postage 12/19/1966 1d multi transportation (1966) bus (1966) unwmk
- Colnect-1894-723-Twaite-Shad-Alosa-finta.jpg Morocco postage 2/1/1967 25c multi fishes (1967 Morocco) shad unwmk
- Colnect-1894-724-Plain-Bonito-Orcynopsis-unicolor.jpg Morocco postage 2/1/1967 40c multi fishes (1967 Morocco) bonito (1967) unwmk
- Colnect-899-454-Bluefish-Pomatomus-saltatrix.jpg Morocco postage 2/1/1967 1d multi fishes (1967 Morocco) bluefish unwmk
X Colnect-1894-728-Dam-of-Ait-Aadel.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1967 25c Ait Aadel Dam unwmk
X Colnect-1894-729-Dam-of-Ait-Aadel.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1967 40c grnbl&olbrn Ait Aadel Dam unwmk
X Colnect-1894-730-Hilton-Hostel-Rabat.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1967 25c Rabat Hilton opening unwmk
X Colnect-1894-731-Hilton-Hostel-Rabat.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1967 1d grnbl&brnvio Rabat Hilton opening unwmk
- Colnect-1894-732-Lions-International.jpg Morocco postage 4/22/1967 40c Lions 50th unwmk
- Colnect-1894-733-Lions-International.jpg Morocco postage 4/22/1967 1d Lions 50th unwmk
X Colnect-1894-738-Community-Development.jpg Morocco postage 7/9/1967 25c grn three hands holding pickaxe unwmk
X Colnect-1894-741-Tourism-Year.jpg Morocco postage 8/9/1967 1d ltvio&prusbl tourism year unwmk
X Colnect-1894-739-Mediterranean-Games-of-Tunis.jpg Morocco postage 9/8/1967 25c multi Mediterranean Games 1967 unwmk
X Colnect-1894-740-Mediterranean-Games-of-Tunis.jpg Morocco postage 9/8/1967 40c multi Mediterranean Games 1967 unwmk
X Colnect-1894-742-International-Horse-Show.jpg Morocco postage 10/14/1967 40c multi horse show unwmk
X Colnect-1894-743-International-Horse-Show.jpg Morocco postage 10/14/1967 1d multi horse show unwmk
X Colnect-1894-744-Agriculture.jpg Morocco postage 11/15/1967 40c multi cotton unwmk
X Colnect-1894-745-Human-Rights-International-Year.jpg Morocco postage 1/10/1968 25c blgrn&dkbl Human Rights Year unwmk
X Colnect-1894-746-Human-Rights-International-Year.jpg Morocco postage 1/10/1968 1d brncar&dkbrn Human Rights Year unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 2/23/1968 10c multi costumes unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 2/23/1968 15c multi costumes unwmk
X Colnect-1894-766-Rabat-sal-eacute-.jpg Morocco postage 2/23/1968 25c bis&multi costumes unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 2/23/1968 25c ltbrn&multi costumes unwmk
X Colnect-1894-767-City-woman.jpg Morocco postage 2/23/1968 40c multi costumes unwmk
X Colnect-1894-768-Mokhazni.jpg Morocco postage 2/23/1968 60c multi costumes unwmk
X Colnect-1894-769-Zemmom.jpg Morocco postage 2/23/1968 1d multi costumes c unwmk
X Colnect-1894-747-Rif.jpg Morocco postage 2/23/1968 1d multi costumes d unwmk
X Colnect-1894-748-Msouffa.jpg Morocco postage 2/23/1968 1d multi costumes unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 2/23/1968 1d multi costumes unwmk
X Colnect-899-455-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 1c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-456-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 2c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-457-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 5c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-1897-575-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 10c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-458-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 15c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-459-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 20c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-460-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 25c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-461-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 30c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
- Colnect-899-462-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 35c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-463-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 40c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-464-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 50c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
- Colnect-899-465-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 60c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-466-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 70c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Link Morocco postage 3/3/1968 75c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-467-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 80c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-468-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 90c multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-609-735-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 1d multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-469-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 2d multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-470-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 3d multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-899-471-King-Hassan-II-1929-1999.jpg Morocco postage 3/3/1968 5d multi 1968 King Hassan II (1968) unwmk
X Colnect-1894-751-Who.jpg Morocco postage 4/8/1968 25c multi nurse & child (1937) unwmk
X Colnect-1894-752-Who.jpg Morocco postage 4/8/1968 40c multi nurse & child (1937) unwmk
X Colnect-1894-753-Nackelace.jpg Morocco postage 5/15/1968 25c multi jewelry (1968) pendant unwmk
X Colnect-1894-754-Bracelet.jpg Morocco postage 5/15/1968 40c multi jewelry (1968) bracelet unwmk
X Colnect-1894-756-Rotary-International.jpg Morocco postage 5/23/1968 40c multi Rotary unwmk
X Colnect-1894-757-Rotary-International.jpg Morocco postage 5/23/1968 1d multi Rotary unwmk
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